Community Spotlight: Overcoming Cystic Acne With
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Like many of us Mirra readers, my interest in skincare was born out of necessity. When I turned 21, my hormones rebelled and I was introduced to cystic acne and inflamed, dry, sensitive ...
What Happens to Skin As We Age? A "Behind-The-Cel
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Though I’m not a Marvel fan, Avengers: Endgame surprisingly sucked me in. Not into the plot or jokes or action sequences, but into Paul Rudd’s famously youthful face on the big screen. ...
Is Double Cleansing Necessary?
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Money-suck or skin savior? All your double cleansing questions, answered
Everything You Need to Know About Collagen And Sk
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You likely know collagen as the buzzy supplement all over Instagram spiking frothy latte after latte. It’s been difficult to avoid in the past couple years as we approach peak wellness ...
The 15 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Washing You
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Do you have bad skin? Or do you have bad skin habits? There’s a big difference. First, your skin is on your side and never “bad.” Second, habits can be fixed. The first step to healthy ...
Do You Really Know Enough About Nanoparticles in
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The universe may be ever-expanding but the world as we know it is definitely shrinking — down to the microscopic nano level. Which is very, very small. Think one-billionth-of-a-meter sm...
How Do We Make Products as Good for the Earth as
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It’s tough to admit it, but being sustainable when it comes to skincare is complicated. Especially as a new brand. As we double down on launching our first set of skincare products...
Everything’s Coming Up Roses (And My Face Isn’t H
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It’s one thing to look a little flushed after a great gym sesh, but it’s another to feel red 24/7. If that resonates, you might be suffering from a chronic, inflammatory skin conditi...
Why “Skin Moods” Are The New Skin Types
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Do you ever ask what your skin wants? What it really, really wants? Like deciding which Spice Girl you were while karaokeing with friends as a kid, maybe you found a skin identity th...
30 Ways To Practice Self-Care On A Budget
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Photo Source: Amanda and Axel In the media, self-care often goes hand in hand with “treating yourself.” Unfortunately, once a wellness trend becomes popular, it runs the risk of becomin...
What’s The Difference Between Prebiotic and Probi
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Hint: If one is the seed to skin that glows, the other is the fertilizer it needs to grow
The Skin Benefits of Niacinamide: The Overachieve
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Tackling acne, dark spots and sun damage are just the beginning