Mirra-Approved Skincare Influencers to Expand Your Glow Potential

Mirra-Approved Skincare Influencers to Expand Your Glow Potential

To no one's surprise, making your next dermatologist appointment amid a global pandemic may not seem like a top priority at the moment. Finding time for yourself may seem easy right now but leaving your house to do so is where the issue comes, especially with the rise of mask-ne. If you find yourself aimlessly spending hours on social media, we recommend following these skincare influencers so your feed is full of great tips for skin and mental health.

Like any issue that may come your way, why not turn to TikTok? TikTok has become an essential social media platform that has extended past comedic relief and is flooded with life and beauty gurus ready to share all their secrets with you! Skincare influencers on TikTok have led to a rise in dream skin from selling out CeraVe products to promoting major skin health and benefits of wearing SPF. Mirra has scoured the internet to find the best approved skincare influencers to expand your glow potential so get ready to sit back, relax, and watch TikTok.  

1. Skincare by Hyram

Skincare by Hyram skyrocketed his influencer career amid the early quarantine TikTok era. His TikToks are not only filled with great skin care advice and product reviews, but he is also known for reacting to his followers’ skin care routines and giving them personalized tips and tricks. Hyram does not hold back on making his favorite (and least favorite) skin care products known.

Although he is an influencer, he genuinely cares about the wellness of his followers’ skin and is very passionate about creating an inclusive, confident space for his followers to learn about skin care and love themselves along the way. Since his rapid success, Hyram has gone on to do major social media collaborations with major influencers, Emma Chamberlain and Charli D’amelio. He even has his own merchandise line launched with Fanjoy. 

2. Dr. Muneeb Shah

Dr. Muneeb Shah is a certified dermatology resident physician with over 3 million followers on TikTok. Shah’s content is the perfect stop for all things skin care. As a skin care influencer, Shah has the typical content of sharing product favorites and giving his advice on the best routines for your skin mood. However, he also takes his content a step further with his professional insight and uses his platform to bring attention to a multitude of skin conditions, debunks popular myths, and essentially has a solution for any skin situation. 

3. Emma Chamberlain

Yes we know, Emma Chamberlain may seem like an unlikely choice for Mirra-approved skincare influencers. Known best for her lifestyle and fashion content, Emma has never really been seen as a beauty guru… until now! Chamberlain has been very vocal over recent months about her personal skincare journey from insecurities to Accutane and now her current love for skin care.

Her love for skin care has become so relevant to her personal and internet life that she is now the global creative director and face for Bad Habit Skincare. Bad Habit Skincare uses clean formulas and purposeful ingredients that make skin care exciting and that will keep you glowing all day long.  

4. James Welsh

James Welsh is another skin care influencer on YouTube that will take through all the dos and don’ts of getting perfect skin. Welsh is the both the perfect person for beginner skin care users as well as advanced product junkies. Although he is not a licensed dermatologist, which he specifies in his content, he is well versed in what is generally good and bad for your skin. He understands ingredients, harmful products, and advocates for skin savior products that will leave him (and you) looking luminous. 

Mirra-Approved Skincare Influencers to Expand Your Glow Potential

5. Vi 

Vi, also known as the SPF mom, is a skin care influencer that you might want to be best friends with after just one video. Vi shares all her personal skin care products and all her favorite products that will change your skin game. With just one look at her luminous skin you will want to go out and buy everything she tells you to.

Aside from credibly promoting products, she also gives tips on how to apply products and what is best for what you want to accomplish. Vi is also the queen of keeping it real and shares her journey along with plenty of life advice that will make you glow inside and out.  

6. Jennifer Mary Bauer

Jennifer, who goes by Bauer Beauty on her skincare account, is a skincare influencer who targets her content for sensitive and acne prone skin. As an esthetician, her certified product reviews are exactly what you need to have a confident skin care shopping experience. Bauer is always one step ahead of the game on skin care products that are esthetician approved and will promote exactly where and how to find them on her Instagram and TikTok. 

7. Dr. Howard (Derm Beauty Doc)

Dr. Howard, FAAD (aka Derm Beauty Doc) is another certified skin care influencer on Instagram and TikTok. Her content is centralized on maintainable skincare secrets and sharing her favorite products. She also has her own hair care line available, Girl and Hair.

Her line has a series of products focused on promoting hair growth, relieving itch, and preventing odor. Her content also addresses the importance of inclusivity in skin care products that caters to people of color (especially in sunscreen) and her hair care line is key in breaking down this barrier. 

8. JC Dombrowski

JC is our final skin care influencer who takes a more personalized approach for his content. JC’s skin care round ups on TikTok perfectly wrap up the best of the best in many skin care categories and will have you feeling ready to shop. JC’s TikTok content also shares all the skin care don’ts and products to avoid/ ones that are just a waste of time. JC also shares his personal skin care product favorites that keep his glow at a 10! Dobrowski has been featured in both TIME Magazine and Cosmopolitan and the success has just begun.

Written by Daniela Rodriguez


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