Medical Influencers on Instagram You Should Follow for The Best Advice

Medical Influencers on Instagram You Should Follow for The Best Advice I Mirra Skincare

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We're spending more time than ever staring at screens, and absorbing whatever content the algorithm chooses. We often forget that any incorrect or bad content quickly affects our mental and physical health. When it comes to skincare, there is a myriad of influencers spreading non-credible advice that at best does nothing and at worst has lasting negative effects. As a result, the number of medical influencers on Instagram, or people who have degrees in their field, have written books about the topics they discuss, and operate as a reliable source of knowledge has increased.


1. Dr. Muneeb Shah @Doctorly

2. Dr. Myron L. Rolle @myronlrolle

3. Dr. Adeline Kikam @Brownskinderm

4. Dr. Nicole LePera @the.holistic.psychologist

5. Dr. Onyeka Obioha’s @dr.obioha

6. Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe @drewomaukeleghe

7. Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • Following medical influencers on Instagram can help you be informed about everything relating to body and mental health.
  • There are many accredited doctors who are also active on their social media. 
  • Doing a little background research for yourself goes a long way, and these accounts provide good starting points.

These medical influencers provide not just expert advice, but also a breath of fresh air from overly filtered skincare content, aka ads that spread a false ideal of beauty while preying on people's skin anxieties. Worse are the deceptive claims used to promote specific items or inaccurate information that eventually fails to deliver. While Instagram has made significant steps to combat false news, and the Advertising Standards Agency has outlawed the use of beautifying filters in cosmetics advertisements, expert influencers are going above and beyond to deliver outstanding, informed advice. Here’s a list of some credible medical influencers on Instagram:

1. Dr. Muneeb Shah @Doctorly

Dr. Shah may have started his social media career on TikTok, where he has nearly 300 million followers, but he's also worth following on Instagram. He posts entertaining but educational videos in response to questions from patients and followers, as well as reactions to some seriously impressive pimple popping videos (if that's your thing).

Dr. Muneeb Shah is one of the most accredited medical influencers on Instagram. He is currently a Campbell University Dermatology Resident Physician. He graduated from Hofstra University with a Magna Cum Laude degree, then completed his medical education at Nova Southeastern University, where he graduated with honors. He completed a year-long internship in Internal Medicine at Albany Medical Center, followed by training in diagnostic Radiology at Penn State University. He has lectured at various national medical conferences and is presently an Editorial Review Board member of Wolters Kluwer Firecracker Inc, where he authors and edits medical literature.

2. Dr. Myron L. Rolle @myronlrolle

Dr. Rolle attended Florida State University and was taken in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans. He received his medical degree from Florida State University and is currently a neurosurgery resident at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital. He also holds a master's degree in medical anthropology. Abiomed, an S&P 500 company, announced Dr. Rolle as a member of its Board of Directors on February 17, 2021.

This NFL player-turned-neurosurgeon has a movie-worthy story with an Instagram to match, making him one of the most unlikely medical influencers on Instagram. Dr. Rolle's feed is full of fitness, philanthropy, and education goals. 

3. Dr. Adeline Kikam @Brownskinderm

It's simple to understand why Dr. Adeline Kikam has thousands of Instagram and TikTok followers. As a Board Certified Dermatologist, she offers positive feedback and recommendations for effective, inexpensive items (like Cerave Moisturizing Cream and Juvia's Skin Let's Melt It Off Cleansing Balm), compares common products like Aquaphor and Vaseline, breaks down functions into simple terms, and backs her product reviews with links to scientific studies.

4. Dr. Nicole LePera @the.holistic.psychologist

Dr. Nicole LePera is a licensed holistic psychologist. She studied and obtained her Master's at Cornell University and The New School of Social Research. Dr. LePera has continued to expand her reach through her free daily content and membership-only learning site, based on her highly popular Instagram account @the.holistic.psychology, providing her tools for change with an ever-growing community of #SelfHealers.

5. Dr. Onyeka Obioha’s @dr.obioha

Dr. Onyeka Obioha's Instagram feed is worth following if you want a behind-the-scenes look at popular cosmetic dermatological procedures. Dr. Obioha is a board-certified dermatologist in Los Angeles who specializes in medical and cosmetic dermatology. She is recognized for using cutting-edge treatments like as Kybella injections and cool sculpting, offering dramatic results.

6. Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe@drewomaukeleghe

Dr. Ewoma is an award-winning medical and cosmetic expert who has swiftly amassed a devoted following of skincare and cosmetic enthusiasts. Her frank conversation is a welcome change from the sometimes excessively shiny aesthetics reports. At 30, not only is she a certified doctor but also the founder of SKNDOCTOR, an aesthetics clinic in Soho, Central London.

She graduated from the prestigious University of Liverpool Medical School with a Bachelor's Degree in Medicine and Surgery, then chose to create her own clinic after becoming unhappy with her medical profession and wanting to pursue an aesthetic medicine career with her own clients. Dr. Ewoma offers injectables (brow lifts, cheek fillers, micro-needling, medical facials, skincare treatments for hyperpigmentation, acne, scarring, redness/rosacea, oily skin, and thin lashes/brows) at her clinic and features these treatments on her Instagram.

Final Thoughts

In creating this list of medical influencers on Instagram, I found that there are many models, actors, and individuals gathering a huge following while also promoting products they may or may not really understand. One thing that you can do to avoid fake info is to do a little research into who you are following. Each of the individuals on this list is easily searchable and their credentials are available. If you are following someone without a medical background, it will be very apparent after a few searches. 

Written by Kiana St. Onge

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