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Wear & Tear: Restoring Dry, Cracked Hands During a Health Crisis
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“Love on Top”, “Truth Hurts”, and “Jolene”: what do these three songs have in common?  For starters, all three can, ...
Homegrown Skincare: DIYs to Make the Days Go By
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When most of us think of purchasing skincare products, we think $$.  Every year, luxury cosmetic brands make a fortune ...
7 Ways To Manage Quarantine Anxiety
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If we as a society have learned anything over the past few weeks, it’s that our very way of life can disappear in an i ...

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Sunscreen facial cleanser acne
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Our Story

cleanser acne natural sunscreen Beauty newsletter Peptides natural Peptides natural skincare prevention Sunscreen facial cleanser acne
Skincare newsletter Beauty newsletter cleanser acne natural sunscreen Sunscreen facial cleanser acne
cleanser acne natural sunscreen Skincare newsletter Beauty newsletter Skincare newsletter skincare prevention Sunscreen facial cleanser acne

Our Story

Oh hey! I’m Katia, founder of Mirra. I was fed up with an industry I didn’t see myself, my acne, or my eczema in. After trying countless products that didn’t work or even hurt my skin, I tasked myself with learning everything I could about skincare. You could say I have skin in the game. (Sorry!) But really, I have become determined to create products, content, and experiences that empower us to make informed decisions about what we put in, and on, our bodies. It’s about goddamn time we feel like gods and goddesses in our own skin!

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