Do You Need a Skincare Fridge? Products That Work Better Chilled

Do You Need a Skincare Fridge? Products That Work Better Chilled

So we've seen brands sending influencers PR packages with a skincare fridge, but what is it for? Well, a skincare fridge is basically what it sounds like, it’s a fridge for your skincare products. These mini-mini fridges live in your bathroom typically for convenient use. 

They have been slowly gaining popularity as they are featured more frequently on social media. Keeping your prized masks and serums in their own skincare fridge seems like the ultimate luxury. But, is there really any advantage to keeping your products chilled and isolated? 


The short answer is probably not. Keeping skincare products chilled "is not really necessary," says Howard Sobel, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist. "There is no difference in the actual properties and benefits." However, there might be a psychological bonus. The experience of using cool products can create a relaxing sensation for its user. If you use skincare products with a short life or simply have some extra space in your bathroom this functional accessory might be worth considering.

What products should be refrigerated?

There are many products that are nice to have ready cold. For some products storing them in the fridge extends their shelf life. By having a skincare fridge, you not only keep your items cold and fresh but you also keep them safe from food smells trapped in your kitchen fridge. Kitchen fridges can also become too cold and freeze their contents. It is important to note that you should never get your products to freezing temperatures as they can become unstable when thawed. 

1. Eye Cream

Eye creams function to provide moisture, soothe and de-puff the pesky dark circles that form under your eyes. When stored in the fridge these become even more luxurious with an added cooling bonus. If you have an eye cream with active enzymes or a light consistency it is recommended to go in the fridge. 

2. Sheet face masks

These are one of my personal favorite skincare products. They’re only a few dollars and give you a spa-like experience at home. Keeping these in the fridge heightens that experience and you could also pop them back into the fridge and reuse the other side later. 


3. Mists

Mists are a quick indulgent way to give hydration and glow to your skin. Storing them in the fridge will introduce a cooling effect perfect right before going out on a hot day. 

4. Facial Tools

You’ve probably seen small jade rollers at your local beauty stored and wondered what they're for. These rollers and other similar tools like gua sha or even a metal spoon can be used to reduce puffiness with face yoga. Keeping these items cold will allow your blood vessels to contract and expand more dramatically promoting blood circulation in the face.

5. Gel moisturizers 

Unlike oil-based moisturizers, gel moisturizers are in no danger of separating due to cold temperatures. Especially if you’ve just gotten a sunburn, cold aloe vera gel becomes x10 better at soothing than its room temperature counterpart. 

6. Temperature-sensitive products

Things containing vitamin C, retinoids, benzoyl peroxide formulas, or floral water can be very sensitive to temperature and must be stored in the fridge to ensure they work properly and extend their shelf life. Make sure to check your products to see if they require cold temperatures.

Which shouldn't?

Although it is tempting to put every skincare product in your skincare fridge, there are a few items that simply don’t belong there. 

  • Clays: Keeping any clay products in your fridge is not a great idea. Clay gets incredibly hard when chilled. Using a rock hard cream isn’t exactly ideal for anyone not trying to use a shovel to retrieve their products.
  • Thick cream moisturizers and oil-based products: Oil and water may separate in your skincare fridge. Changing the temperature might alter the consistency of your products. 
  • Facial oils: Having cold oil on your skin might sound nice, but keeping facial oils in the fridge can result in changes in the color and consistency of them. In some cases, the oil could even turn solid. 
  • Serums: Serums are hit or miss. It really depends on the serum but like oil-based products, some serums can suffer from separation by being placed in the fridge. 
Do You Need a Skincare Fridge? Products That Work Better Chilled Mirra skincare

If you're not storing your products in your skincare fridge they should be stored in a dark airy place. The bathroom is not recommended. Bathrooms are often humid and full of bacteria which is not ideal to have near your skincare products. 

Final Thoughts

There are some nice benefits to keeping your products chilled, but the aesthetic value of the skincare fridge is probably its most valuable quality. They are incredibly easy to transport and mothers have reported them incredibly useful for storing baby bottles. But, these tiny fridges are definitely a luxury item to host your precious skincare products. You could probably do without one, however; they are fairly cheap starting at $40 on Amazon so the choice is up to you. 

Written by Kiana St Onge


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