TikTok Made Me Buy it: Mirra's List of Trending TikTok Beauty Products

TikTok Made Me Buy it: Mirra's List of Trending TikTok Beauty Products I Mirra Skincare

With TikTok’s popularity continuously skyrocketing since 2020, the app has become a main source of news, trends, and entertainment for millions of users around the world. If there’s a new song trending - it’s probably because it’s a trending sound on TikTok. New fashion trend? A fashion TikToker probably featured it in their GWRM last week. The beauty industry is no exception, with TikTok beauty products dictating makeup and skincare across the app.


1. Pimple Patches

2. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

3. Heatless Curl Headband

4. Rare Beauty Blush

5. Dyson Airwrap

6. Face Rollers/Gua Shas

7. Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum 

Key Points

  • TikTok has become the main source of trends for millions of users around the world, from music, fashion, beauty, and beyond. 
  • Some TikTok viral products from recent years include pimple patches, Charlotte Tilbury products, Rare Beauty blush, the Dyson Airwrap, and more.
  • TikTok has a ton of influence over the beauty market, which makes it hard to find any stock online or in person once products go viral. 

Lately, we’ve been seeing beauty trends pop up from TikTok that have had a huge influence on what products are flying off the shelves. Everything from haircare to skincare to makeup, both beauty gurus on TikTok and consumers that just wanted to share their love of a new product they’ve discovered are changing the game entirely. It’s even gotten to the point where if new TikTok beauty products go viral, expect them to be out of stock for a few weeks.

With all of that being said - what exactly are these top trending TikTok beauty products? Here’s our list of the top TikTok beauty products that have been taking over TikTok and beyond within the past few years. 

1. Pimple Patches


@starface STARFACE X @hellokitty IS OUT RN! 💖 make sure u act quick, bc it won’t b here for long :) grab urs at starface.world #fyp #foryou #hellokitty #starface ♬ Clueless - Shanda Rogers


When you need a quick fix for a blemish, pimple patches are there to help. Pimple patches sound exactly like what they are - hydrocolloid patches that come in all sizes to cover all sorts of acne. Depending on what brand of patches you buy, they are full of ingredients that are meant to help improve the appearance of pimples based on how long you keep the patch on. The longer you keep it on, the better the results. Plus, they can come in all sorts of cute shapes and colors.

I personally use pimple patches because I saw them trending on TikTok and have loved the results I’ve seen. They’re great for reducing size and redness and helping eliminate any desire for popping. 

Here are some of my faves: 

2. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter


@fiajames_ I understand you lil bishes now #charlottetilbury #flawlessfilter #fyp ♬ original sound - Fia James


If this was a longer list, there would be a ton of Charlotte Tilbury products on it. Charlotte absolutely dominated the TikTok beauty products scene in the last few years, but one of the most popular viral products was the Flawless Filter. It’s a primer and highlighter hybrid that had users on the app raving about its ability to blur the face (blurring pores and blemishes) and leave you looking bright and glowy.

The product comes in multiple shades, but its "blurring" ability that made it like a foundation was a huge reason why it became so viral in the first place. Only recently has it been easier to find the product in stock online. It’s a pretty versatile product that can be mixed in with foundation, worn as a primer, or worn by itself as a highlight.

Some other Charlotte Tilbury products that have gone viral recently include: 

3. Heatless Curl Headband 

As much as we love hot tools for our hair, the reality is that heat is not always good for us - especially without a good heat protectant. With more people on TikTok looking for no-heat hairstyles, heatless curling headbands entered the conversation.

Do you remember back in the day on YouTube when beauty gurus would wrap their hair in t-shirts, scarves, or socks to achieve heatless curls overnight? The heatless curling headband is basically the same idea, just without the laundry. To achieve the curls, the stuffed headband is used on damp hair, clipped or tied off to keep it in place, and left on for a few hours or overnight. When taken out, you should be left with bouncy curls or waves depending on your hair texture. 

4. Rare Beauty Blush 


@rarebeauty This award-winner is finally back in stock! Shop Soft Pinch Liquid Blush now at @sephora, RareBeauty.com, & Sephora at @Kohl’s. #rarebeauty #rarebeautyblush #selenagomez #viralblush #liquidblush ♬ original sound - burned quesadilla


If you haven’t heard of this product yet, that’s rare. See what we did there? Anyways... when it comes to blush TikTok beauty products that went viral in the last few years, Rare Beauty Blush has no competitors.

In the age where countless celebrities are trying to come out with their own skincare and makeup lines, it’s hard to find actual quality products that can hold their own with makeup giants like Benefit or Too Faced. But Selena Gomez has really struck gold with Rare Beauty, as I’ve rarely heard a bad thing about any singular product in the line. 

I and plenty of my friends and family use the Rare Beauty blush because once one of us found out about it on TikTok, we kept telling everyone we knew. That’s how good it is! It’s pigmented, silky, and lightweight. Highly recommend. 

5. Dyson Airwrap 

Dyson has successfully expanded beyond vacuum cleaners or air purifiers because the Dyson Airwrap has TikTok wrapped around its finger. As of today, the hashtag #dysonairwrap has over 2.9 billion views. The Airwrap has rave reviews and is used by basically every beauty guru I follow on TikTok. It comes with six different attachments to help you achieve almost any hairstyle you want and has been engineered to cater to different hair types.

The only downside about the product would be that because it’s so high quality, useful, and sought-after, it bears a $600 price tag. I know, that’s steep. But if it’s something you can afford, it’s definitely worth it.

With over 15,000 reviews on Dyson’s website for their hair tools, the products are comfortable at a 4.5 average rating, which is pretty impressive. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, there are plenty of products that have also gone viral on TikTok lately, such as the Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer (1). 

6. Face Rollers/Gua Shas 


@lanshinskin Circulate your eyes with this easy technique to rapidly bring blood flow and energy to tired eyes. This can help dark circles and under eye puffiness, and can even create a lifted appearance. Prep skin first with a hydration mist, eye serum and/or a tiny dab of oil. I'm using our Lanshin Pro Gua Sha tool here, but you can also use a Lanshin Sculpting Spoon or Intro Gua Sha tool. Show us your eyes! We'd love to see! #Lanshin #TCM #ChineseMedicine #Guasha #GuaShaRoutine #UnderEye #UnderEyeRoutine #PuffyEyes #DarkCircles #IceRoller #ColdPlunge #Circulation ♬ A-O-K - Tai Verdes


Face rollers and gua shas in every shape, size, color, and more have taken over TikTok. Whether it’s an ice roller, a stainless steel roller, or a quartz or jade roller, you’ve probably seen at least one face roller or gua sha on your For You page in the last few years.

These face rollers have Chinese origins and are used to stimulate blood flow to the face, decrease puffiness, and stimulate lymphatic flow and drainage. This helps the face look brighter and less puffy or swollen. With some forms of rolling, such as ice rolling, it may also help with reducing fine lines and reducing inflammation. And there are so many Chinese medicine practitioners on TikTok to show you how to properly use the tools and achieve these results.

I’ve personally bought a roller because of TikTok and have found it very useful for reducing puffiness. However, I use it more often when I have time to dedicate to skincare, so I definitely don’t use it on a daily basis like others. Some rollers I’ve seen go viral on TikTok lately include:

7. Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum 

If you’ve heard of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540, then you probably know this perfume smells amazing. But you also probably know it can cost around $200 on the low end and $845 on the high end depending on what size bottle you get. Knowing the price tag but also knowing how amazing it smells, it left beauty gurus on TikTok scrambling to find a perfume that could act as a dupe (2).

This is where Ariana Grande’s Cloud perfume comes in. Although it has a bit of a sweeter scent, it still has the musky and inviting scent of Baccarat. Plus, it’s around $50-$65 for a larger bottle. Ariana’s perfume has had rave reviews on TikTok, with users saying they are constantly complimented on the scent. I don’t own this perfume, but I do own the Thank U, Next scent and can confirm I get compliments on it every time I wear it. Knowing how great Ariana’s perfumes are, I’m going to be running to Ulta next to try out Cloud!

Written by Selena Ponton


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