Why is ASMR Skincare So Popular on TikTok?

Why is ASMR Skincare So Popular on TikTok I Mirra Skincare
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ASMR is not a new concept for anyone on the internet. You can find mukbangs, product unboxings, and even listen to your favorite song but it's playing in another room while it rains. Skincare circles have recently joined the phenomenon to bring people a new experience of ASMR skincare.


1. What is ASMR?

2. ASMR: History to Present

3. ASMR on TikTok

4. Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • ASMR skincare is a subgroup of ASMR content in which users can experience a tangible sensation of touch
  • “ASMR” content has maintained a growing audience since it was coined in 2010
  • Typically, fans of ASMR opt for hour(s) long content over typical under 3 minute TikTok formatted videos

What is ASMR? 

Autonomous sensory meridian response, also known as ASMR, is a sensorial sensation where one experiences “pleasurable tingling sensations on the scalp and neck” in response to visual and auditory triggers. According to psychologists, the sensation begins on the head, neck, or shoulders and may even spread throughout the rest of the body to create an overall sense of euphoria.

For those who experience ASMR, common trigger noises include scratching, whispering, or the tangible sensation of a soft touch. Dr. Giulia Poerio, a psychology lecturer and researcher at the University of Essex in the UK, approximates that only 20% of people are able to experience the pleasant, fizzy sensation under their skin. 

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ASMR: History to Present

ASMR’s popularity skyrocketed on YouTube where content creators targeted niche auditory and visual triggers. Needless to say, their content performed well. According to Google Trend Statistics, the phrase “ASMR” quickly saw an uptick in searches in 2016 and will remain steadily increasing through 2022. 

To no one’s surprise, ASMR has maintained its presence on social media with 98% of followers identifying it as one of their main sources of relaxation. With the rise of TikTok, YouTube is no longer the only home for ASMR content creators.

Outside of platform growth, the subgenres of content have also expanded. Beauty is listed as one of the top subgenres of content among 77% of ASMR consumers. Content using the hashtag #ASMRbeauty or ASMR skincare, has received 2.7 billion views just on TikTok. The way we consume beauty is changing as a result of numerous distinct perspectives on the trend, including the deliberate destruction of cosmetics and skincare regimens – just for the sound of it. 

ASMR on TikTok

On the surface, YouTube appears to be the ideal medium for ASMR creators, who frequently call themselves "ASMRtists," as it is conducive to longer-form material. Some ASMR videos that go for over three hours are among the most popular. However, TikTok is now being used by these ASMRtists to spread their content, in order to reach a larger audience.

The regular 3 minute time limit for TikTok videos isn't conducive to a full ASMR experience. The livestreams of ASMRtists, which normally run between one and two hours, actually draw the largest number of TikTok viewers.

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The ability for viewers to engage with creators is one advantage of TikTok live videos over the more conventional pre-recorded YouTube format. In order to improve the experience, ASMRtists on live streams may reveal the names of certain commenters or let viewers request particular actions, such as tapping, scratching, or hair brushing, that elicit an ASMR reaction. A customized ASMR experience can provide the viewer with a prized feeling of security and comfort, thus enhancing the experience's positive impacts.

While TikTok offers a system in which "coins" can be given to creators as "gifts" during livestreams and redeemed for real money, few ASMR skincare creators can make a lot of money this way. However, TikTok is a great teaser tool to drive followers to other channels for more full-length content.

Many use TikTok as a way to link to their YouTube channels, Cameo profiles, and Patreon accounts so that fans may support their material by making financial contributions. For creators, these platforms can be more lucrative than TikTok, but building an audience from scratch is the most challenging aspect of selling content. TikTok can be a helpful tool for creators approaching this task.

Skincare ASMRtists

If you are looking for some ASMR skincare content, there are a myriad of options to explore. Here are a few to get you started in your search for relaxation and/or exploration: 


Beauty Blogger Jake Jamie, formerly known as ‘The Beauty Boy’ on YouTube, is the trailblazer for ASMR skincare on TikTok. Jake saw his big break with ASMR content on the platform in 2021 and has since accumulated over 2 million followers. To date, Jake continues to share “oddly gratifying” ASMR videos with trending and must-have products.

@jakejamie Superhero skincare 🦸🏼‍♂️ #skincare #beauty #asmr #satisfying #tomholland #spidermannowayhome ♬ original sound - Mireya Rios

With his microphone, Jamie amplifies the sounds associated with applying and opening products in order to provide a calming sensation. In addition to genuine ASMR, Jake uses artificial ASMR TikTok noises that match the application of particular products. Some of Jake’s most popular TikTok videos are his celebrity themed soap balls paired with facial mask applications to match. Tom Holland and Buzz Light Year are just two examples.


If you're looking for the unconventional side of ASMR skincare, Rose Friederike might be someone to check out. She surprises her 3.6 million followers on their FYPs by experimenting with the bizarre side of ASMR.

In skincare, adding snail mucus to products is nothing new; however, Friederike uses actual snails. The creator applies the snails on her freshly washed face and lets them travel around it before removing them and smearing her cheeks with the mucin they left behind. A microphone is used to amp up the snail's sound, which is then used as the video's primary audio component.

@rose.friederike ASMR Fails 😅 IG: rose.friederike 😰 #asmrfails #asmrsounds #asmrvideo #asmr #skincareasmr ♬ Originalton - ROSE

Putting the slime aside, Rose experiments with beauty products and their packaging in addition to skincare. In a well-known video with the slogan "Candy or Makeup?", Friederike is shown biting into lipstick and creating a loud crunching noise. And if you ever want a good laugh, Rose exposes her ASMR fails and bloopers. Aside from a good laugh, these fails and bloopers highlight that ASMR is not always perfect, even though the content provides a perfect sensation.

Final Thoughts

ASMR might be the closest thing we can get to physical contact virtually. It allows us to experience events, products, feelings, and sounds on a whole other level. With more people being exposed to and demanding ASMR content, the range of what is available is essentially limitless.  

Written by Lauren Conklin


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