What is a Lash Lift? Lash Lift 101

What is a Lash Lift? Lash Lift 101 | Mirra Skincare

Gone are the days of meandering the beauty aisles searching high and low for the perfect mascara that gives you full, voluminous lashes. Let us introduce to you, the lash lift. You might be thinking, what is a lash lift? Isn't that the same thing as eyelash extensions? And the answer is, no! While they both work to make lashes longer and fuller, they are two different treatments. Let’s take a closer look and answer the lingering question, “what is a lash lift?”

Extensions vs. Lash Lifts

Eyelash extensions involve bonding individual lashes to your natural lashes with medical-grade adhesive to make them physically longer and fuller. On the other hand, lash lifts do not bond individual lashes to your natural ones. A lash lift involves curling your natural lashes and is essentially a perm for them in order to appear longer and fuller.

Eyelash extensions look more dramatic while lash lifts look more natural. So if you’re looking to roll out of bed each morning with effortlessly natural-looking full and long lashes, a lash lift may be exactly what you’re looking for. Or if you’re new to makeup, this could be a great option for you too!  

What is a lash lift in action?

A lash lift curls from the base to the tip of the lashes, altering the natural lash shape with a tiny curling rod and lifting solution. Chemicals are used during the process, so it’s advised to always get this treatment done by a licensed professional. 

At your first appointment, it is more than likely you’ll sit down and have a consultation with the licensed professional in order to determine what lash style you are looking to achieve. The proper curling rod size will then be chosen based on what results you desire. Most salons also require a patch test with the solutions used during the treatment 48 hours prior to your appointment to ensure no adverse reactions occur.

A lash lift treatment is expected to take 45-60 minutes, so be prepared to get comfy. To begin, the lashes and eye area will be thoroughly cleansed, and the silicone rod is placed on the eyelid.

Next, the natural lashes will be curled over and adhered to the rod in order to set the lashes. Once the lashes are positioned correctly over the rod, a lifting lotion and setting lotion will be applied to mold the lashes around the curling rod and set the shape of the lashes.

Some people opt to get a lash tint during their lash lift process to darken and intensify the color of their lashes. Lash tints are semi-permanent dyes for the eyelashes, usually achieved with a cream-based or vegetable-based dye. If a lash tint is applied, expect to add an extra 15-20 minutes to the treatment time.

Post Treatment

In order to see the best results from the lash lift treatment, no water or makeup should be applied to the area for at least 24 hours after. Some people even opt to wait 48 hours. Water and moisture can alter the formula on the lashes and can alter the results of the treatment. To maintain the lift, it’s best to avoid rubbing your eyes and use a non-oily makeup remover.

A lash lift is expected to last eight to twelve weeks after treatment, with the most noticeable results showing in the first four to five weeks. In comparison to eyelash extensions that require fills every 2-4 weeks, it’s low maintenance.


The cost of a lash lift is dependent on what state you live in and what salon you go to, but the average price is between $110-$175 dollars.

Pros of a Lash Lift

  • A great way to achieve fuller, more voluminous lashes that look natural
  • Many find lash lifts to be less irritating 
  • Less maintenance than lash extensions 
  • Cheaper than eyelash extensions
  • No touch up after the treatment is needed
  • Complements well with mascara (read here to make sure you're practicing proper mascara hygiene)

Drawbacks of a Lash Lift

  • If treatment is not performed by a licensed professional, it can harm your natural lashes
  • If you have too short of lashes (less than 4mm) you cannot get treatment 
  • It may irritate your eyes (but that’s why you should patch test 48 hours before treatment)
  • You may experience blurry vision for a short period of time once the lift is finished

What is a lash lift? A great option for those looking to up their eyelash game. All in all, you can’t go wrong by getting one. The results pair perfectly with an all-natural or glam look. If you’re on the edge and debating on investing, go for it (find the best professional in your area of course). You won’t regret it.

What is a Lash Lift? Lash Lift 101 | Mirra Skincare infographic

Written by Lauren Conklin


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