Multiuse Makeup Products You Need In Your Beauty Collection

Multiuse Makeup Products You Need In Your Beauty Collection I Mirra Skincare

Whether we like it or not, our lives are scheduled and busy. That means there is simply no time to spend hours each day on our beauty regimens; hence, multiuse makeup products.

No matter the task, multiuse products are preferable as they save money, space, and time. But, before you start having nightmares about things like three-in-one, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, note that this list of multipurpose beauty products contains versatile AND luxurious formulas that aren't missing anything (unless you count time and money spent). Keep scrolling to explore some of the multiuse makeup products on the market now that might end up replacing your current items. 


1. Tools

2. Color

3. Base

4. Mist

5. Sparkle

Key Points

  • Multiuse makeup products are a great way to simplify your beauty routine
  • You can find multiuse tools, color sticks, base makeup, and more.


ALLEYOOP Multi-tasker

Via Alleyoop

If you have a ton of messy makeup brushes floating around in your makeup bag, this might be the tool for you. This four-in-one multiuse makeup products item combines your most essential cosmetic application tools—a blending sponge, small detail brush, medium blending brush, and big coverage brush—into one useful, space-saving tool.

Apply concealer and foundation with the sponge (which is replaceable as needed), blush and bronzer with the fluffy brush, brow powder with the tiny angled brush, and eyeshadow with the tiny rounded brush. 

*The easiest way to clean your brushes is to wash them thoroughly with soap and hot water and then let them air dry overnight. You can wash them with mild baby shampoo, or a non-toxic face wash. Avoid blowing on your brushes or sharing them with others because, while appearing harmless, these actions can transmit bacteria to your face and result in breakouts.

Dyson Airwrap

You’ve probably seen or heard of this all-in-one hair styling tool in the past few years since its debut in 2018. This all-in-one hair accessory can curl, straighten, and style hair into many different looks. This tool uses the Coanda effect to style hair. This effect is an aerodynamic phenomenon. Basically, air generates a vortex when the right pressure and speed circumstances exist because air naturally has a desire to follow a close surface.

After a few hundred prototypes, Dyson was able to create this gentle and effective device.


Merit Flush Bomb Cream Blush

Via Sephora

This buildable balm is ideal for your face or lips since it glides onto skin easily and is soft and flexible. Micro-fine pigment powders deposit a touch of color without hiding your skin's natural texture, and the lightweight composition gives you a noticeable, long-lasting glow that's never cakey and won't clog pores.

This multiuse makeup product can be used as a lip balm, blush, and eyeshadow. It comes in five different shades: warm creme, soft peach, cool pink, deep berry, and soft burgundy. 

MAKE UP FOREVER Artist Color Pencil

This pencil may be used to line the brows, lips, and eyes. This silky smooth product spreads well without dragging or pulling and is extremely creamy.


Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Concealer

Gaga's second studio album, Born This Way, was a critical and financial triumph thanks to its compelling messages of acceptance and inclusiveness, particularly among the LGBTQ+ community. This noteworthy four-in-one product highlights, contours, sculpts, and retouches. Additionally, it lasts for 12 hours, comes in 30 shades, and boasts a 4.4 star rating on Ulta.


ITEM BEAUTY One Hit Triple Action Setting Mist

With this triple-action face mist, you can prime, set, and refresh your makeup (or naked skin) whenever and wherever you choose. This multiuse mist is infused with aloe and tiger grass extracts, that soothe and calm stressed skin; rose and lavender waters, which tone and brighten skin; and sodium hyaluronate, which seals in moisture. Some claim that mists can also provide a level of psychological comfort especially if used when chilled. 


OFRA Cosmetics On the Glow Professional Palette


This $150 palette (seen on Amazon for $49) is a tribute to Los Angeles it contains the: Beverly Hills Highlighter, Rodeo Drive Highlighter, Blissful Highlighter, California Dream Triangle, 3D Egyptian Clay Bronzer, and Americano Bronzer, six of OFRA Cosmetics' best-selling highlighters and bronzers.

This multiuse makeup product is for all skin tones and includes eyeshadows, highlighters, and bronzers. If you are looking to add a little sparkle to your makeup look, OFRA Cosmetics offers an unrivaled color payoff and a lustrous shine by combining the highest-grade pearls with liquid-to-baked technology.

Unless you are about to apply to Netflix’s Glow Up or begin a career as a makeup artist, this list should pretty much cover your basic makeup and hair needs. Makeup doesn't have to be complicated! The biggest things to remember with makeup are: have fun, express yourself, and clean your skin and brushes!

Written by Kiana St. Onge

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