The Adyn Birth Control Test is Changing Our Relationship With BC (For the Better)

The Adyn Birth Control Test is Changing Our Relationship With BC (For the Better) I Mirra Skincare

If you’ve ever been on birth control, you most likely know the battle of side effects that come with it. Finding the right kind of birth control that suits your body’s needs can be extremely difficult and frustrating. I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories of the BC messing with their emotions, cramps, stomach, and overall mood. Thankfully for this new generation, Adyn birth control test helps find the right type of birth control for every unique individual without all that misery in the middle.


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Key Points

  • By personalizing prescriptions to each individual based on their background and hormone levels, Adyn birth control is revolutionizing the way we go about using birth control. 
  • Eighty percent of individuals assigned female at birth have suffered from health issues that are managed or treated by birth control, which is why it is so important for people to have access to the right kind for their individual biological needs. 
  • Adyn doesn’t just stop at prescriptions but continues its aid by providing patients with physician resources and constant suggestions on how they can improve their body’s well-being. 

Birth control 

There are many reasons people go on birth control other than just the obvious one stated in its name. People go on birth control for reasons such as heavy periods, bad cramps, cycle regulation, as well as protection against pregnancy. Birth control also comes in many different forms such as the pill, the ring, the IUD, the shot, and a lot more.

Most of the time the patient gets to choose their form of BC, and the doctor or gynecologist will just refill the prescription every few months. However - based on personal experience - the doctor prescribing the BC doesn’t ask for much background information to see how your body might react to certain kinds of birth control…which is kind of alarming considering all of the potential side effects that come with being on birth control.

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What is Adyn? 

So who exactly is the mastermind behind this incredible idea of personalizing birth control to your body's needs?

Elizabeth Ruzzo founded her company Adyn in 2019 after a long and hard struggle with depression caused by her birth control. She stated that once she went on BC for the second time, and changed her prescription, she suddenly faced a lot of sadness and eventually suicidal thoughts.

Ruzzo immediately consulted with her doctor about her drastic mood changes and suggested that maybe it was the birth control that was causing it, but the doctors dismissed this. However, as soon as she stopped taking her birth control, Ruzzo proved those doctors wrong. Her dark thoughts immediately disappeared and she went back to how she felt before she was on birth control. 

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Ruzzo’s experience prompted her to spend the next ten years researching the “why’s” behind all the different side effects of birth control. Ruzzo found that over 80% of individuals assigned female at birth suffer from health conditions that are either treated or managed by birth control. This means that if BC is used as an aid, then it should only be providing benefits.

Sadly, that’s not the reality. Thousands of BC users experience negative side effects from their journeys with birth control.

Throughout her research, Ruzzo focused on a main question: why does birth control work fine for some people, but not for others? She slowly started to figure out that doctors weren’t personalizing birth control to each patient, instead, they were just handing out whatever they thought was fit.

After years of research and trial and error, Ruzzo finally came up with the idea that began Adyn birth control. She created a company where patients used at-home test kits to help prescribe the right type of birth control for their bodies. The at-home test kit allows for biological testing in order to ensure each patient receives personalized data, suggestions, and prescriptions to help them in their journey with birth control. 

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What does the birth control test do?

Since Adyn caters to each individual body, there has to be a test to figure out what personalized birth control works for each person. The Adyn birth control test notes genetic background and hormone levels to determine possible side effect risks of BC. 

Side effect of birth control include, but are not limited to:

Adyn’s at-home tests essentially only require one step on the patient's end.

The first step is to take a blood or saliva test depending on how comfortable you are with either. After you mail in the test and the lab does its work, you will then receive a detailed response containing data on your unique biology. This enables you to learn more about how your body reacts to different ingredients and what you may be predisposed to.

This data also provides you with suggested birth controls for your body, that are almost guaranteed to have no risk of side effects. However, Adyn’s system doesn’t just end with your prescription. It goes above and beyond and offers advice and formulas for other problems that your data showed.

Services in addition to birth control

When you purchase Adyn’s testing kit, you aren’t just receiving your birth control. The extensive data analysis also provides formulas and suggestions for how to treat acne, manage your hormones better, and even skip your period. Not to mention this kit also comes with the ability to receive video appointments with physicians that can help you understand your results and lead you in the right direction of the best type of birth control (out of the 200 options) for your body!

These physicians will also answer any questions you have and schedule extra follow-up meetings with you once you begin taking your form of birth control. If you decide that the birth control you chose is not for you, Adyn allows you to change it out and even be assisted once again by a physician to help you make your choice. 

The importance of Adyn

The message and idea that Adyn birth control promotes is so important for women all over the world because it gives them further autonomy over their bodies. For so long, women have been constrained to a very limited selection of birth controls and forced to suffer unnecessary negative side effects. It has always been a “pick your poison” type of situation, gaining the one or two intended benefits at the cost of the side effects.

Adyn's new technology allows women to understand their bodies further and find good birth control for their individual biology without having to pick any of the poisons. 

Written by Emma Carlson

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