Aging Skincare Tips to Defy the Signs of Aging

Aging Skincare Tips to Defy the Signs of Aging

When I heard that Jennifer Lopez recently came out with a skincare line, it got a lot of skin-thusiasts thinking about aging. More specifically, it got us thinking about what we can do to combat the signs of aging. I mean, seriously – HOW does JLo do it? Through a quick investigation, we found out that combating the signs of aging really has nothing to do with finding the Fountain of Youth or uncovering any top-secret information. In fact, all you need is a killer skincare ritual, SPF, and these stellar aging skin care tips. 

When Do We Start Experiencing the Signs of Aging?

According to Eucerin, we first start experiencing the signs of aging on the surface of our skin from around the age of 25 (1). Fine lines appear first and then wrinkles come along as our skin experiences a loss of volume and a loss of elasticity.

The term “noticeable aging” sounds nerve-wracking, but it’s entirely normal and natural. Our skin ages for a ton of different reasons, but a healthy approach to life and skincare can help us reduce the visible signs of aging and prevent premature skin aging.

What Factors Contribute to Aging?

Unfortunately, there are several factors out there that can cause our skin to age prematurely. Don’t worry – you’re about to get all the aging skincare tips you need so you’ll get an idea of what influences your skin. This way, you can make informed decisions about the products you use, especially when it comes to addressing your skin mood. 

Have you ever heard someone talk about “antioxidants” and why they’re so important? It’s because they help neutralize free radicals in our skin. Every day we go out, the environment can affect the speed at which our skin ages due to oxidative stress. This process releases free radicals that cause premature aging by damaging skin cell structures and breaking down skin components (1).

Free radicals can break down important components in our skin such as our natural hyaluronic acid and our collagen. Over time, our skin’s ability to neutralize free radicals decreases, thus resulting in more damage. That’s why it’s so important to get your antioxidants in any way you can! 

Some factors that can contribute to aging through oxidative stress are: 

  • Loss of collagen: From the age of 25, our collagen decreases by 1% each year (1). As we lose elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles can appear on our skin. A loss of collagen can also make our veins stand out more, cause brown spots, and make sun damage more noticeable (2).
  • Sun damage: UV rays are the primary cause of skin aging through oxidative stress. This type of skin damage, known as photoaging and uneven pigmentation, is one of the first visible signs to appear of aging. This is why one of JLo’s top anti-aging skincare tips is to wear SPF every day. 
  • Pollution: Outside pollution, especially in large cities, can trigger the release of free radicals. Plus, pollution worsens the effects of sun exposure and can speed up the process of oxidative stress.
  • Smoking: The chemicals and nicotine in cigarettes can cause more free radicals to show up in the skin. Like pollution, these chemicals can also worsen the effects of sun exposure and speed up the process of oxidative stress.
  • Skincare: Our skin can age more quickly if we don’t care for it or constantly use products that irritate our skin. That’s why it’s so important to do patch tests with new products before we start using them in the long term. As an aging skincare tip: make sure you’re using gentle, non-abrasive skincare products in your daily skincare ritual. Pay attention to your skin mood and use the products that your skin needs the most at that moment. Using SPF consistently is also key!

Aging Skincare Tips to Defy the Signs of Aging

The Top 9 Aging Skincare Tips You Need

1. Get your nutrients

Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and veggies to make sure you’re getting a great daily intake of antioxidants. Filling up on fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut can also help combat premature aging as they’re full of probiotics that are good for your gut. Experts also recommend scaling back on salt and drinking plenty of water. If you don’t eat a lot of healthy fats, you can get your daily intake of vitamins from supplements, too!

2. Protect your skin

Putting on your SPF, even on cloudy days, is a super important step in preventing premature skin aging. You could even find a daily moisturizer that has SPF in the formula to hydrate your skin while protecting it.  

3. Skip the tanning bed

Going off of tip #2, you should avoid excess sun damage from a tanning bed or laying out in the sun without proper skin protection, Instead, find a self-tanner that works for you!

4. Always use moisturizer

Using a moisturizer every day will help you make sure your skin never gets too dry. Moisturizer traps water in our skin, giving us a more youthful appearance.

5. Research your skincare

Find out what your skin mood is and what your skin needs before you buy a product. Opt for gentle exfoliators and cleansers to avoid irritation that can prematurely age your skin. Remember not to overdo the exfoliation, either (3)!

6. Avoid drinking and smoking

Alcohol can dehydrate the skin and smoking can speed up the aging process. If you drink, do it in moderation and make sure you’re addressing any issues with dehydration with the necessary skincare product.

7. Use oils and serums

Using a face serum or oil that targets your skin mood and your skin goals would be a great addition to your skincare ritual. There are plenty out there – such as Vitamin C serum or serums with hyaluronic acid. They can be used with moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and glowing. Just remember to check if they’re comedogenic or not!

8. Use products with collagen-boosting ingredients

Products including peptides and retinoids turn over skin cells and boost collagen production to help you get the appearance of youthful-looking skin.

9. Manage your stress

If you need to exercise or take up a new hobby, do it! Managing your stress is also helpful when it comes to getting more sleep, which is great for reducing the signs of aging.

Final Thoughts

While it’s easy to get caught up trying to find the latest and greatest aging skincare tips, try to remember not to get too caught up. Aging is natural, normal, and sometimes – inevitable. You don’t want to drive yourself crazy trying to keep a youthful appearance. Instead, follow the healthy aging skincare tips we mentioned, and don’t forget your SPF!

Written by Selena Ponton


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