It's Time To Stop Shaming For Ugly Beauty Product Packaging

It's Time To Stop Shaming For Ugly Beauty Product Packaging I Mirra Skincare

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We all can be critical of certain beauty products at times…and as a customer, we totally have the right to be when a product is not meeting its standards. But have we ever been a tad too quick to judge a product based on its initial appearance? In hindsight, some of my favorite beauty products I have purchased haven't come with sparkly or dainty packaging. We should stop shaming ugly beauty products for their not so perfect appearance and give them a chance. Because the quality is really on the inside.


1. Skewed perception

2. Hidden gems under the packaging

3. Environmentally friendly

4. Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • Many companies use marketing strategies when it comes to product packaging in order to leave a positive image in the minds of the buyers.
  • Lots of types of beauty products don’t get the recognition they truly deserve simply because they aren't "aesthetic".
  • Ugly beauty products are usually the leaders in using eco-friendly and recycled materials for their packaging. 

Skewed perception

It’s normal for a pretty thing to catch your eye out on your Target or beauty store run, but how often do the products we pick solely for their packaging turn out to not be the best quality? Probably a lot more than we think. Sometimes the products with the most details and the most aesthetically pleasing can be the most deceiving.

Ever heard of the 5 P’s of marketing? Well, in the last few decades product packaging has become part of the mix. Marketers understand that giving a product alluring packaging can leave a positive signature of their brand on the minds of the consumers, whether or not the product is high quality. This is why it is extremely important to do research on your potential next beauty products so that you’re not scammed out of money for just the silver lining on the outside. 

Hidden gems under the packaging

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So what ugly beauty products have you been judging by their packaging? Here are a few hidden gems that probably get passed over based on the packaging. 

1. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I know you have seen this bright pink iconic mascara wand in the store aisles at some point in your life. Maybe the look is a little too tacky and retro for the time, but leave it to this mascara to make you look like you just received a lash lift and tint! 

2. It’s a Ten Miracle Leave-in product

Not gonna lie, this has been my go-to hair product for YEARS. If you have not tried this miracle potion that turns dry hair into luscious locks….sprint to the store now. The packaging is a solid 3/10 if I must say so myself, but the product inside is truly unbeatable. 

3. Mario Badescu 

Until I downloaded TikTok and saw these products all over my For You page, I would have never considered purchasing any of their products based on the uncanny font and overall look. 

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo

This may look like something you would possibly disinfect your counters with, but leave it to Batiste to make your hair look freshly washed and blown out. This original, long-lasting formula immediately vanishes the oil from your hair and has some of the best dry shampoo ratings.

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5. Cetaphil face wash

Honestly, I used Cetaphil as a young teenager and then wanted to feel boujee, so I started to buy “nicer” face washes with prettier packaging. Guess what I went straight back to... Cetaphil. You can’t beat the price and the quality of this wash. This product is recommended by every dermatologist, despite its interesting blue and green bottle coloring.

6. The Wet Brush

I simply don’t know how I ever brushed my hair without one of these ugly beauty bad boys. The wet brush is a game changer for getting all of those stubborn knots out of your hair. It looks cheap and tacky at first glance, but who cares when its sole job is to rid your hair of tangles.

7. Hollywood Flawless Filter

The packaging may look like you went into a convenience store and pulled the first foundation you saw off the shelf, but man does this product work. Hollywood Flawless Filter foundation literally leaves a flawless glow on your skin and usually stays on for a long time. The red font on the bottle could use some work, but, hey, no shame at all for this ugly beauty product packaging since the quality makes up for it. 

Environmentally friendly

In the past few years, many beauty product companies have been resorting to green and eco-friendly packaging to help combat all the planet’s issues we face today. When you're trying to save the environment, there's a little less emphasis on the aesthetic appeal of the packaging and more focus on producing and paying for it.

McKinsey & Company conducted a research survey back in 2020 to determine what customers cared most about when it came to products and packaging. Through the survey, they found that if you ask consumers what they want to see going forward, they are interested in recyclable and recycled plastic packaging and in fiber-based substitutes, all of which are more expensive and can take away from the overall look of the product. 

Recycled material is usually more expensive than cheap plastic. This material may have a lack of demand, making the production costs more expensive than the production of regular packaging would be. Sooo instead of being so focused on the prettiness of a company’s products, we should all shift our focus a little and do our research on what brands are contributing to helping the environment. 

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Final Thoughts

Let’s start seeing products for what they are on the inside and not the outside! Too many beauty products are overlooked just because they aren’t gorgeous in the bottle. Honestly, you are probably paying way more than you should for many of your products just based on the brand name and the pretty packaging it comes in. Research on the products I mentioned above may save you a few dollars and lead you to find your everyday go-to’s. Just remember the famous adage: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Written by Emma Carlson


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