Why CoQ10 is the Unsung Beauty Hero

Why CoQ10 is the Unsung Beauty Hero

Sometimes finding the right beauty product for you can seem impossible. There is a world of brands, tools, and skin moods that can make navigating your nearest beauty aisle completely overwhelming. However, sometimes you need to look past finding the right brand, but instead, find the right ingredients. Analyzing and understanding your skin mood can open your eyes to the right beauty ingredients, specifically CoQ10. An unsung beauty ingredient that often goes overlooked, it could just be the key to solving many of your skincare struggles.

What Is CoQ10?  

Coenzyme Q10 is a multipurpose antioxidant that is a solution for almost every skin mood. CoQ10 as a skincare ingredient originally popularized in the Japanese beauty market. Skincare in Asian regions has a longstanding history of being cutting edge and revolutionary and adding CoQ10 to the mix was no exception.

Since its rise, CoQ10 beauty products can be found on a global scale and the long list of uses truly explains all the hype. CoQ10 is most notable for treating even skin tones, sun damage, and overall hydration. This antioxidant acts as a protective layer for the skin to fight against aging properties such as UV and Infrared radiation. It also protects the skin against outdoor variables like environmental pollution, which intoxicates the skin. (1)

CoQ10 is also a natural bodily nutrient that works to help many internal and external functions. As a human, you naturally produce the compound as you grow up. However, as you age in later years, your levels can sometimes depreciate. This is not the case for everyone so it is important to consult with your doctor and understand the effects of your levels. With that said, the internal production of CoQ10 acts to repair cells and can be found in every possible cell. It produces cell energy and can fight against many medical conditions and health issues.

Like CoQ10, there are many active ingredients in products to make note of depending on your skin mood. Luckily, CoQ10 is one of the simpler ingredients that are beneficial to many skin moods because it is part of a larger bodily function. Being informed on different ingredients can make skincare shopping all the easier. Knowing what ingredients complement your skin and complement each other can maximize benefits and lead to proper activation.

What Are the Benefits?

CoQ10 has both internal and external benefits that make it essential to everyone. Internally, CoQ10 plays an important role in overall cell health and more specifically within metabolism. While promoting cell repair, it fights high blood pressure, heart conditions, and liver function. CoQ10 can also be beneficial in combating muscle pains over time.

Because your body naturally produces CoQ10 and most levels are stabilized, supplementing levels should be used as a boost in health. Although we produce CoQ10 naturally, it is possible for your body’s production of this nutrient to diminish over time. (2)

CoQ10’s benefit of cell repair applies also to external benefits. Variables such as excessive sun exposure and environmental pollution can damage skin cells and cause sun damage and potential signs of early aging. Using skincare products with the CoQ10 ingredient will act as a blocker to these environmental variables, protecting the skin and its cells.

Aside from blocking, the compound also helps repair already damaged skin cells. Damaged skin cells can lead to uneven skin tones and dark spots as well as dry skin. When CoQ10 is activated, it helps repair these cells and rejuvenates your skin. 

Why CoQ10 is the unsung beauty hero

How to Activate It

CoQ10 can be activated in many ways from the food you eat, the supplements you take, and the products you use. Good sources in food can be found in cold-water fish such as tuna, salmon, and sardines. It can also be found in vegetable oils and various meats. CoQ10 in food can help improve levels but don’t carry as many nutrients as supplements. It is important to consult with your doctor to see how much is best for you and your diet.

Although our body naturally produces CoQ10, supplements can help boost the production of cell health and energy. Supplements are the easiest and most effective way to ensure you are getting enough CoQ10 in your body. These supplements have been noted to treat conditions ranging from a common headache to high blood pressure and so much in between. A typical supplement dosage ranges from 100-200 milligrams but it is best to consult with your doctor to find the right amount for your body’s specific needs.

Skincare products are another key way to activate CoQ10 for external benefits. Skin cells are constantly being tampered with due to simply just living life so with the CoQ10 ingredient in your routine you will be gaining the benefits of anti-aging, hydration, and dark spot reduction.

Here is a list of the top skincare products containing CoQ10:

This lightweight, anti-aging serum targets fine lines, dryness, and elasticity that acts as a barrier for aging and leaves skin hydrated. 

This alcohol-free toner rejuvenates the skin while diminishing fine lines and blemishes. 

This moisturizer is highly hydrating and meant to brighten skin while reducing spots, hyper-pigmentation, redness, inflammation, and more. 

This face cream promotes soft and smoother skin by fighting against anti-aging and having CoQ10 be the key active ingredient.  

This face oil is the perfect tool to hit all the essential benefits of CoQ10 and then some by targeting anti-aging, dryness, and dullness and repairing it. 

To the Rescue

The mutually beneficial elements of CoQ10 is reason enough to understand the value of cell health. Cells dominate in bodily function and having the proper nutrients to support them is just as important. Incorporating CoQ10 skincare products and dietary habits into your daily routine can change how you feel on the inside and out.

Written by Daniela Rodriguez


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