Influencer Spotlight: Hyram Yarbro and His Skincare Line Selfless

Influencer Spotlight: Hyram Yarbro and His Skincare Line Selfless I Mirra Skincare

If you're on skincare TikTok, seeing #HyramApproved is like a green light. Hyram Yarbro spends his time enlightening all of us with skincare experience and ingredient transparency, because he really just wants what is best for our skin and our world. With his growing internet presence, Hyram saw an opportunity for accountability. Now he offers his own line of clean and affordable skincare which is dedicated to making global change.


1. Who is Hyram Yarbro

2. Selfless by Hyram

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Key Points

  • Hyram Yarbro launched the skincare product line Selfless by Hyram in June 2021
  • Hyram Yarbro is the top skincare influencer
  • Selfless by Hyram aims to impact global issues

Who is Hyram Yarbro

Hyram Yarbro is 25 years old with a passion for skincare and a devotion to helping solve global issues including deforestation and the distribution of clean, potable water. Yarbro grew up as one of five children, on a cattle ranch, in a Mormon household. While supported, he experienced cruel prejudice in regard to his sexuality that helped drive him to where he is today. In 2016, he moved to Hawaii, beginning a new chapter in his life. It was here that he created his ingredients-driven YouTube channel Skincare by Hyram as a method to educate young people on embracing a preventative approach to aging and other challenges. 

To reach a larger audience, Yarbro joined TikTok in May 2020. His beauty suggestions became popular thanks to the hashtag #HyramApproved, which has received over 51 million views. Fast forward to today and Yarbro's @skincarebyhyram TikTok account has almost 7 million followers, and his YouTube channel has about 5 million subscribers. Look Fantastic recently ranked Yarbro at the top of their Skinfluencer Index, which ranks beauty influencers with the most followers on TikTok and Instagram.

Yarbro is most recognized for helping to promote CeraVe, a 16-year-old pharmacy store brand recommended by dermatologists. L'Oreal (LRLCF), the brand's owner, claimed Yarbro's endorsement "absolutely boosted sales," leading to a compensated relationship between Yarbro and L'Oreal to create content for TikTok and YouTube. 

@skincarebyhyram #duet with @vintage_queen17 Use #MAKEMYROUTINE ♬ original sound - vintage_queen17

In his brief TikTok videos, he reacts other TikTok users' videos revealing their personal skincare regimens by giving his honest opinion on the products they use and the components in them, whether it's good or terrible. After that, he makes his own suggestions. Yarbro is open about the fact that he isn't qualified to practice dermatology. However, when it comes to discussing why he doesn't suggest particular brands or goods, he is notably honest, frequently revealing lesser-known flaws in the ingredient lists of highly marketed things, and goes into considerable depth to explain his reasoning.

Selfless by Hyram

Hyram worked as a makeup artist, where he saw people spending thousands of dollars towards the goal of healthy skin. This is where he started to question products and all the components that go into them. Creating an ecologically sustainable skincare line was not enough for Yarbro. He also wanted a line of items that would contribute to social change, which is why a portion of each sale is donated to the Thirst Project, which provides a year's supply of safe drinking water to someone in need, or the Rainforest Trust, which works to prevent deforestation. 

Yarbro intended to go after Selfless by Hyram on his own. However, a chat he had early last year with Colette Laxton and Mark Curry, the authors of The Inkey List, laid the spark for a relationship. "What would have been a smaller effort had I gone on my own," he realized, "will be amped up through the partnership with The Inkey List." Together they developed this skincare influencers dream line.

@skincarebyhyram NEW Retinol & Rainbow Algae Serum 🌍 LINK IN BIO @selflessbyhyram #selflessbyhyram ♬ original sound - Hyram

The brand (priced between $20 and $30) comprises five items, ranging from a green tea gel cleanser to an exfoliating serum. These products were made available exclusively online and in Sephora stores in the United States and 29 other countries on June 24, 2021. Products like the Retinol and Rainbow Algae Repair Serum, offer customers detailed information on ingredients, their percentages, and source origin. Transparency is a pillar of Hyram and his brand. 

“Through Selfless by Hyram, I want to connect the beauty industry with social change. My goal is to help people by not only creating high quality skincare with incredible formulations, but to also give people an opportunity to empower others around the world who are impacted by some of the biggest global issues known to our generation. I want to help people change the world just by doing their skincare routine.” 

Hyram Yarbo says that his products are for everyone who is passionate about using their money and voice to make a difference. There are a multitude of skincare products on the market for every sort of condition, but he wanted to focus on the basics, the ease of taking care of your skin every day (in comparison to dramatic treatments after severe damage) while also making a positive influence on the globe. 

Final Thoughts 

If you check out Hyram Yarbro on any of his social media platforms, you will be met with a genuine soul that wants to make a difference. He is honest in his opinions and has taken tangible steps to impact our world. Through skincare, he has brought attention to larger issues that are at the forefront for millennials, gen Z and gen X. His approach to this market is novel in its dual focus on self and the whole. Overall, Hyram and his brand don't seem to be going anywhere soon and ideally will act as an inspiration for positive change over various industries. 

Written by Kiana St. Onge


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