An Honest Belif Skincare Review

An Honest Belif Skincare Review I Mirra Skincare

I hopped aboard the belif skincare train in December 2020 and I have not looked back since. Long story short, I deal with dry skin and angry eczema skin moods on my face often. So, I needed a moisturizer that quenched my skin’s thirst. Luckily, the Sephora worker changed my life by introducing me to belif. Now that sounds *a bit* dramatic, but truly, using belif’s products has been a real game-changer for me and my skin. So naturally, I thought it was time to give a belif skincare review.


1. belif History

2. belif Core Values

3. The Reviews

4. belif Skincare Review: Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • belif is a Korean skincare brand
  • belif's products are centered around clean, apothecary formulas 
  • I would recommend belif skincare to anyone! 

In order to give an honest belif skincare review, I must tell you, I do not use their entire product line. I can only speak of my experience with the products I use. Nonetheless, Sephora reviews and ratings speak volumes about other customer success with their product line. 

belif History

Belif, a cult favorite Korean skincare brand, dates back 150 years to medical herbalist Duncan Napier. Napier researched herbal remedies and processing methods. He even opened his own herbal clinic in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1860. Fun fact, the clinic still stands today!

Belif adopted Napier's herbal remedy research to create natural and effective formulas for the skin. To date, belif uses 7 different Napier formulas in conjunction with other ingredients in their products. 

In fact, when you look at product packaging it may say “Napiers aqua formula”, which may leave you thinking, what’s in that? Don’t worry, I’ve compiled a Napiers formula guide so you know which formula(s) is used in your product. 

Napiers Formula Guide

  • Original: Oat seed, Calendula, Catnip flowering tops, Raspberry, Wild indigo, Chickweed 
  • Anti-aging: eyebright, licorice, yarrow, horse chestnut, Rhodiola, bilberry, horsetail
  • Moisture: lady’s mantle, heartsease, rose, marsh, meadowsweet
  • Aqua: lady’s mantle, horsetail, chickweed, nettle, plantain
  • Dark circle: eyebright, greater celandine, tree of life, comfrey, chickweed
  • Trouble: calendula, burdock, goldenseal, purple coneflower, rosemary, lavender
  • Original #2: almond oil, calendula, borage oil, rosemary, german chamomile, lavender, rose

belif Core Values

Belif prides itself on four core values: true ingredients, true formulas, true honesty, and true benefits. 

True ingredients: Belif’s products are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic preservatives, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, and animal-origin ingredients. In fact, many products are listed as clean at Sephora. 

True formulas, honesty, and benefits: At belif, what’s inside their products is truly what they care about. Thus, the minimization of extraneous packaging and advertising is prioritized so they can focus on their ingredients and formulas. 

Their transparency with pricing and ingredient lists on packaging highlights their commitment to their customers. Additionally, belif’s recyclable packaging highlights their commitment to the environment. 

Oh, and before I forget to mention it, belif has participated in clinical trials to research their product efficacy. For example, their Peat Miracle Revital Cream resulted in 9.28% improved skin turnover, 9.48% refined skin texture, and 13.89% increased skin elasticity. 

The Reviews

1. Aqua Bomb Hydrating Toner

The aqua bomb hydrating toner retails for $28 for 6.75 fl oz of product. The ingredient list includes honeysuckle, baobab, Napiers original formula, and Napiers aqua formula. The toner also includes sodium hyaluronate, a best-rated skincare ingredient and sister ingredient to hyaluronic acid. 

The toner works for all skin types and targets dryness, pores, uneven skin tone, dullness, and uneven texture. The directions state to use the toner in the morning and at night, but honestly, with my dry skin, I have had to use it every other night, and forego mornings altogether. 

I rate the product a 7.5/10. 

You may be thinking wow, such a low rating, why do you still use it? And the answer is quite simple: it is the best toner I have found for my skin yet, but I do believe there is the golden product out there for me - I just haven’t found it yet. 

2. The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

The true cream moisturizing bomb has multiple retail sizes and prices ranging from $22 for 0.84oz of product to $62 for the limited edition size of 3.38oz of product. 

The ingredient list includes comfrey leave, oat extract, Napiers original formula, and Napiers moisture formula. Additionally, it includes panthenol, a best-rated skincare ingredient that attracts and retains moisture in the skin.  

It is a heavy cream and let me tell you, you feel luxurious after you rub it in. My skin feels silky and hydrated. It took years to find a product that helps soothe my dryest patches of eczema, and I finally found it. 

I rate belif's true cream moisturizing bomb a 10/10.  It is my holy grail product. 

3. Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask

The aqua bomb sleeping mask retails at $34 for 2.53 fl oz of product. The ingredients include Napiers original formula and Napiers aqua formula. In addition to the formulas, it includes hyaluronic acid, a best-rated skin ingredient. 

The product is suitable for all skin types and targets dry skin, redness, and dullness and uneven texture. 

The sleeping mask has a jelly texture which I absolutely love. It feels cool when applied and gives my skin the extra boost of hydration it needs overnight during the winter and summer.

I rate the aqua bomb sleeping mask a 9/10. 

4. Aqua Bomb Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm 

The aqua bomb makeup removing cleansing balm retails at $34 for 3.3 fl oz of product. Like all of belif’s products, it has no synthetic fragrances. The balm features Napiers original formula and Napier's aqua formula. 

This makeup removing cleansing balm works for all skin types and gently removes all makeup. Like other removing balms, it is oil based. I have to say though, it does not make my skin feel greasy at all and it truly leaves my skin feeling hydrated afterwards. 

I rate this product a 9.5/10. 

I have tried many other makeup remover balms and belif’s is the only one that got off all of my mascara and left my skin feeling hydrated after use. 

belif Skincare Review: Final Thoughts

I hope my belif skincare review helped shed some light on their products and company values. I would recommend the belif skincare line to anybody, for the rest of my life. 

The packing is beautiful, environmentally friendly, and minimal. Not to mention, the formula’s in each product are unmatched. Cheers to the future adding more belif into my skincare routine!

Written by Lauren Conklin


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