All the Details (And Products) Of Laura Marano’s Nighttime Skincare Ritual

All the Details (And Products) Of Laura Marano’s Nighttime Skincare Ritual I Mirra Skincare

Laura Marano is a 26 year old American actress and singer. She started acting  when she was only 5 years old, but her career kickstart probably came when she gained her starring role as Ally Dawson in the Disney show Austin and Ally. Laura Marano grew up in Los Angeles with a college professor father and former actress mother. She says she has been aware of the importance of skincare since she was young due to her mom. Though her mother introduced her to the skincare world, she, like everyone, has experienced her unique skincare journey. Over time, she has been able to work with a myriad of skincare companies and test out their products.


1. A routine in high demand

2. Laura Marano's Nighttime Skincare Routine

3. Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • Laura Marano is a well known actress with millions of followers, and she recently shared her skincare routine with us.
  • Marano has been aware of the importance of skincare from a young age, so her routine reflects years of curation. 
  • Her skincare routine is not necessarily the same day to day. 

A routine in high demand

In addition to over 3 million TikTok followers and almost 10 million Instagram followers, Laura Marano also has seemingly flawless skin. It is no wonder that there's a demand for her nighttime skincare ritual. In this 10 minute video she breaks down what products she's using and how she uses them.

She explains that she has combination skin, meaning that some parts are oilier and some parts are dry. For her, dry spots are around her nose and between her eyebrows. She says that her routine has changed over the years, saying that different cleansers would work for a while, but then they'd eventually dry out her skin. Through trial and error, she has developed her own routine and products she swears by. In this video she recommends 7 total products but notes that she does not use all of them every day depending on her skincare and self care needs.

Laura Marano's Nighttime Skincare Routine

She begins her routine with a cotton pad and first product recommendation:

1. Koh Gen Do’s Cleansing Spa Water: This oil free makeup remover/cleanser combo is loved for its ability to remove makeup and not leave an oily, tacky or filmy residue. Laura says she has been using this product for years, she applies it to a cotton pad, gently wipes her entire face to remove the majority of her makeup, and then moves to step two.

2. First Aid Beauty’s Pure Skin Face Cleanser: For this step, Laura first wets her face then applies the cleanser gently with her fingers. She explains that she is just “lightly touching” her face and gliding around without applying pressure. This fragrance free cream contains aloe, allantoin and glycerin, which all help to keep the skin moisturized. 

3. Acne Free’s Witch Hazel Purifying Toner: Traditionally is skincare products, witch hazel a well-known irritant that contains pore-minimizing tannins and skin-damaging ethanol, however this product uses “witch hazel water”, which is an alcohol-free liquid extract made from the witch hazel plant which gives you the skin benefits of witch hazel, just without alcohol. Following a cleanser with a toner can help to remove excess oil and dirt. Marano says for her it “is very impactful for her skin” and takes out all the unwanted particles.

4. *Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask: While she does not do this step daily, she highly recommends this New Zealand based face mask after cleansing and toning. She starts with a small amount and applies it evenly to the face, only adding more if needed to create a thin layer. She leaves the mask on for 10 minutes and then recommends removing it in the shower. Again stressing that you should be gentle with your face. 

5. *MAC Gently Off Micellar Water Wipes + repeat of steps 2 and 3: Marano only includes these steps for times when she can see residual make up. To ensure that all of her makeup is removed, she will also use the toner on a q-tip around her eyelashes.

6. FAB AID’s Ultra Repair Cream: This body and face moisturizer with a 4.7 star review on Amazon contains colloidal oatmeal, allantoin and shea butter. Marano uses a full layer of the product on her face before bed to lock moisture and hydrate her skin.

7. Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly: The final step of Laura Marano’s nighttime skincare routine is simply a layer of vaseline over her lips. This traditional product is a known humectant that will lock in moisture, and is also a main product for anyone obsessed with slugging skincare.

    Final Thoughts

    All of the products that Laura recommends are labeled as safe for sensitive skin, however if you are trying out any new product, it is wise to perform a patch test just to ensure that your unique skin does not have a reaction. Though many influencers touch on the point, the routines that work for them may not work for everyone.  

    Written by Kiana St. Onge

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