Summer Skincare Products You Need in Your Cosmetics Bag

Summer Skincare Products You Need in Your Cosmetics Bag I Mirra Skincare

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Summer is right around the corner and I’m sure we are all equally excited to have breaks from school and to enjoy the warm sunny weather. A break is much needed and well deserved, but what summer skincare products should you look out for this summer to keep you glowing and also protected from the sun?


1. Supergoop Glow Screen

2. Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub

3. Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Spray

4. Dr. PAWPAW Tinted Multipurpose Soothing Balm

5. Vanicream Daily Facial Moisturizer

6. SunBum Signature SPF 50 Lotion

Key Points

  • Sunscreen is important year-round, but especially in the summer months. 
  • Using a body scrub is the perfect way to exfoliate your skin and reveal smoother, softer, and glowing skin
  • Body lotions are great to keep the skin hydrated, but they can be sticky. Using a moisturizing spray gives you the benefit of hydration and glow without feeling like you have a residue on your skin
  • Lip balm is always key, but a tinted balm is great because you get hydration while also adding a flush of color to your lips and cheeks.
  • Switching to a lighter weight moisturizer in the summer months may be ideal for those with combination or oily skin. 

1. Supergoop Glow Screen

Supergoop Glow Screen

Via Supergoop

This may be repetitive at this point since this summer skincare product has been viral on TikTok and Instagram for the past six months, but the hype is most definitely deserved. We all know how important sun protection is, well I hope we all know. It’s no secret that the sun’s UV rays can be extremely damaging to our skin and literally speed up our aging process.

Wearing SPF consistently is so important to keep you looking younger for longer, but most importantly to avoid any sort of skin cancer. There are so many amazing sunscreens out there, but the Glow Screen from Supergoop ($36) is popular for a reason. It’s a tinted sunscreen that has a glowy base that is perfect to wear underneath makeup or simply on its own!

2. Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub

Quai scalp and body scrub

Via The Quai

Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin who is responsible for all of the incredible hairstyles on Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid created her very own haircare brand Ouai in 2016. Since then, she has expanded to products such as body care, perfumes, and even candles. But, the hair products are where it all began. This scrub ($38) is a 2-in-1 product and is designed to be used on both the body and the scalp.

Body scrubs are essential summer skincare products because we are wearing shorts and bathing suits most of the time, so it's a perfect way to achieve nice and smooth skin. This scrub helps to eliminate any dead or flaking skin, and it smells divine. If you struggle with dandruff or a dry and flaky scalp, try using this scrub on your scalp once or twice a week. 

3. Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Spray

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Spray

Via Vaseline

We all love good 'ole Vaseline. It’s the OG for any sort of dryness or irritation, and it’s so affordable. But what I don’t love is putting on body lotion that leaves my skin feeling sticky or tacky. This product combines moisture with practicality. It’s a moisturizing lotion spray that provides immediate hydration while drying down and absorbing into the skin quicker than a typical lotion. This cocoa radiant version ($5.99) is also perfect for the summer because it leaves the skin with a bronzed glow that makes you look like you just spent hours in the sun. This is a perfect lightweight alternative to your typical body butter for the hot and sticky summer months.

4. Dr. PAWPAW Tinted Multipurpose Soothing Balm


Via Ulta

Should summer skincare products include lip care? Absolutely. There are so many lip balms and chapsticks out there that it’s hard to determine if the more expensive ones are better. I’m typically a big fan of plain old Vaseline or Aquaphor on my lips because it’s inexpensive, and you can use it on any part of your body as well.

I find that most high end lip balms are not worth the money, but this lip balm surprised me. It’s actually not just a lip balm, it’s a multipurpose balm that can be doubled as makeup for the lips and cheeks. What I love about the Dr. PAWPAW balm ($8.50) is that it comes in a variety of tints. You get the moisturizing aspects with the added benefit of a tinted color that looks like you did your makeup, and it’s not much more expensive than the other drugstore balm options. 

5. Vanicream Daily Facial Moisturizer


Via Vanicream

This is my favorite moisturizer at the moment. Vanicream is one of my favorite skincare brands for several products including their gentle facial cleanser. Their products are incredibly gentle, which is perfect for my sensitive skin, but they are so effective and non-irritating. During the winter months, I typically use a thicker cream at night because my skin gets drier more easily, but during the summer months when it’s hot and humid, my skin tends to lean more oily, so I replace my night cream for a more lightweight gel-like moisturizer.

This vanicream one ($14.99) is my absolute favorite because it is so incredibly lightweight and sinks into the skin so quickly, so you’re not left with that tacky residue. Although it’s more lightweight, it still contains all of the hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides to keep your skin from drying out too much in the sun.

6. SunBum Signature Lotion SPF 50

SunBum lotion

Via SunBum

We can't talk about summer skincare products without full body lotions. I’ve never been a fan of lotion sunscreens for my entire body. I tend to lean towards spray sunscreens, and, while those are great, they don’t provide me with the same level of sun protection as the lotions. I watched an interview a few years ago with a professional surfer, and she mentioned that this specific SunBum lotion ($17.99) was the only SPF she trusted to stay on after being in the water all day. I picked it up and have never looked back. This mineral sunscreen rubs in so easily compared to the other lotion SPFs and it doesn’t leave a sticky or tacky feeling on your skin that’s uncomfortable. It also sinks in really quickly, so you can jump in the pool or the ocean right away without feeling like it’ll wash off. 

Summer is no doubt a favorite season for so many people. It’s a well deserved break, and sometimes the sun’s Vitamin D is key to battling some of that seasonal depression so many of us experience. But it’s important to remember to protect and nourish your skin as well. Try incorporating an SPF lip balm into your routine to prevent that painful sunburn on your lips. The sun is amazing but can be extremely damaging to our skin. Making sure that you’re wearing SPF daily (even if it’s only clouds in sight) is key to maintaining healthy and bright looking skin for longer!

Written by Jordan Hammaren


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