10 Valentine's Day Hairstyles That Suit Any Occasion

10 Valentine's Day Hairstyles That Suit Any Occasion I Mirra Skincare

If you are looking for an excuse to switch up your 2 years into Covid, messy bun routine; you're in luck because Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching. Whether you're celebrating with your partner, going out with the girls, or just chilling at home with takeout and some cheesy rom coms, it's the best time to mess around with your hair. So grab your hairspray, flat irons, curling wands or maybe even your new Dyson Airwrap and try out something fun! Here’s 10 Valentine's Day hairstyles for you to try out.


1. Messy bun but with a little effort

2. Topknots on both sides

3. Three Bun Mohawk

4. Heart Braid

5. Waterfall braid

6. French Twist

7. Polished Coif

8. Pin up with Bow

9. 90s Blowout

10. Marley Twists

Messy bun but with a little effort

Hairstyles that are both done and naturally messy are some of the most appealing. As a result, pairing a tight braided headband with a messy bun consisting of gently curled strands can be cute and not so foreign look. Regardless of how you want to celebrate, this long-lasting and semi-elegant Valentine's Day hairstyle will look wonderful.

Topknots on both sides

Otherwise known as space buns, this is one of the Valentine's Day hairstyles will definitely make you the center of attention. The hardest part is getting the buns the same size. Often the most playful styles are the most attractive. Master the power of contrasts by pairing these amazing tiny topknots with a classy evening gown. Try it either all up or half up as seen here.

Three Bun Mohawk

One, two, now three bun options! This fun style is ideal for a romantic Valentine's Day walk, party, or whatever else you have planned. It can be both playful and adventurous while highlighting the face. The smooth parting and powerful adhesion are the major success secrets here.

Heart Braid

After viewing this tutorial, the heart, a symbol of love, may appear in your hair in about 5 minutes. Well, maybe more, depending on how your hair decides to cooperate. Make it your own by adjusting the placement or number of hearts. Depending on your mood and outfit, the remainder of your hair can be curled or straightened. Isn’t this little heart adorable? Without a doubt, this Valentine's Day hairstyle will be the focus of attention.

Waterfall braid

Another braid option. These are far more exquisite than regular braids, especially when fashioned with lovely natural waves for long-awaited memorable dates. Secure your braids with invisible bobby pins and embrace those wavy curls. Like the heart braid, there are a myriad of alterations you can make, such as positioning or even a repeat of the pattern to create a double waterfall braid.

French Twist

A French twist is one of the most gorgeous Valentine's Day hairstyles to pick if your celebration of love includes a classical and elegant restaurant date. It appears particularly feminine, stylish, and sexy when paired with your favorite fancy earrings and a simple evening gown. Here's one quick tutorial

Polished Coif

For those with short hair, you most likely have a go-to style that takes two seconds and that is precisely what you enjoy about it. However, this look could be something different to try. To create this style, begin by dampening hair with a gel, parting to the side and then comb and shape up and over.

Pin up with Bow

An easy, yet elegant way to keep your hair out of your face. Make sure they know you're a complete GIFT by adding a luxury velvet ribbon or fun patterned bow for your special occasion. Pair it with a pony or half-up style. Make a serious style statement with a bow as large as your personality, or go sweet and slender for a subtle reference to the French-inspired trend.

90s Blowout

This voluminous blowout exudes carefree energy. This style will look excellent on anyone with medium-to-long hair. According to cosmetic company Just My Look, demand for the Rachel haircut and blowout has increased by 179 percent since the Friends reunion teaser aired. #dysonairwrap has received over 1 billion views on TikTok in the last several months, adding to its popularity. This all-in-one curling/drying tool can produce voluminous, bouncy curls in minutes without causing heat damage. This style seems like it will be trending all year, so why not try it out for Valentine's Day.

Marley Twists

Marley twists have a similar look to locs, but they're considerably easier to put together because they only require two strands to wrap around one other, rather than one strand being beeswax-locked. These twists acquire their fluffy aspect from the needed hair extensions, which are suitably named after reggae superstar Bob Marley and are similar in texture to real hair.

Final Thoughts

No matter what type or length of hair you have, there are a ton of options you could try out this Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day hairstyles are a great opportunity to use your creativity and make an impact this holiday.  

Written by Kiana St. Onge


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