All You Need to Know About the 10 Most Common Types of Facials

All You Need To Know About the 10 Most Common Types of Facials | Mirra Skincare

Facials have been around for the longest time, but have recently branched out into a world of skincare opportunities that will leave you renewed and relaxed. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the next Kim Kardashian to find a life-changing facial regimen. Finding a facial that is right for you may seem daunting, especially when some are literally poking at your face with mini needles, but these types of facials cover all bases and should help you reset no matter your skin mood!

1. European Facial

  • Exfoliates skin
  • Removes dirt

European facials are typically the go-to treatment that are both basic and effective. These types of facials cover all the bases for clean and refreshed skin. Most commonly known for exfoliation, European facials are meant to remove dead skin and let new, clean skin grow in its place. Incorporating exfoliation, dirt removal, massage, and hydration, European facials are the perfect reset for most skin moods. 

2. LED Light Therapy Facial

  • Anti-aging treatment
  • Helps reverse acne

Next on the list of types of facials is LED light therapy which are a popular trend in the facial industry. It has many benefits such as anti-aging, acne reversal, and anti-inflammatory. All from the use of a LED light, which is safe for all skin tones, this facial therapy can be done professionally or at home. Professional treatments tend to produce more dramatic results, however, the use of red or blue light can reduce the appearance of age spots, acne, and/or wrinkles. (1) 

3. Lymphatic Massage Facial 

  • Reduces puffiness in the face
  • Drains fluid build-up

Lymphatic massage facials are likely the most DIY friendly of any top facial. This type of facial is essentially a targeted face massage meant to drain fluids from your face that cause inflammation or puffiness. Lymphatic drainage uses a combination of pressure, movements, and pushing of the skin to leave it refreshed. Pro tip: pushing of the facial skin should be done in an upward motion to avoid stretching the skin. 

4. Microneedling

  • Smooth, firm, and tone skin
  • Treats wrinkles, scars, and large pores

Microneedling is a collagen induction facial therapy that is meant to smooth, firm, and tone the skin. This type of facial uses small needles to prick the skin which helps generate new skin tissue. Microneedling is minimally invasive and has a plethora of benefits, but it is best to consult a dermatologist to see if it is the right facial for you.

5. Hydrafacial

  • Cleanses and hydrates pores
  • Targets fine lines and dark spots

Hydrafacials are a hydradermabrasion facial method that vacuums pores while also refreshing them with moisturizing serums. These types of facials are the reset button for many skin moods. Hydrafacials cleanse, exfoliate, and then protect the skin barrier. Aside from restoring pores, these facials also brighten skin and target lines and dark spots. (2)

All You Need to Know About the 10 Most Common Types of Facials | Mirra Skincare

6. Chemical Peel

  • Treats dark spots and wrinkles
  • Improves the overall look of skin

Chemical peel facials are the literal version of shedding your skin. The chemical peel solution is meant to blister the skin which eventually leads to the peeling of a layer. The “new” skin that is unveiled after the peel is smoother and less defined than before. The skin that is peeled off is typically what is harvesting spots, wrinkles, and lines. By chemically peeling off this layer, you are essentially starting fresh. (3)

7. Galvanic Facial

  • Aids dry, dehydrated skin
  • Counteracts dullness and congestion

Galvanic facials are hydrating solutions to most skin moods that bring water-soluble substances into the skin’s surface and improve moisture retention. Although this treatment is most popular to those with dry skin, it is beneficial to those on the oilier side as well because it aids in the removal of pore congestion. Galvanic facials leave the skin refreshed, hydrated, and brightened. (4)

8. Microdermabrasion

  • Renews skin tone and texture
  • Treats spots, scarring, fine lines, and more

Microdermabrasion facials are minimally invasive treatments that work on the top layer of your skin to remove dead or damaged cells. These types of facials are often described as sandpapering the skin to reset the barrier and achieve a refreshed look and feel. Similar to hydrafacials, microdermabrasion also suctions pores to remove debris. 

9. Vampire Facial

  • Treats premature wrinkling
  • Evens tone and leaves refreshed appearance

Despite its intimidating name, vampire facials are actually used to leave your skin looking forever young. First popularized after Kim Kardashian’s iconic treatment, vampire facials have been noted as one of the trendiest treatments there is. This type of facial uses your own blood to promote healthy activity of your skin cells. Blood platelets are meant to freshen the skin and prevent wrinkling or toning. 

10. Oxygen Facial

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Promote collagen production

Oxygen facials are another celebrity essential in the world of facial treatments. This type of facial is meant to intensely oxygenate the skin, leaving it bright and healthy. Using a wand tool, high pressurized oxygen is targeted onto the skin along with hyaluronic acid to plump skin. Because oxygen is essential for life, this facial is an extremist version of everyday life, where we intake oxygen. Aside from internally needing oxygen, any skin mood is no exception. (5)


Let’s Face It!

Facials can seem like a trendy, cool experience (which they are), but it is important to know the facts before you take skincare to this next level. Consult a dermatologist or facialist to examine your skin and help you find the facial that is right for you. It is recommended to schedule your first facial as a consultation and take it from there.

Written by Daniela Rodriguez


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