Hyperpigmentation Decoded: What Causes Those Dark
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Zits—honestly, they’re whatever. After many years of fighting, my pimples and I have come to an agreement: They show up to remind me when I’m about to get my period, and I take the hint...
7 Ways to Put an End to Itchy Dry Scalp
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An estimated 50 million Americans spend a collective $300 million every year to treat scalp itching and flaking. With that much moola on the table, you...

Are Your Selfies Aging Your Skin Faster with Blue
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Here’s everything you need to know about the risks (and rumors) of how blue light damages skin.
Overcoming Self-Esteem and Body Image Issues With
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Every time I look in the mirror and complete my skincare ritual, it’s a chance for me to show myself compassion. It’s a moment where I get to remind myself that at the end of the day, I ...
Why Beauty is Abandoning the F-Word: Goodbye, For
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Formaldehyde is Hard to Spot on Labels. Would You Know it if You Saw It?
Decoding Sebum: Why Skin Oil Isn’t Necessarily a
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Sebum. Just the words sounds kind of gross. What is this substance we’re constantly in battle with? The oil control patrol is out in full force, with blotting papers, oil-free moisturiz...
Lisa Guerrera on Understanding Chemophobia: A Soc
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Newsflash: Water is technically a chemical! And arsenic and led are naturally occurring. So, why is “chemical” bad, and “natural” good? This week, we go #inthemirra with Lisa Guerrera -...
Do You Have Dry Skin? Or Dehydrated Skin? The Dif
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In hindsight, the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin seems obvious. But I would never have guessed it. Now that I know this seemingly small but crucial difference, my skin ...
Hold Up: Sunscreen May Not Prevent Skin Cancer?
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Debunking the myths of what sunscreen can (and cannot) do
Community Spotlight: Overcoming Cystic Acne With
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Like many of us Mirra readers, my interest in skincare was born out of necessity. When I turned 21, my hormones rebelled and I was introduced to cystic acne and inflamed, dry, sensitive ...
What Happens to Skin As We Age? A "Behind-The-Cel
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Though I’m not a Marvel fan, Avengers: Endgame surprisingly sucked me in. Not into the plot or jokes or action sequences, but into Paul Rudd’s famously youthful face on the big screen. ...
Is Double Cleansing Necessary?
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Money-suck or skin savior? All your double cleansing questions, answered