Scarlett Johansson Skincare Line The Outset Unveiled

Scarlett Johansson Skincare Line The Outset Unveiled I Mirra Skincare

The world knows Scarlett Johansson as a captivating presence on screen, starring in a plethora of movies, including the multi-billion dollar movie franchise the Avengers. Outside of her acting and producing talents, she has an entrepreneurial spirit, creating her own brands and products. A Scarlett Johansson skincare line now exists as she has recently unveiled her own brand and product line named The Outset. How did the brand come to exist and what does it have to offer? We’re here to share everything we know about the new Scarlett Johansson skincare line and why we’re so excited for this new line (hint, it’s freaking awesome!). 


1. How The Scarlett Johansson Skincare Line Came To Be

2. What Does The Outset Stand For

3. A Peek Into The Products That Make The Scarlett Johansson Skincare Line

4. Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • Scarlett Johansson has partnered with Kate Foster to launch their skincare line the Outset
  • The Outset firmly believes in simplicity, the basics of skincare, products with purpose, and doing more with less
  • Right now, the line comprises five main products, three of which can be purchased as a “daily essentials” regimen bundle 

How The Scarlett Johansson Skincare Line Came To Be

In the company biography, Johansson reflects on her past struggles with skin sensitivity and acne. Candidly speaking, it is hard to imagine Johansson struggling with these, as viewers of her work only see the on screen versions of herself. It serves as a kind reminder that fame does not get rid of the struggle we all face every day. We are fortunate to have vulnerable, authentic celebrities like Johansson that share these struggles and instill confidence into others. 

Johansson’s approach to tackling her own skin sensitivity and acne is at the core of The Outset’s everyday beauty philosophy. Johansson wanted to “simplify beauty with a focus on everyday essentials,” while creating the brand to be “universal, approachable, and as reliable as your favorite white tee - a classic staple”. 

Johansson spent three years diving into the beauty industry, learning the underlying workings of the business and experimenting with formulations before having the opportunity to meet Kate Foster, an entrepreneur and former beauty/fashion executive. After their meeting, it was love at first vision, and the two worked together to build The Outset from the ground up. 

The creation of The Outset withstood the challenges of the pandemic as the two built the brand via video conferences, texts, calls, and sampling in their own homes. And now, the two get to share the hard work with the rest of the world by unveiling their product line: The Outset. 

What Does The Outset Stand For

The definition of The Outset is “the start or beginning of something,” and Foster acknowledges that the brand’s purpose is rooted in an “optimistic view that every day is a chance for a fresh start, whether you’re a beauty novice who doesn’t know where to begin or a pro looking to simplify and reset. No matter where you are in your skincare journey, there is a place for you here,”. Aside from creating a skincare space for any beauty guru, The Outset firmly believes in simplicity, the basics of skincare, products with purpose, and doing more with less. 

The Outset roots itself in being “consciously clean” in order to protect and fulfill consumer wishes of simple and mindful skincare that is both effective and clean. The Outset eliminated over 2,700 ingredients of concern and all products are free of fragrances, microplastics, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, gluten, and nut allergens. Products are allergy and dermatologist tested to ensure products are suitable for sensitive skin. And of course, the company is cruelty free, vegan, and leaping bunny certified. 

The Outset not only believes in fostering new beginnings for you in your own skincare journey, but they also believe in fostering new beginnings for the community. The Outset has partnered with three organizations: Dress for Success, One Tree Planted, and 1% For The Planet. 

Dress for Success is a non-profit that helps women re-enter the labor force, One Tree Planted is a non-profit that works towards global reforestation to support biodiversity, clean air, and clean water, and 1% For The Planet where 1% of annual sales are donated to nonprofit organizations that help the planet. 

Their commitment to the environment extends beyond their partnerships with One Tree Planted and 1% for the planet. The products packaging are “mindfully designed” with post-consumer recycled plastic, refillable bottles, and recyclable caps. 

A Peek Into The Products That Make The Scarlett Johansson Skincare Line

Right now, the line comprises five main products, three of which can be purchased as a “daily essentials” regimen bundle. The bundle was inspired by Johansson’s own routine and includes the gentle micellar antioxidant cleanser, the firming vegan collagen prep serum, and the nourishing squalane daily moisturizer. 

The Gentle Micellar Antioxidant Cleanser - $32

Use this cleanser in the morning and at night to gently remove makeup, oils, and impurities from the skin. The cleanser was formulated to leave the skin balanced and restored without harsh ingredients that will dry and strip the skin. 

Ingredients of the cleanser include their Hyaluroset Complex, The Outset’s “signature botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid,”.  Ingredients also include cleansing micelles to remove impurities, a 7 amino blend to reduce signs of aging, and an antioxidant fruit extract blend that helps reduce free radical damage. 

Firming Vegan Collagen Prep Serum - $46

After cleansing your skin, follow with the firming vegan collagen prep serum. The prep serum can be used in the morning and at night. The product is designed to prep the skin for hydration with vitamins and vegan collagen. After using the serum, follow up with your go-to moisturizer or The Outset’s nourishing squalane daily moisturizer. 

Ingredients in this product include their signature Hyaluroset complex, vegan collagen to promote firmer looking skin, brassica napus seed cake extract to promote even skin tone, black quinoa extract, pullulan, and mexican arnica flower. 

Nourishing Squalane Daily Moisturizer - $44

Follow up with this 24-hour moisturizer after cleansing and prepping the skin. Ingredients include their signature hyaluroset complex, squalane, hops extract, red rice extract, and edelweiss extract which is known to provide twice the power of vitamin C. 

Restorative Niacinamide Night Cream - $54

Need a restorative reset for a glowing complexion in the morning? Use this rich niacinamide night cream after cleansing and apply it straight to the face and neck in gentle upwards strokes before bed. 

Ingredients include their signature hyaluroset complex, niacinamide to brighten the skin, bakuchiol to improve texture, fine lines, and wrinkles, evening primrose oil to protect the skin against environmental stressors, and licorice extract to promote an even skin tone. 

Smoothing Vitamin C Eye + Expression Lines Cream - $42

Use a pea sized amount of this cream daily in the morning and at night to combat fine lines. Ingredients include their signature hyaluroset complex, ascorbyl glucoside (a stable form of vitamin C) to revitalize the skin, irish moss to hydrate the skin, and centella asiatica extract which provides amino acids, beta carotene, and fatty acids. 

Final Thoughts

I am thrilled about the entrance of the Scarlett Johansson skincare line into the beauty industry. The Outset is firmly rooted in selfless practices. The brand serves consumers and the community through clean ingredients, non-profit partnerships, and mindful packaging. I am ready to try their products, are you? 

Written by Lauren Conklin



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