The Best Travel Cosmetic Cases To Keep Your Collection Safe On The Go

The Best Travel Cosmetic Cases To Keep Your Collection Safe On The Go I Mirra Skincare

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Have you ever opened up your suitcase after a long day of travel just to find that one of your favorite products had spilled all over your clothes or that everything is so unorganized? Well, I can guarantee you that the baggage handlers are not concerned if your new foundation makes it from point A to point B in one piece while throwing your luggage from plane to plane. Good thing there are now a ton of new and revolutionary travel cosmetic cases designed to protect and organize all your favorite products!


1. Best organization cases

2. Individual Product Holders vs Travel Cosmetic Cases

3. Tips to Keep Makeup and Beauty Products Safe While Traveling

Key Points

  • Many of these travel cosmetic cases have individual holders for products and brushes, expandable compartments, and spill proof covers.
  • If you can't drop the money for a whole new makeup bag, opt for some smaller organizational pieces to separate products by type.
  • Even without any special organizational cases, there are ways to protect and organize your products when they're tossed into your suitcase.

Best organization cases 

Travel can be exhausting in itself, so keeping everything organized within your suitcase is key to making the rest of your life easier. When it comes to makeup and hair products, things tend to move around a lot during travel. At best, you risk a complete tangled mess, at worst, a broken or spilled bottle. Luckily, many companies have noticed this consumer problem and have made adjustments to their products to help us all stay sane while traveling. 

Here are a few of the best travel cosmetic cases that do a great job at organizing all your products:

1. Bagsmart Makeup Bag Cosmetic Bag

Via Bagsmart

This travel cosmetic case is perfect for organizing your makeup products, but it also comes with a makeup brush organizer as well. It has plenty of room to fit your must-have products, while also being the appropriate size to fit in a suitcase or even a smaller carry-on bag. It also contains a mirror that Cosmopolitan claims is shatterproof and the perfect size.

2. Euow Travel Cosmetic Bags Barrel Makeup Bag

Via Amazon

This bag is the perfect “throw everything in and still be organized” travel case. It comes with little pockets on the inside to keep your products standing up and easy to grab when you’re ready to use. I love this bag because you don’t have to search for your products, and they’re more accessible when they’re standing up straight. 

3. Pack It All Organizer

Via Sephora

If you’re the indecisive type like me and can’t decide which of your favorite products you want to bring on a trip – then bring them all with this high-quality travel cosmetic case. Designed for makeup artists and collectors, this bag is great if you have a lot of products and brushes you want to pack. It comes with two organizers and also contains pockets in the actual case. 

4. Large Hunter Water-Resistant Toiletry Bag

Via Nordstrom

This bag is so great because not only does it have multiple zipper parts to it, but it is also completely waterproof. This means that if an unfortunate event occurred where your skin care products or foundation have a leakage, it won’t leave the bag and get on any of your other items. It is also the perfect size if you are just traveling with a carry-on and not a checked bag. However, buy this bag quickly because a lot of the reviews show the beloved product tends to always be on backorder.

5. Lay-n-Go Drawstring Makeup Bag

Via Target

This travel case is perfect if you want to open your makeup bag and see all of your products at once. Long are the days of digging your hand through the sea of makeup only to pull out exactly what you were *not* looking for. This bag makes traveling and doing your makeup super convenient, and of course safe. 

6. Tuowan Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

Via Sears

This is for all my super organized and neat followers out there. This beauty bag keeps all of your makeup and toiletries organized, AND allows you to hang it up for even more organization. Within this bag, there are several compartments and zippers that give you enough room for both your makeup and skincare products. It is also expandable which means it can fit a lot more than it probably seems. 

Individual Product Holders vs Travel CosmeticCases

Now if you don’t feel like investing in a new and larger makeup travel case, that’s okay. We can discuss individual product holders you can purchase to place inside the makeup case you already use. For example, you can purchase a bag just to carry your makeup brushes so they don’t get mixed in with anything else. You can also buy little beauty bags and separate them into categories yourself.

A fun DIY project could be getting a few small makeup carriers and buying labels to put on each of them – like for lipstick, eyeshadow palettes, liquid products, eyeliners, etc… There are many ways to keep your products organized and safe without having to buy a fancy cosmetic travel case.

Tips to Keep Makeup and Beauty Products Safe While Traveling

Via Giphy

Maybe you’re reading this when your next trip is tomorrow, and you don’t have time to order any of these cases. That’s okay! There are little steps we can take while traveling to make sure our products are secure and organized.

  • If you don’t have any little makeup bags, put all your liquid products in individual plastic bags before putting them into your main holder. You can reuse these plastic bags on every trip, and all they do is provide a little more security so your products don’t accidentally spill everywhere.
  • Pre-plan your makeup looks! I know this may be overwhelming, but having a plan helps you know what makeup products you actually need to bring so that you aren’t overpacking. Overpacking your makeup and beauty products starts and ends as a problem. Your bag is too full and then so is your hotel bathroom counter. It also just makes your products harder to find when you bring too many in one little case.
  • Buy the reusable shampoo and conditioner travel containers from your local drugstore, like Target or Walgreens. This way you don’t have to lug around your big bottles of hair stuff that are probably too large to fly with anyway.
  • Use an empty medicine container for cotton swabs. 
  • Don’t bring compact powders! Opt for loose powder while traveling because there is less of a risk of it breaking or falling into a million little pieces like compact powder.
  • Wrap any glass products in cloth or even in the clothes you are bringing to prevent them from breaking.

Written by Emma Carlson


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