The Top Los Angeles Beauty Salons to Visit

The Top Los Angeles Beauty Salons to Visit I Mirra Skincare

While New York may also host top salons, the immediate surrounding of LA provides an extremely competitive market. The industry revolves around artists, creators, and innovators. Beauty is a valuable commodity within this community that has led to a myriad of salons and stylists catering to a ravenous clientele. These top Los Angeles beauty salons offer creativity, expertise, and notoriety. 


1. Andy LeCompte

2. Nine Zero One

3. Spoke and Weal

4. Méche Salon

5. Mare Salon

6. Brighton Salon

7. Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • There are thousands of Los Angeles beauty salons, but a few get frequent recommendations of being the best 
  • Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Downtown LA are popular places to start a salon 
  • Once you make a name for yourself, the amount you can make per cut is incredible, so these stylists are quite the investment

1. Andy LeCompte


Via Andy LeCompte Salon

Andy LeCompte Salon is one of the frequently listed top Los Angeles beauty salons since its founding in 2008. Precision haircutting, highlights, complete hair color, and a variety of hair treatments like a Brazilian blowout, Pura Luxe, and customized hair treatment are among the services offered by Andy and his team. Star stylists and colorists like Jen Atkin and Vanessa Spath, who have worked with celebrities Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry, demonstrate that Andy LeCompte Salon only hires the finest.

They also provide professional makeup, manicure, pedicure, and threading treatments in addition to hairstyling. Andy's work has graced the covers of GQ, W, and Rolling Stone magazines. Andy trims to perfection for clientele like Madonna and Penélope Cruz, and any stylist at the Andy LeCompte Salon in West Hollywood will do the same for your delicate locks. While a cut with LeCompte starts about $600, his stylists give out superb cuts for $200 and higher. The price of color starts at $150. 

616 North Almont Drive,

West Hollywood, CA, 90069 

(310) 273-4100 

2. Nine Zero One


Via Nine Zero One Salon

Next on the list of Los Angeles beauty salons is Nine Zero One. They provide haircuts, coloring, Balayage, and manicure treatments, among other things. Color correction seminars, demonstration sessions, boot camps, cutting, and styling are also available. Nine Zero One has master stylists, makeup artists, and Senior Stylists available for weddings and other occasions. Nikki Lee, the salon's co-owner, has a long list of celebrity clientele, including Heidi Klum, Christina Applegate, Nelly Furtado, Jewel, Kylie Jenner, Hilary Duff, and Demi Lovato.

Its original site at 901 Westbourne (renamed 901 Too) is now a one-stop beauty store with à la carte blowouts, manis, pedis and more. Color runs from $100 to $325 depending on your preferred approach, with cuts starting at $175. Styling starts at $100 if you don't require a cut or color but still want Nine Zero One's signature beach waves.

901 Westbourne Drive

West Hollywood, CA 90069

(310) 855-9099

3. Spoke and Weal


Via Spoke and Weal

This SF salon's SoCal outpost on West is led by NYFW master stylist Jon Reyman and expert colorist Christine Thompson. We know you deserve only the absolute best—and Spoke & Weal is the place to offer it. With his famous dry cuts, stylist Jon Reyman revolutionized the cutting technique, and it's this kind of dedication to the craft that sets this salon apart. While a cut with Reyman starts at $800, less expensive cuts start at $75, and color starts at $200. For an extra boost, you can strengthen damaged hair with "the power of quinoa protein and sugar beet" by adding their herbal treatment to any service for $25.

Spoke & Weal

8211 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, 90048

(323) 591-0979 

4. Méche Salon

With famous clients like Shailene Woodley, Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Emma Stone, we're delighted to recommend Mèche Salon as one of the top Los Angeles beauty salons. Mèche, which was founded by celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham and superstar cutter Neil Weisberg, offers high-end, celebrity-quality styles that are sure to turn attention.

Cuts start at $175, color at $125, and additional cosmetic procedures like manis and brow shaping start at $60.

Mèche Salon

8820 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, 90211

(310) 278-8930 

5. Mare Salon


Via Mare Salon

Mare Salon has swiftly climbed to become one of the top Los Angeles beauty salons since debuting in early 2016. Alex Polillo and Mara Roszak, the salon's founders, started at Andy LeCompte Salon, but since then celebrities like Nicole Richie and Cara Delevingne have given Mare their seal of approval. At this point, Mare has a reputation as a must-try salon. Color starts at $150 and cuts start at $250. As an extra bonus, Mare Salon incorporates a cozy atmosphere right in West Hollywood. The wonderful terrace and garden, as well as the casual coffee bar, provide a charming setting while you wait for your color to set.

Mare Salon

152 North Wetherly Drive, West Hollywood, 90048

(424) 274-3479 

6. Brighton Salon

Brighton Salon is centrally located in Beverly Hills. It is a modern salon that caters to both men and women and emanates both fun and refinement. The salon is flanked by world-class restaurants and trendy boutiques, making it a popular tourist and local destination. Hair extensions, waxing, and Brazilian treatments are available, as well as a comprehensive choice of cut, coloring, and style services for everyone. Appointments may be scheduled online, ensuring that a stylist is available.

They boast celebrity clients such as Kristin Cavallari, Nicole Richie, and Bella Thorne. Brighton Salon is also a proud supporter of the American Cancer Society, which provides wigs to cancer patients who have lost their hair. Free consultations are always available. Haircuts begin at $150, and base color starts at $95.

Brighton Salon

9409 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills 90210

(310) 247-2221

Final Thoughts

Splurging on a treatment from any of these salons might seem out of reach, but luckily there is also a vast amount of content and tools specifically created for you to create new, gorgeous looks on your own. Devices such as the Dyson hair wrap, promise to deliver incredible results. However, the expertise and care you get from a professional is worth the extra $$.  

Written by Kiana St. Onge


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