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Influencer Spotlight: Nikita Dragun I Mirra Skincare

It’s nearly impossible these days to keep up with the laundry list of YouTubers, TikTokers, and influencers rallying up support from every corner of the world on every social media platform. Just when you think you’ve finally caught up on the minuscule details of the latest TikTok tea, the drama and hype seem to unravel with new names and faces. In a way, Nikita Dragun is no different, and in another way, she is far from your typical influencer. It’s time to spotlight the entrepreneur, beauty vlogger, LGBTQ+ activist, and all-around queen Nikita Dragun as she paves the way for transformation in the beauty industry


1. Who is Nikita Dragun

2. All about Dragun Beauty

3. Transforming the face of beauty

Key Points

  • Nikita Dragun is a beauty influencer who launched her brand Dragun Beauty in 2019, one of the first trans-owned beauty brands in the world. 
  • Rather than put her name on someone else’s product as a “collaboration,” Nikita Dragun wanted to design her own product that she could be proud of. 
  • Nikita Dragun uses her platform to speak out for not only the trans community but for genuine inclusivity among every community. 

Who is Nikita Dragun? 

Nikita Dragun has not only won hearts, but the dedicated followings and subscriptions of millions of people across her various platforms on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

The transgender YouTube star got her start in 2014 by sharing her favorite makeup tips and tricks with her subscribers. As she embarked on her transition from male to female, she welcomed her devoted subscribers with open arms to join her on her journey, openly sharing her experiences– both positive and negative– with the world.

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She has developed her lively reputation off of her revitalizing makeup tutorials and relatable character; however, when Nikita posted a video responding to Victoria’s Secret’s then CMO, Ed Razek’s, transphobic remarks, she took off and rapidly became an essential voice both of and for the transgender community. 

The beauty expert, praised for the frank, casual discussions of her experience as a transgender woman, regularly discusses the lack of representation in the beauty industry – an unfortunate reality that she expresses to her 3.55 million subscribers on YouTube alone. Thus, it was no surprise when the influencer launched Dragun Beauty, a pioneer in the beauty industry and one of the first trans-owned beauty brands in the world.

All about Dragun Beauty

Launched in March of 2019, Dragun Beauty is a proud, all-inclusive makeup brand designed for the trans community and people of all races, genders, identities, sizes, and ages. 

In an effort to expand beyond paid brand deals and partnerships, Nikita debuted her own personal brand, highlighting the mantra to “unleash your inner beauty” and “live your fantasy.” The launch was nothing short of an immense success, selling out of every product in less than 24 hours. The hype behind Dragun Beauty shows no signs of slowing down. 

Nikita notes that creating her own brand was never her dream, as she considers the beauty market too “saturated.” However, after being approached by a plethora of brands asking her to essentially just place her name on their products, she realized that what she really craved was a passion project that lit a fire in her. She recognized that the large corporations reaching out to her for collaborations would never fully approve of what she truly wanted and needed: the creation of a trans-owned brand. 

The original product launch was limited to a face powder and a color corrector, both cloaked in purple dragon’s egg packaging and dubbed “transformative” products. Since then, her product line has expanded to include everything from eyeliner and mascara to crystal lip gloss and everything in between. Some of the best-selling products offered are the Xplicit Mascara, the DragunFire color correctors, and the TRANSformation Face Powder, although nearly all of the best-sellers are currently out of stock (for good reason, obviously!)  

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As if all of the glorious packaging and empowering product names weren’t enough, it’s important to mention that all of Dragun Beauty’s products are both vegan and cruelty-free. 

In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Nikita Dragun mentions, “I truly am building a beautiful community of artists that love the transformation. It’s rewarding to see the feedback, the products coming to life, and the family building built. Nikita has been inspired to thrive off of the excitement surrounding the success of the launch. Several years ahead, the brand brags an extensive product offering, a 2019 Streamy Award for Beauty, and has amassed the support and following of millions of consumers around the world.

Transforming the Face of Beauty

In addition to being an influencer and entrepreneur, Nikita Dragun has continually used her platform to advance the LGBTQ+ conversation surrounding beauty. She understands the impact that her platform has on society, and the importance of using it for not only her own community but everyone. 

An activist at heart, Nikita acknowledges the shift toward brand inclusivity in recent years. While proudly acknowledging this shift and positive change, she hopes to one day be in a place where the beauty industry won’t even have to acknowledge the inclusivity but will simply just be proudly inclusive. She says that beauty has no definition, and she is proud of the evident progress that she has seen in advertising campaigns, brand values, and collaborations throughout the industry. 

She notes that brands right now are being pressured to do and say things just for the status quo, and she yearns for society to reach a point of inclusivity out of authenticity rather than going along with the continuity of society. 

As she continues to expand her beauty line and support, she works with brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Each & Every, and Misguided. However, when asked about her next steps toward her success, Nikita quotes that she has “plenty of eggs in the works.” 

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The self-proclaimed “Mother of Draguns” revealed to Forbes magazine that her future plans include being “the baddest b***h possible, and even more of a boss CEO trans baddie.” Regardless of what her future brings, we can’t wait to watch Ms. Nikita Dragun use her voice and her platform to speak on the importance of inclusivity. 

Written by Morgan Taylor


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