The Low-Down on the Pharrell Skincare Secrets of Humanrace

The Low-Down on the Pharrell Skincare Secrets of Humanrace

If you haven’t been able to get the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams out of your head since 2013, just wait until you get a hold of his new skincare line. Yes, you read that right, Pharrell has launched a skincare collection. And while you may have thought celebrities launching beauty brands was just a fad, the Pharrell skincare brand is already ahead of major skincare companies in concept and just might be sticking around for the long haul.

Pharrell Williams has worked on music, producing, and fashion at a widely respected level so it only makes sense that he is adding the world of beauty/skincare to his long list of accomplishments. Pharrell’s skincare brand is focused on making products for all genders to feel confident not only in themselves but also in their own personal health. Making his mark as now a major name in gender-neutral skincare is helping to establish a norm in the beauty space and work toward a much more inclusive environment.

About Humanrace

Humanrace, Pharrell’s skincare brand, is filled with all-gender products meant to promote unified health and wellbeing. The mission of Humanrace appeals to the mental effects of building a skincare routine. By focusing on this, Williams hopes to focus on all people and their quest to understand themselves better and feel empowered to take action in their own life. 

Pharrell Williams has had a long-standing interest in skincare, seemingly behind-the-scenes of his entertainment career. He has often been praised for his own flawless skin but of course, that seamlessness comes with secrets. With maybe the exception of Beyonce, no one just wakes up like this. Williams has grown his passion for skincare specifically with the help of his 20 years of dermatologist visits. His dermatologist, Dr. Elena Jones, played a key role in establishing Pharrell’s skincare product line and collaborated on a concept that was easy and accessible for everyone, yet extremely effective. (1)

Humanrace is not only building a conversation around universal wellbeing in skincare but also universal representation. Williams has marketed the brand as products for all people as one human race. The brand was created for humans to celebrate being born in the same skin and by making it all-gender skincare, it helps move mountains in tearing away the feminine stigma of the beauty industry. Aside from all the major social benefits that Humanrace has on the beauty space, they are also an environmentally conscious brand. The company's sustainable efforts are showcased in its reusable and refillable packaging that is both aesthetic and functional.   

All-Gender Skincare

Gender neutral skincare is meant to stray away from stereotypes such as skincare is only applicable to females. By major names and brands, such as Pharrell’s skincare, creating a fully inclusive space for all gender identities to feel comfortable and confident in their skincare practices, people are being able to prioritize their mental and physical health and wellness without negative stigma. When breaking it down, skincare is simply a tool meant to take care of your skin. The practice itself is a basic step in any routine to prioritize overall health. Taking care of yourself and catering to your skin's specific needs sees no gender, which is what makes Pharrell’s skincare so widely acknowledged and popularized. 

The Low-Down on the Pharrell Skincare Secrets of Humanrace

The Products

The Humanrace product line features three basic but key skincare products that are diversely beneficial to most skin moods. With so much hype built around both Pharrell Williams and the brand itself, it was no surprise the line sold out in minutes. Luckily there is a restock on the horizon as mentioned on the product site where you can sign up for exclusive updates. In the meantime, you can get familiar with the products below which are sold individually and in a bundle set. 

  • Rice Powder Cleanser

The rice powder cleanser is just that, powder. It is packaged as powder and when mixed with water is built into a gentle foam cleanser. The simple, active ingredients of this product include fruit AHA’s and (of course) rice powder. The overall purpose of this cleanser is to target excess oils found on the skin and from makeup. By gently exfoliating and breaking down these oils, you will be left with a clean and prepped finish for the next step. 

  • Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator

The lotus enzyme exfoliator is a slightly more invasive product so be careful to note the ingredients (as you should with all products) before use. Although it is an exfoliator, the exfoliants are extremely minute which is meant to keep the product gentle for the skin. This exfoliator includes 8% glycolic acid which is meant to target skin luminosity by removing a surface level of dead skin. The product itself is a cream texture that makes for a refreshing feel but because it is still an exfoliator, avoid using it more than 3-4 times a week.  

  • Humidifying Cream

The humidifying cream, which is the last step in the Humanrace skincare routine, is a very unique moisturizing product. This is a very lightweight moisturizer that is meant to lock in moisture for hours. This is done with two key ingredients, snow mushrooms and squalane. Williams mentioned that he wanted this product to give off the effect of skin during humid weather so expect a long-lasting, dewy finish with this one. If you are interested in a more matte look, maybe look to just investing in the cleanser or exfoliator!

Happy, Happy, Humanrace!

Pharrell’s skincare secrets can all easily be found in using his three simple step products. Humanrace is clearly a passion product that was handled with care and attention. Catering to all people, gender, and race alike focuses on the simplicity of skincare and the accessibility for everyone. Breaking down gender and social norms in the context of skincare will only create a space for the best products to rise and pave the way for all people to feel their best. 

Written by Daniela Rodriguez


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