6 Detox Skincare Products to Purify Your Skin

6 Detox Skincare Products to Purify Your Skin I Mirra Skincare

These days, the word "detox" is one often thrown onto labels and has little meaning. It has evolved into another term for a cure-all, a fast fix, and a step on the road to perfection and is used to describe everything from diets to spa treatments. In the skincare realm, you see detox skincare products: the packaging of cleansers, creams, and serums claim to suck out all the bad things and leave us with clear, glowing skin, we see the word in bold font under the heading “detox” skincare. But because it's typically true that something that seems too good to be true is, we looked to skin professionals to clarify what it really means when a product makes the promise that it detoxifies the skin—and what it doesn't.


1. What does detox mean?

2. Can detox skincare help?

Key Points

  • Detox skincare products do not draw out impurities or toxins from within the body.
  • These products can cleanse on a surface level and provide protection against free radicals.

What does detox mean?

The medical profession defines detox as "the medical care of persons with significant life-threatening drug addictions," according to New York dermatologist Fayne Frey

Therefore, its practical definition has nothing to do with how our skin looks. Our bodies' gastrointestinal tract, liver, and renal systems all function to eliminate poisons from our systems. According to Frey, "a healthy body has very good ways of clearing out unwanted toxins,” and “there is no identified 'toxin' that is excreted in the skin."

Can detox skincare help?

Even if the name is undoubtedly deceptive, claimed detoxifying solutions are not completely worthless. While they certainly do not “pull out toxins,” detox skincare products may eliminate particles (exfoliate) that accumulate on the skin's surface as we go about our daily lives.

These substances include dirt, pollution, free radicals, perspiration, dead skin cells, and sebum. The buildup of these particles overtime can lead to acne, and speed up the aging process of the skin. The word "detox" is sometimes used in skin care products to refer to their act as skin protection. Products containing antioxidants can mitigate the consequences of environmental damage and are often categorized as detox skincare products.

Here are a few "detox" products that provide these benefits:

1. Tata Harper Purifing Cleanser Daily Detox Cleanser:

Via Tata Harper

This luxury cleanser, made on a farm in Vermont, sells for $88 and is intended to shield the skin from free radicals and pollutants, by removing them. In order to clean, cleanse, and lessen the appearance of blocked pores, it also includes payapa enzymes, which function as chemical exfoliants.

2. goopBeauty G.Tox Malachite ana AHA Pore Refining Tonic

Via Sephora

This $75 foamy gel cleanser removes grime, oil, makeup, and other pollutants for skin that is cleaner and stronger thanks to fruit acids and detoxifying malachite. Certain malachite extract has a protective copper complex that boosts cellular defence for an anti-aging and detoxifying effect. Copper is known to have antioxidant properties, and help increase the production of collagen, keratin, and elastin.

3. Pacifica Kale Charcoal Ultimate Detox Mask

Via Pacifica

At $15, this is one of the most affordable detox skincare products available. Charcoal, clay, willow herb, aloe vera, and kale extract are the main ingredients in this powerful green and black detox combination. Wear it as a mask, then massage to remove the remaining debris clinging to your skin and waiting to cause havoc.

4. Teaology Green Tea Detox Face Scrub

Via Teaology

In addition to eliminating dead skin cells and reducing the appearance of pores, this exfoliating treatment leaves the face smooth and shining. It includes the antioxidant green tea extract to brighten your skin and sugar to act as a gentle abrasive. 

5. Grown Alchemist Detox Serum

Via Grown Alchemist

This lightweight, oil-free serum sinks into the skin very quickly. It is recommended to use this product every day to cleanse the skin of free radicals. In addition to cleaning debris, this serum also acts as a protective barrier due to its high antioxidant content. 

6. Estee Lauder Womens Nightwear Plus 3-Minute Detox Mask

This liquid-light clay mask draws out accumulated impurities to energize dull skin and dries in a matter of minutes.

Technically speaking, the term "detox" in skincare doesn't mean all that much. However, many products contain ingredients that will facilitate surface-level "detoxification," renewal of your skin, and protection. Detox skincare products are among the luxury products you might not necessarily need, but you might love and find rejuvenating. 

Written by Kiana St. Onge 


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