Brand Spotlight: Kosas Cosmetics

Brand Spotlight: Kosas Cosmetics I Mirra Cosmetics

We all love putting on a face of makeup to feel a tad more confident, but I'm sure we also all hate the dreaded removal later that night. Since I have super sensitive and acne prone skin, you can find me washing my face for what feels like an hour after I take my makeup off. Imagine a world where instead of makeup harming your skin, it actually heals and makes it healthier. Lo and behold, Kosas Cosmetics - a revolutionary makeup brand that’s combining skincare and makeup into one.


1. The start of Kosas Cosmetics

2. What makes this active skincare makeup brand special?

3. Bestselling products and ingredients in them

4. Testing and trials

5. Accessibility of Kosas Cosmetics

Key Points

  • From the time Sheena Yaitanes was a little girl, she had already dreamt of creating a clean and accessible cosmetics company. 
  • Kosas Cosmetics has banned 2,700 harmful ingredients from their products, making them one of the cleanest and most natural makeup brands.   
  • All of Kosas products contain skin healing ingredients that work to repair and transform your skin. 

The start of Kosas Cosmetics

Since Sheena Yaitanes was a little girl she was always obsessed with makeup and the production of it. Her passion for makeup began in part because her mother always brought home new products to test out, and partially because of Sheena’s love for her toy microscope and art kit.

With the combination of her creative and innovative skills, Sheena was able to create her first makeup product called the “Glitter Gel Highlighter” by the young age of ten. 

However, as Sheena kept playing around with makeup, she realized that it made her already super sensitive skin even more sensitive. She claims that this prompted her to come up with the idea for Kosas Cosmetics way before it was actually put into reality. She dreamt of a makeup line where makeup was formulated to cater to sensitive skin and care for it, rather than hurt it.

She attended the University of California in Irvine, where she studied biology and fine arts. Sheena notes that these two topics really helped her to understand the anatomy of color, which would later help her formulate makeup products for different skin tones. She also obtained a business degree because she was dead set on creating her own company one day.

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Fast forward a few years, Sheena Yaitanes made her childhood dreams a reality. She launched Kosas Cosmetics in 2015 with just 4 products: her weightless lipstick collection. At this point, she was shipping out the products from her kitchen table and basically running a whole company by herself.

She wanted her brand to be centered around the idea of clean cosmetics with the best and highest quality ingredients. After years of trial and error and building a platform, Kosas Cosmetics finally turned into a thriving success. Kosas Cosmetics now partners with many distributors such as Sephora, Credo, and Goop.

What makes this active skincare makeup brand special?

In many of Kosas' advertisements, they claim that their products are all “next-level clean”. But what does next-level mean compared to all of the other “clean makeup” brands? Essentially Kosas' next-level clean is centered around multiple promises, such as:

  • Healthy ingredients that don’t trade off product performance
  • Makeup that will feel good on your face
  • Minimal ingredients, most of which are natural 
  • Formulated by people with sensitive skin

Kosas Cosmetics also states that they ban 2,700 ingredients that are also banned across the EU. You should never feel like you’re applying chemicals to your face when applying their products!

The other amazing thing about this brand is that while their makeup products kill it by enhancing and brightening your features, the makeup is also working behind the scenes to repair your sensitive skin at the base. Basically, every product on Kosas site has ingredients that would normally be found in regular skin care products. So instead of makeup clogging up your pores and speeding up the aging process, these products work to do the exact opposite.

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Bestselling products and ingredients in them

So what are Kosas must-have products?

1. Revealer Concealer, $28 

This medium coverage concealer works to take the under-eye bags away, while also applying ingredients to help plump the skin and, over time, lessen the eye-bag appearance.

Notable ingredients: Caffeine, Pink Algae, Provitamin B5, Hyaluronic acid

2. Cloud Setting Powder, $34

The reviews on this product are amazing, and everyone seems to say that it is super lightweight. The Chinese peony works to minimize the visibility of the pores, while also trying to permanently minimize them in the long run.

Notable ingredients: Bamboo Stem Extract, Passionfruit Leaf Extract, Chinese Peony

3. Revealer Skin-Improving Foundation, $42

This blurring, lightweight foundation helps to smooth skin texture and give your face a little glow. The skin-improving part comes in with SPF and hyaluronic acid. 

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Notable ingredients: Niacinamide, Caffeine, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides

4. Air Brow Tinted, $24

Why not thicken your brows while temporarily filling them in? The air brow tinted product gives your brows a natural fill and lift, while also applying castor oil to improve brow growth and thickness.

Notable ingredients: Castor oil, Plant-based microfibers, Vitamin B5

Testing and trials

Kosas Cosmetics seems to be doing everything right. They pass all of their efficacy trials, which basically determines if a product produces the expected result in the ideal circumstance. They highlight on their site that just because they use cleaner ingredients, doesn’t mean their products are any less effectiveness. 

Kosas is also cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and environmentally safe making them years ahead of some of their competitors who aren’t as responsible. As a consumer, we do need to start holding more brands accountable for unhealthy and harmful practices. We have the power to be more like Kosas Cosmetics and inspire a better and more caring world for future generations. 

Accessibility of Kosas Cosmetics

Compared to other makeup brands, Kosas' price falls on about the average price line for clean beauty and maybe even a little below it. You’re definitely getting more bang for your buck when you purchase from this brand. The prices range from about $20 to $90 when you start to get more into the bundle products. You can also think of it as buying makeup and skincare all for the price of one.

Sheena Yaitanes has created a revolutionary brand that will continue to inspire the makeup industry as a whole. Kosas Cosmetics works to effectively combine skincare and makeup, shifting the view of makeup into a positive and healing light. 

Written by Emma Carlson

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