Is Cleanical Beauty Here to Fix Our Clean Beauty Dilemma?

Is Cleanical Beauty Here to Fix Our Clean Beauty Dilemma? I Mirra Skincare

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Consumer behavior has been influenced by Covid-19. They are increasingly aware of health and environmental concerns, and they are subconsciously supporting these causes by purchasing items that are clean, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Environmentally conscious shoppers are expecting eco-friendly items now that they have more knowledge. Companies are responding by creating clean products that are free of hazardous components including perfumes, parabens, alcohols, and sulphates (SLS and SLES). They're also developing cleanical beauty products using biotech ingredients that are produced sustainably and have a lower environmental impact.


1. What Is Cleanical Beauty?

2. Understand the Labels

3. Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • Cleanical Beauty is a combination of natural, sustainable ingredients and clinical testing.
  • Consumers have become more conscious of ingredients and production through the pandemic.
  • Brands are adapting to fulfill consumer wants and needs by adopting cleaner practices and products.

What Is Cleanical Beauty?

Cleanical skincare is the most recent trend to hit the business. Cleanical skincare is a cutting-edge category that combines the terms "clean" and "clinical." A millennial demand for sustainable and natural beauty products that are also rigorously tested for efficacy has resulted in the creation of cleanical beauty products. 

Cleanical beauty skincare is likely to be a major industry trend for years to come, combining both the need for natural skincare products with extensively studied formulas. Although it's not always simple to spot trends, the shift from "clean" to "cleanical" makes sense. It might be a reaction to the industry's appalling lack of regulation of "green" brands.

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Understand the Labels

There are a few terms cleanical beauty products use that mean different things, here's a guide to understanding some common ones:

  • “Free From” or “Clean Beauty”: Clean beauty products are free of hazardous substances like sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), and parabens, which can harm the body or irritate the skin.
  • “Sustainable”: The products are environmentally friendly and made using ethically sourced components. The formulas, production, supply networks, and packaging all contribute to the long-term viability of the company.
  • “Fair Trade”: Although there are not currently international standards on this label, it serves to indicate that the ingredients and procedures were sourced responsibly.
  • “B Corp Certified”: Indicates that the company is transparent and adheres to social and environmental standards.
  • “Natural”: The components in cleanical beauty products with this label are generally botanically sourced rather than chemically produced.
  • “Cruelty Free”: Animals are not used in the testing of these products. The Leaping Bunny label, which is the world's foremost authority on animal rights, is an indication of this.

Reading a label in its entirety, and understanding its ingredients are important to your own research before purchasing any new product, and, as always, a patch test is recommended!

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While there are currently no brands capitalizing on the term cleanical products, there are a few stand out companies who have embedded sustainable practices and employed clinical research to back their claims:

1. True Botanicals

True Botanicals creates award-winning skincare for everyone using nature's most restorative and nourishing ingredients. True Botanicals provides a range of products for all types of skin. Only organic and wild-crafted ingredients are used to achieve the brand's aim of providing clean, sustainable goods that have been clinically shown to perform to the highest standards. The company carefully chooses vegan natural components that are free of toxins and fillers. These hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and small-molecule natural or nature-identical ingredients are easily absorbed into your skin.

2. 100% Pure

USDA certified, 100% PURE organic skincare products provide the highest quality ingredients and minerals. The brand offers a comprehensive selection of natural and personal care items, making it a one-stop store for all-natural cleanical beauty products. 100% Pure focuses on natural organic skincare that is vegan, cruelty-free, and created in the United States. The company is likewise dedicated to safeguarding not just its customers, but also the environment. To lessen its carbon footprint, 100% Pure employs 100% reusable and recyclable packaging.

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3. Herbivore Botanicals

A natural skincare company that makes its products from cold-pressed and steam-distilled oils. Instead of additives, the brand uses natural elements from throughout the world, such as French pink clay and Brazilian gemstones.

Synthetic components, such as colors, perfumes, and parabens, are not included in their products, making them as biocompatible as possible. Essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals are combined in Herbivore Botanicals products to restore your skin's health and vitality. The lovely eco-friendly packaging, delicious aromas, and wonderful textures will provide you with the self-care and enjoyment you deserve.

4. Weleda Skincare

Weleda Skincare makes cruelty-free, certified organic skincare products totally void of parabens, preservatives, phthalates, and synthetic perfumes. Flowers, fruit, root extracts, minerals, and essential oils are among the ingredients used by this company. These are responsibly obtained from the company's farming partners that follow labor regulations and treat their people and the environment with respect. Weleda Skincare carefully creates its products to take advantage of nature's energy, and in turn, the products restore your skin's health. NATRUE, Europe's foremost natural certifier, has certified all of the brand's products as natural.

Final Thoughts

Being aware of what you put on your skin can help you avoid being exposed to dangerous substances that might cause health concerns. Additionally, every minor change we make adds up. We can make a big influence if we work together to raise awareness about sustainable business and environmental sustainability. Every purchase we make should be a vote for the future we want to live in. Brands that grasp this notion will undeniably gain popularity in the future.

Written by Kiana St. Onge


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