Dermfluencer Spotlight: Dr. Whitney Bowe & Her Best Skincare Tips

Dermfluencer Spotlight: Dr. Whitney Bowe & Her Best Skincare Tips I Mirra Skincare

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The rise of skincare and beauty influencers has blurred the fact and fiction of skincare advice on social media platforms. Fortunately, the rise of dermfluencers like Dr. Whitney Bowe has changed the skincare and beauty influencer landscape with their expertise in dermatology. I promise, there are medical influencers on social media, you just have to find them!


1. Who is Dr. Whitney Bowe?

2. Dr. Whitney Bowe’s Top Skincare Advice

3. Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty

4. Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • Dr. Whitney Bowe is a renowned dermatologist based out of New York
  • Dr. Whitney Bowe uploads informational graphics and videos to help her followers achieve their best skin
  • Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty is her own line of skincare!

Who is Dr. Whitney Bowe? 

Dr. Whitney Bowe is a renowned dermatologist based out of New York. Her medical journey started at Yale University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental biology. After Yale, Dr. Bowe pursued her medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania on a full-ride scholarship. Not only did she excel at the University of Pennsylvania, she graduate top of her class. 

Dr. Bowe has made a name for herself in the world of dermatology and cosmetology, earning her place on the coveted Super Doctors of New York list. Dr. Bowe’s research in microbiology, as well as acne treatments, has led to her own patent for an acne treatment, recognition from organizations like the Skin Cancer Foundation, publications in books and articles, and invitations to present at key national and international conferences. Not to mention, her expertise in identifying safe and effective skincare products landed her a consulting role for Johnson & Johnson. 

Today, Dr. Bowe treats patients and is a clinical assistant professor teaching future dermatologists laser and cosmetic procedures. Outside of the office, research lab, and conventions, Dr. Bowe runs her highly-followed Instagram page where she gives expert skincare advice. 

Dr. Whitney Bowe’s Top Skincare Advice 

Dr. Whitney Bowe focuses heavily on a holistic approach to dermatology. The gut-mind-skin connection is of the utmost importance to her. According to Dr. Bowe, you should know your skin from the inside out, including understanding what your skin microbiota is. Fortunately, this doctor covers these topics and more with information graphics and videos on her Instagram. 

  • Dairy Products to Boost Your Glow 

As we mentioned, Dr. Bowe focuses heavily on the gut-mind-skin connection. Thus, what we put into our gut plays a huge role in the happiness of our skin. In her infographic, Dr. Bowe explains how several studies have linked dairy milk with acne flares and unhappy skin. Rather than dairy, Dr. Bowe recommends opting for almond or oat milk. For a happy gut and happy skin, she also recommends fueling with probiotic-packed dairies such as yogurt, kefir, and skyr. 

  • How to Exfoliate Like A Dermatologist

Exfoliation rids the skin of dead skin cells, brightening the skin tone, promoting collagen production, and bringing a radiating glow back to your skin. But, what many people do not know or ignore, is how to properly exfoliate. This is why Dr. Bowe’s how to exfoliate like a dermatologist graphic is one of our favorites. 

Dr. Bowe explains that exfoliating with harsh, gritty exfoliants causes more harm than good. Abrasive products can break down the skin barrier and can lead to inflammation, stinging, burning, and more. Dr. Bowe recommends opting for acids instead. Reach for AHA’s such as glycolic and lactic acid or PHA’s which, according to Dr. Bowe, are gentle and pair well with an AHA. 

  • Dr. Bowe’s RX for Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that provides many benefits to the skin (and the body!). Dr. Bowe’s prescription for vitamin C is as follows… 

  • Use every morning
  • Apply after cleansing the skin 
  • Apply to dry skin on the face, neck, and chest
  • Follow with moisturizer and/or sunscreen

Dr. Bowe then continues to describe some of the benefits vitamin C pours into the skin such as stimulating collagen production, brightening dark spots, combating free radical exposure, and reducing signs of aging. If you need a staple skincare ingredient, vitamin C is certainly one to add. 

  • Dr. Bowe’s Skin Cycling

Dr. Bowe’s Skin Cycling regiment prevents damaging the skin with over-exfoliation and allows the skin to recover after treatment. A skin cycle calendar repeats itself every four days and follows the below cycle. 

Day 1: Exfoliation night

Day 2: Recovery night

Day 3: Recovery night

Day 4: Recovery night

& repeat! Check out Dr. Bowe’s skin cycling highlight real on her Instagram for her skin cycling tips and tricks. 

Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty 

It only makes sense for someone as outrageously successful and knowledgable in dermatology to launch their own skincare line. And ta-da! We have Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty, launched by yours truly. 

Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty is broken into two product lines, outer and inner skincare. Her outer skincare products are for the surface of the skin, including her microbiome nourishing cream. Key ingredients include prebiotics, postbiotics, squalane, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. 

As for her inner skincare line, her BoweGrowe is a clinically proven, water-enhancing drop product. The drops are formulated to nourish the gut microbiome with plant-powered bionutrients and help your skin from the inside out. 

Dr. Bowe’s instructions for using this product are as follows. 

  1. Shake well
  2. Add 2-3 droppers into at least 4oz of water or cool liquid
  3. Stir and drink
  4. Pair with the nourishing cream for optimal results
  5. Refrigerate and use within 60 days of opening

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a trusted skincare source to add to your Instagram feed, Dr. Whitney Bowe is a must-follow! From her graphics to her videos, there is always new knowledge and tips discovered on her feed. Whether you need a refresher on skincare basics or wish to elevate your skincare ritual, Dr. Whitney Bowe can help you every step of the way.

Written by Lauren Conklin

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