The Inside Scoop on SKKN by Kim Kardashian

The Inside Scoop on SKKN by Kim Kardashian I Mirra Skincare

SKKN by Kim Kardashian is yet another testament that Kim Kardashian is a girlboss that can do anything she sets her mind to. Period. Her roaring success with SKIMS, her shapewear, loungewear, and intimates company, leaves no question in my mind that SKKN by Kim Kardashian is going to be a roaring success too - and this article explains why. 


1. SKKN by Kim Kardashian

2. SKKN by Kim Kardashian Broken Down

3. Final Thoughts 

Key Points

  • SKKN by Kim Kardashian is a nine-product ritual sold as individual products or in sets
  • The line includes cleansers, serums, oils, creams, exfoliators, and toners
  • SKKN skincare has a high price tag attached to it

SKKN by Kim Kardashian

SKKN by Kim Kardashian is a nine-product ritual that is sold as individual products or in sets. Kim’s diagnosis with psoriasis kick-started her fascination with skincare. According to Kim, she dreamed to “bridge the gap between the world’s most renowned dermatological experts and people at home seeking high-quality skincare.” 

SKKN by Kim is rooted in scientific innovation, efficacy, and clean ingredients. All products are cruelty-free, vegan, and formulated without gluten, sulfates, phenoxyethanol, BHT, or PEGs. 

SKKN is not only human conscious, but environmentally conscious too. Product containers are sustainable and refillable. Product refills are recyclable, shipped inside compostable kraft bags, and made from post-consumer recycled materials. 

If you are ready to immerse yourself in luxurious skincare, from packaging to product use, keep scrolling. 

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SKKN by Kim Kardashian Broken Down

1. Cleanser 

SKKN’s cleanser retails at $43 for 4.2 oz of product. This cleanser was formulated to gently remove makeup, residue, oils, and impurities. During clinical trials, it was proven that the cleanser removed 84% of pollutants from the skin and left the skin hydrated for two hours after rinsing. The formula is creamy and lightly foaming. 

SKKN’s cleanser is packed with humectants. In fact, 17% of the total formula has humectants like glycerin and aloe vera in it. Talk about hydrating! Use of this cleanser is standard, but SKKN notes that their pump packaging may require 10-20 pumps during first use before the product dispenses.

2. Toner

For $45 you get 6 oz of toner. The toner’s formula contains antioxidants, enzymes, and AHAs to prep the skin for the rest of the skincare ritual while also reducing pores and enhancing texture. In addition to antioxidants, enzymes, and AHAs, the formula includes niacinamide and salicylic acid to provide hydration and a radiant glow. 

SKKN recommends applying this toner evenly over the face with a cotton pad or the palm of your hand. Pro tip from SKKN: complete application with a firm press and release motion for optimal absorption. Use this toner after cleansing and before applying a serum of your choice. 

3. Exfoliator

The truth is, SKKN by Kim Kardashian is a luxury skincare line, thus her products have a higher price tag attached to them. This exfoliator retails at $55 for 1.6oz of product. Fortunately, consumer test results vouch for the effectiveness of this product, which may help rationalize spending this much for a product. 

It removes dead epidermal cells from the skin's surface using key ingredients like grapeseed oil, pumpkin enzyme, and mineral grains. Say goodbye to impurities and hello to improved skin texture. SKKN recommends using this product twice a week between cleansing and toning. 

4. Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Who doesn’t love a good hyaluronic acid serum? I know I do. SKKN’s Hyaluronic acid serum retails at $90 for 1oz of product. To be candid, I hope this serum is liquid gold. 

The science behind this hyaluronic acid serum is multi-molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, providing a 72-hour water lock on various layers of the skin. Low molecular weighted hyaluronic acid delivers below-the-surface hydration while high molecular weighted hyaluronic acid delivers immediate hydration to the skin's surface. 

SKKN recommends using the serum daily, directly after the application of your toner. Pro tip from SKKN: apply this serum to the skin when it is still damp from the toner for the best results. 

5. Vitamin C8 Serum

Similar to the hyaluronic serum, this vitamin C8 serum retails at $90 for 1 oz of product. The main benefit of this vitamin C8 serum, is, of course, the vitamin C8 that stimulates collagen synthesis. SKKN’s Vitamin C8 serum contains 9% ethyl ascorbic acid. Ethyl ascorbic acid is a stable vitamin C derivative and is known for its high efficacy. 

6. Eye Cream

We have another pricey skincare staple: eye cream. SKKN’s eye cream retails at $75 for just 0.5 oz of product. Hyaluronic acid and peptides are two staple ingredients in this formula, reducing puffiness, promoting collagen production, and hydrating our sensitive under-eye skin. 

7. Face Cream

Another facial cream to add to the collection, for $85 you get 1.6 oz of product. I, for one, am eager to see the reviews for this product packed with powerful ingredients like alfalfa (a retinol-like extract), shea butter, and squalane. 

Like any facial cream, apply after washing, toning, exfoliating, seruming, and eye-creaming your face. SKKN recommends mixing it with two of their staple oils to maximize hydration benefits. 

8. Oil Drops 

SKKN’s oil drops retail at $95 for 1 oz of product and target pores, pigmentation, dark spots, and antioxidant damage. The line developed this product to include an active oil-soluble of vitamin C and squalane to maximize results. 

These oil drops can be used alone after applying your facial cream or in conjunction with it. Fortunately, the recommended use is 1-2 drops once a day with a replenishment frequency of every 3 months. 

9. Night Oil

The more oils, the better! SKKN’s night oil retails at the same price and quantity as their oil drops. The night oil serves as a revitalizing and hydrating overnight treatment so you wake up feeling your best. SKKN’s night oil is formulated with 14 botanical oils including but not limited to jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and grapeseed oil. 

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Final Thoughts 

The launch of SKKN by Kim Kardashian exceeded my expectations. Overall, the brand is minimal with sleek packaging, quality ingredients, and if I say so myself, straight to the point product names.

I found one major downside while researching the launch. The product line is by no means accessible due to the very high price point. It is a sad truth, but fortunately, other product lines like The Ordinary are able to deliver high-quality accessible skincare. 

Overall, SKKN by Kim Kardashian is a huge launch, and I am looking forward to hearing the voice of the people while reviews flood in.

Written by Lauren Conklin

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