16 Travel Skincare Secrets for Your Long-awaited Trip

16 Travel Skincare Secrets for Your Long-awaited Trip

Traveling may seem like a thing of the past but there will come a time again when jet setting will be second nature. With that future reality in mind, upholding your skincare routine in some form must go along with it. Here are 16 travel skincare secrets for your long-awaited trip. 

1. Hydrating Moisturizer

If there is anything to take away from a full list of travel skincare secrets, it’s the word hydrating. Hydrating products, specifically moisturizers, are your best friend while traveling to keep your skin fresh and glowing. Hydrating moisturizers, which typically carry the key ingredient of hyaluronic acid, should be applied at any and all times from mid-flight to right before bed and again in the mornings. Hydrating your skin during changing environmental and air quality factors of air travel will normalize your skin and protect it as a barrier from harsh toxins. 

2. Do a Face Mask

Depending on how you're traveling, a face mask may not seem like a doable travel skincare secret. However, hotel mornings and nights can be both the perfect relaxation tool and load your skin with long-lasting, nourishing properties. International or overnight traveling can also be the perfect time to throw on a quick and hydrating sheet mask to pass the time. Promising you won’t get a few funny stares would be a lie but your skin will thank you in the end. 

3. Eye Patches/Eye Cream

Puffy eyes are an extremely common side effect of traveling, especially with air travel and the haunting reality of jet lag in mind. Spending many hours or even just a full night on a plane can cause abnormal puffy eyes or dark circles that you don’t see every day, Packing eye mask patches or a rejuvenating vitamin C eye cream can help combat these issues and give you a post-plane glow that you can carry into your trip. 


4. Sunscreen

Something that is beginning to be the new norm in daily skincare routines is sunscreen. Sunscreen, with a significant SPF level and the zinc ingredient, will at large, shield you from the sun. The benefits of this specific sun protection can prevent spots, aging, dullness, and much more for your skin. So take two minutes from your travel schedule to apply sunscreen and keep the glow alive. 

5. Massage Tools

Massage tools are another way to de-puff your skin and create blood flow during travel. Specifically with air travel, swelling in the face, hands, and body tends to occur as a response to the lack of movement of your body. Massaging these areas with either a face roller or a lymphatic massage can activate blood flow and drain built-up fluid that is causing the swell. 

6. Lotion

Hydrating is a form of travel skincare that doesn’t exclusively apply to your face. Having a good lotion on hand throughout your flight and your travel can really lock in moisture on your body and hands to endure the climate and other external changes. Lotions are most beneficial when they are fragrance-free and gentle to the skin. 

7. Lip Balm 

Your lips are yet another target area that must be moisturized during travel. Using an easily accessible lip balm or packing your own lip oil can be an instant refresher to combat changing temperatures encountered on your trip. Vaseline can be an easy pick up at most airport kiosks and coconut oil can be the perfect natural alternative that also tastes amazing. 

8. Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are the easiest travel skincare hack probably because they are most accessible. Holding an ice cube in a cotton pad can be used to gently de-puff and wake up your skin for full days of travel and exploration. Ice cubes are used as a cooling property for the skin and can give it the perfect tightened, firm finish. 

9. Gentle Cleanser

Traveling with skincare might be the perfect time to take a break from your exfoliators. Yes, exfoliation is good in moderation and can fight off dirt and dead skin, but it can also be harsh on already sensitive skin from your trip. Using a gentle cleanser is the way to go while traveling because it will have all the cleansing benefits of your everyday wash but it will also soothe the skin and make it prepared for layers of other products. 

10. Refreshing Mist

A refreshing mist well, can do just that, refresh you during your travels. Although there may not seem like much note to take on finding the perfect mist, avoid using ones that include fragrance in the ingredients to prevent irritation and redness. 

11. Cotton Rounds

Cotton rounds are the perfect travel companion for all your skincare needs. Cotton rounds are a much gentler alternative to hotel towels and they can be the perfect tool for applying toner, taking off makeup, and catering to a ton of your beauty needs. Having a decent set of cotton rounds handy will just make you that much more prepared for your adventures while also prioritizing your skin. 

16 Travel Skincare Secrets for Your Long-awaited Trip

12. Drink Your Water

After mentioning a whole world of ways to hydrate your skin externally, why not look at internal travel skincare. Drinking around 2-3 liters of water a day will not only flush out toxins, but it will also improve your skin health as well as an endless amount of benefits. This may seem excessive during a full day (or days) of travel but being hydrated from within can provide a lot of balance and flow to the ongoing stress and environmental changes you are experiencing in your new destination. 

13. Pimple Patches

Although there are many travel skincare secrets to keep you looking and feeling fresh on your trip, sometimes breakouts are unavoidable. Having pimple patches handy can help suffocate the pimples ahead of time before they grow and risk infection. Pro tip: buying pimple patches in cute shapes and designs like a star can make a cute fashion statement if you’re feeling up for the task. 

14. Tinted Cream

Tinted sunscreen or moisturizer can be the perfect substitute for foundation to not irritate the skin in any way. Tinted creams give off the illusion of a foundation base, however, they act as a sunscreen or moisturizer (depending on the product) with the right active ingredients to protect your skin. Most tinted creams also give off a dewy finish which is very in right now. 

15. Face Oil

Face oils are yet another way to hydrate your skin throughout travel in case moisturizers, face masks, water, and sunscreens weren’t enough. Face oils, which typically come in the form of a serum, can have many rejuvenating properties that will leave you looking glowy day and night. Argan and vitamin E oil are two essential oils for traveling that protect, moisturize, and soothe skin for a long period of time. 

16. Sleep

It is no secret that traveling and a sufficient sleep schedule don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. However, in a (perfect) jet lag-free life, You and your skin can get the vacation you deserve. Getting enough sleep will help relax your skin from the many external variables of travel and have you waking up visibly rejuvenated and refreshed for each day. 

Mastering the post-plane glow may start off on a trial-and-error basis, but your skin deserves to keep up with your long-awaited adventures. Keeping your skin happy will keep you happy and truthfully, who doesn’t want to feel happy on vacation?

Written by Daniela Rodriguez


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