Top Skincare Influencers We Are Following All 2022

Top Skincare Influencers We Are Following All 2022 I Mirra Skincare

Top skincare influencers certainly have the opportunity to influence a handful of our decisions regarding product choice, brand affinity, and more. That’s what they are there for, right? 


1. 2022 Top Skincare Influencers

2. Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • Refresh your social media feeds in 2022 by pairing down and selecting new skincare influencers to follow
  • Follow influencers that suit your skin moods, lifestyle, and habits
  • It is good practice to follow influencers with backgrounds in skin health (dermatologists, estheticians, etc)

However, every individual experiences life differently, especially when it comes to skin health. Skincare influencers vary based on their own skin mood, credentials, and experiences. These factors emphasize that following the right top skincare influencers tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and habits make all the difference. 

To help you refresh your social media feeds, we’ve compiled a list of the top skincare influencers we are following all of 2022. Find the top skincare influencers that tailor to your skin mood and discover a new world of products and wisdom. 

2022 Top Skincare Influencers

1. Renée Chow 

Renée Chow aka Gothamista, is based out of Gotham, New York City. Her always-on-the-go New York lifestyle and problematic skin type since her teens influenced her desire for efficient, effective skincare products that deliver real results.

Renée found herself entering the skincare influencer space out of passion for discovering new products and sharing her thoughts with others. As she says, she tries stuff so we don’t have to. Transparency along with concrete facts from chemists and personal experiences are the key to Renée’s reviews. 

Renée classifies her skin mood as normal/dehydrated with tendencies towards dryness in the fall/winter. Additionally, her major skin concerns are dullness, anti-aging, and hyperpigmentation.

Social Media Handles

YouTube - Gothamista

Instagram - @gothamista

2. Olena Beley

Olena Beley is a skin health solutions coach based out of Toronto, Canada. While Beley is not a dermatologist, after 14 years of experimenting, researching, and tackling her own skin, she has taken her knowledge and helped thousands of women achieve healthier skin. Oh, and did I mention she does so without diets, pills, or expensive products?

Some of Beley’s most popular skin ritual tactics include her 3-step moisture method, sacred sunscreen application, and the most important - an open-mind and positive attitude towards tackling angry skin moods. 

Social Media Handles 

Youtube - Olena Beley

Instagram - @olenabeley

3. Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta

Verified skincare expert Dr. Geetika has mastered the skincare influencer space on Instagram. Dr. Geetika posts aesthetic informational graphics, reels, videos, and Instagram stories covering everything from Dr. G recommendations to ingredients to stay away from in skincare products. 

It goes without saying that the combination of her savvy social media skills and medical degree has enabled her to grow her audience and help thousands around the globe with their skincare rituals. Dr. G is such a prominent figure that she was voted best skin expert in Vogue India. 

Social Media Handles 

Instagram - @drgeetika

4. Hyram 

It is not too often we stumble across a male skincare influencer, but man oh man are we grateful Hyram entered the space! His charismatic, lively, and genuine personality will certainly brighten anyone’s day. 

Hyram classifies himself as a skincare specialist and has accumulated over 4.59 million subscribers on YouTube and over 1 million followers on Instagram. These numbers speak for themselves. He is a go to source for skincare product reviews, skincare advice, and a good laugh for millions (literally). 

Hyram’s place as a skincare influencer goes beyond testing products and helping others tackle their skin. On a daily basis, he represents inclusion for men in the beauty space and leads conversations that call for change. Additionally, he launched his own brand Selfless by Hyram which can be found in Sephora and online here

Social Media Handles 

Instagram - @skincarebyhyram

YouTube - Hyram

TikTok - @skincarebyhyram

5. Dr. Adeline Kikam 

#Skinclusive advocate Dr. Adeline Kikam is a breath of fresh air in the skincare influencer space. Dr. Kikam’s platform educates on a range of topics, from how various skin conditions like psoriasis appear on darker skin to her brown skin friendly series that highlights her favorite products.


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Representation, inclusion, and access to education matters. Gratefully, Dr. Kikam uses her degree and platforms to further these values and aid thousands of individuals. Thank you Dr. Kikam and keep up the incredible work!

Social Media Handles

Instagram - @brownskinderm

YouTube - Brown Skin Derm

TikTok - @brownskinderm

6. Dr. Sam Bunting

Dr. Sam Bunting said it herself she aspires to teach individuals “how to navigate the complex, confusing, but ultimately fascinating arena of skincare,”. Her passion for helping others and skincare goes far beyond her social media platforms as she created her own skincare line, Dr. Sam’s Skincare. 

Her medical expertise guides every piece of content she puts out, whether she’s teaching how to fix a damaged skin barrier or ingredients like salicylic acid and tretinoin. Rebuild your barriers, choose the proper sunscreen, and preserve collagen with Dr. Sam Bunting this year. 

Social Media Handles

Instagram - @drsambunting

Youtube - Dr. Sam Bunting

Final Thoughts

These six influencers highlight the notion that everyone experiences skin health differently based on environmental and genetic factors. Thus, following the right top skincare influencers that suit your skin moods and lifestyle habits is a top priority this year. And not to mention, following influencers with medical backgrounds or training in skin health ensures you’re getting accurate, science based information. 

Aside from social content, these influencers are invested in transforming people’s lives, whether through finding the right product(s) or furthering the inclusion and representation of all identities, genders, and skin colors. Here’s to refreshing your social media feeds in 2022 and following the top skincare influencers in the space. Cheers!

Written by Lauren Conklin


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