Sophie Ward Shares How Her Company Milk + Seed Helps Postpartum Mamas To Fuel and Heal Their Bodies With Food

Sophie Ward Shares How Her Company Milk + Seed Helps Postpartum Mamas To Fuel and Heal Their Bodies With Food | Mirra Skincare

Creating and birthing a tiny human is magical, life-changing, and beautiful. It is one of the most miraculous things on planet Earth. Motherhood consumes a woman's life in the best way possible and if we are being honest, it is pretty badass that women create and nourish life for 9 months and continue to nurture for at least 18 years after birth. If that is not commitment and love, I don’t know what is.  But why don't more people talk about postpartum depression?

Albeit magical, motherhood and childbirth are not always sunshine and rainbows. Nourishing a child while in the womb and during breastfeeding is depleting and baby blues are real. 70% of women in the United States experience some form of postpartum baby blues! Not to mention the physical healing involved after giving birth to a child. It can all take a toll on the body and mind in a short period of time. 

Learning how to manage taking care of yourself and a baby while combating postpartum symptoms can be overbearing. Taking baby steps (no pun intended) while nursing and nourishing your body back to health comes with time and a support system. Friends, family, a wholesome diet, and TLC may be the answer to your prayers. 

Enter: Milk + Seed. Yes, you read that right, Milk + Seed. This female-founded and fully female staffed company dedicates its time to caring for new mothers by nourishing their bodies with a postpartum meal delivery service and motherhood staple latte powders. Their roots lie in holistic, traditional, and plant-based nutritional healing, and all their recipes are packed with antioxidants, adaptogens, and nutrients. 

Milk + Seed built a community dedicated to serving mothers and their postpartum needs. I had the honor to sit down with founder and CEO Sophie Ward and I am so excited to share with you today Milk + Seed’s story and how Milk + Seed fuels and heals postpartum mommas. 

Postpartum Delivery Services

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The Foundation

The seed of Milk + Seed was planted in Sophie’s kitchen at a women's gathering she was hosting in Los Angeles. She and her friend were chatting while holding their own children and the friend exclaimed “someone should do a postpartum delivery business, don’t you think that would be a brilliant idea”. Something special was exchanged that day and 3 years later Milk + Seed was born, combining all of Sophie’s passions for food, energy healing, motherhood, and serving her community. 

Prior to starting Milk + Seed, Sophie studied nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and shamanism. These studies and exposure to holistic and traditional Chinese medicine while growing up in Australia set the foundation for Milk + Seed’s postpartum delivery service. 

Today Milk + Seed combines Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), and plant-based theories to craft nutrient-packed, modern medicinal comfort foods for postpartum mommas. Each of these theories and practices can be studied for years and can get quite confusing, so I asked Sophie to break each down for us. 


Ayurveda - 5000-year-old system of medicine originated in India focused on balancing one’s doshas, the predominant elements of air, fire, water, and Earth, in one’s body. Ayurveda utilizes different foods, herbs, and lifestyle factors to maintain homeostasis and balance in the body. 

Traditional Chinese medicine - 23-century old medicinal practice focused on restoring balance like Ayurveda. The language of yin and yang is used in traditional Chinese medicine, with yin associated with the elderly and rest while yang is youthful and bright. Practices such as acupuncture, herbs, and more are used. 

GAPS - Methodology of eating to heal the gut lining first (say goodbye to leaky gut) which has a profound impact on psychology. Leaks in the gut can enable foreign particles to enter the bloodstream and create an inflammatory response in the body. Healing the gut lining prevents inflammatory responses and enables the body to properly absorb nutrients. 

Postpartum Kitchen

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Postpartum Meals

Sophie created all the recipes in her meal service herself, adapting and tweaking her own loved recipes to reflect the natural practices of fueling and healing the body with traditional herbs, adaptogens, vegetables, beans, rice, collagen, and more. Simplicity is golden in nutrition and simplicity creates nutrient-dense meals that are good for the body and soul. 

Sophie’s favorite ingredient in their meals is the spice saffron. Saffron will not only make you feel luxurious while indulging (it’s the most expensive spice), it combats baby blues too. Scientific studies have indicated saffron is more effective than other antidepressant and anti-anxiety alternatives for postpartum women. Who knew a spice could be so powerful?

A full day of eating with Milk + Seed could look a little like this...

  1. Start your day with overnight steel cut oats (Milk + Seed has 6 different variations to choose from, including mulberry pumpkin seed and coconut chai, YUM!)
  2. Bone broth with lemon and salt or soup mid-morning
  3. Kitchari, an ayurvedic dish, for lunch 
  4. Afternoon tea with milk making nut butter bomb or chocolate
  5. Mushroom risotto or coconut curry for dinner 

Milk + Seed’s meals set the foundation for meals throughout the day. Sophie encourages people to add their own proteins and fresh fruits and veggies to their meals as well.

Sophie’s favorite item in her delivery line is the cherry collagen gummies because they are delicious and fun to eat. Cherry also helps regulate melatonin and sleep patterns!


All the meals in the meal service are delivered in two big boxes with 16 oz servings of frozen food, convenient and ready for mommas to eat. Right now, Milk + Seed is catering its services to postpartum women in southern California. If you do not live in southern California, do not fret! Milk + Seed created their Mood Milks that can be shipped anywhere. 

Mood Milks

Mood Milks

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Sophie was looking for a way to serve mommas around the country with an easy one-step product. Thus, Mood Milks were born. Mood Milks are convenient, nutrient-packed latte powders. All mommas have to do is add water and blend! As Sophie likes to say, they are one-hand-friendly. Their Mood Milks are functional and healing and can be bought as a trio or individually. 

Chocolate Reishi Mood Milk - Recommended for mornings and is designed to “ground, awaken, and delight”. Reishi, ashwagandha, and maca play a huge role in boosting mood and function.

Tumeric Sun Milk - Sophie’s rendition of ayurvedic golden milk. Packed with turmeric, saffron, and mucuna pruriens that swiftly boost your mood and fight off baby blues. 

Rose Pink Milk - “Femme and functional” this flower-powered drink gives mommas daily moments of calm. 

Why Milk + Seed?

Milk + Seed steps in to combat loneliness and give care, warmth, and love needed to restore and establish homeostasis during a pivotal time. Their compassion and drive to serve mothers with nutrients is incredible. Taking holistic, nutritional steps to heal and replenish challenges modern medicine perspectives and reframes the way women think about taking care of themselves postpartum. 

Milk + Seed is the start of an evolution of postpartum care and we are so excited to see what strides women and society will take towards devoting time, love, care, and nutrition to their healing journey. Be sure to check out Milk + Seed’s website, Facebook, and Instagram! We love them and their purpose here at Mirra. There is nothing better than female empowerment, support, and giving your body the love and time it needs. Cheers to all the mommas out there!

sophie ward milk and seed interview article with founder and mother on postpartum care

Written by Lauren Conklin


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