15 Self Care Habits To Relax and Refocus

15 Self Care Habits To Relax and Refocus Mirra Skincare

Whether you are trying to survive a global pandemic or just trying to get through lunch, life is filled with stressors and an overflow of events that can distract from our own personal health. Establishing your own self care habits can help you to live your best life. See what works for you from these 15 self care habits to relax, rejuvenate, and refocus!

1. Take a Bath

  • Releases tension
  • Opens up pores

Taking a bath is the first step in the beginner's guide to self care. This is the perfect time to escape reality and set the mood of your dreams. Light those candles, throw in some bath salts, and just let yourself decompress from all the stress of a full day's work. Your tension will just melt away and you will be left physically and mentally relaxed.

2. Do a Face Mask

  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Leaves you feeling refreshed

Face Masks are the best way to rejuvenate your skin, feel refreshed, and even get the perfect selfie (because we know face masks are super aesthetic). Face masks not only help your skin but there are the perfect excuses to sit around and do nothing for a solid 15 minutes. Don’t forget to do your research to find the perfect formula for your skin mood! (1)



3. Meditate

  • Calms mind and body
  • Allows for a mental reset

Feeling anxious? Meditation is probably the simplest self care habit because there are so many ways to do it. Whether you Google best practices or download your favorite calming app, meditating will help to relax a racing mind and give yourself the mental reset you need to start your day or end your night. 

4. Get Enough Sleep

  • Wake up feeling refreshed
  • Gives your body proper rest

Honey, getting enough sleep can seem impossible if you are not on the right schedule. Ditch your late-night scrolls through social media and create a routine that allows you a solid 7-9 hours of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can affect your mood, energy, and if not controlled, can lead to long-term negative effects. (2)

5. Clean Eating

  • Prevents bloating
  • Leaves you feeling nourished

Eating clean, nutritious meals can help set the tone for your body’s behavior. Balanced meals that fuel your body can help you shed away body aches, push away stress, and prevent bloating. It is important to find meals that are right for you. Ditch those fad diets and work on a plan that makes you feel your best. And don't forget to eat your favorite pint of ice cream every now and then because that is also a self care habit!

self care habits for surviving the stressors of everyday life and uncertain times

6. Exercise

  • Releases endorphins
  • Helps create blood flow 

Although it may seem almost more painful to ditch your cozy work-from-home space and comfy pajamas for a gym and sneakers, getting in at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day can change the way you feel inside and out. Exercising will make you feel good and even better, the release in endorphins will make you feel happy. Who doesn’t want to feel happy? (3)

7. Journaling

  • Releases your built-up thoughts
  • Helps you focus on your goals



Writing stuff down in a journal can help you sort through your thoughts and emotions and navigate your goals and desires. This is a creative, free space for you to write anything and everything you feel and allow that time spent with pen and paper to help you relax your mind and move forward with yourself. 

8. Watch a Movie

  • Stimulates the mind
  • Puts you in a desired mood

Watching a movie as a self care habit is often one of the most satisfying because it acts as a form of escapism. The ability to detach from reality every now and then allows you to create a peaceful and relaxing environment wherever you are and not worry about any stressors you may be experiencing in life. Personally, a classic rom-com is a safe bet for self care but pick something that will make you feel good!

9. Use a Hair Mask

  • Rejuvenates hair
  • Feels refreshing and relaxing

Using a hair mask, similar to a face mask, allows for the perfect rejuvenation of the skin and reset of the mind. Putting in some product that meets your hair care needs and sitting around while it settles is a refresh in itself. But washing out the product after your shower is what really makes you feel the physical reset. 

10. Listen to a Podcast

  • Keeps the mind moving
  • Helps you hone in on your interests

Listening to a Podcast is another platform to capture the same elements of watching a movie or passing through TikTok or even reading a good book. It helps stimulate your mind and drives your interests to make you feel whatever the podcast is relaying. Podcasts can be insightful, entertaining, or just an overall good time. Finding your favorite podcaster might be the only hard part because there is an overflow of content to choose from. 

11. Get a Massage

  • Releases tension
  • Relaxes muscles

Massages are the OG staple of self care. Spending all day at a luxury spa is still the fantasy we should all play out in our heads or reality but if you can’t make it to one, rolling out your own muscles can do the trick. Massaging anything from your temples to your toes can release pent up tension and leave your muscles relaxed. Integrate small massage moments into your day as consistent self care habits and see how you feel. 

12. Drink Your Water

  • Cleanses body
  • Flushes out toxins

Drink your water! Ending it there would be too easy but it is really the gist of this self care habit. Drinking around 2-3 liters of water a day will not only flush out toxins, but it will also improve your skin health as well as an endless amount of benefits. We need water to survive anyway so why not drink a whole lot so we can feel our best too! (4)

13. Get a Manicure

  • Refreshes hands and skin
  • Leaves you feeling pampered



Getting a manicure is a perfect refresh button for your life. Whether you are looking for a quick cuticle cut or Cardi B claws, a manicure will leave your hands feeling primped and pampered. This is the ideal treat yourself moment and it never hurts to splurge on yourself when you can– in fact, it’s encouraged!

14. Read Something

  • Stimulates the mind
  • Relaxes thoughts 

Reading a book can be just another day in the life for you or a mental journey (if you’re the type to wait for the movie to come out). Although reading isn’t for everyone, creating a habit of reading something every now and then can help you stimulate your mind on matters other than your stress or anxiety. And yes, by something I do include novels, magazines, or even just the back of a cereal box!

15. Create a Playlist

  • Helps relax your mind
  • Constructively passes time

Lastly, creating a playlist as a habit of self care. Music is always evolving and we can often find ourselves having a new favorite song every week. Keeping up with our taste in music by creating playlists can set the tone for our day. To maximize self care, categorize your playlists by moods and emotions so you can be in control of how you are feeling. 

Self Care is Not Selfish!

Prioritizing yourself and your health goes beyond a yearly check-up with your doctor. Self care habits can be found in everyday practice and are essential for your mental health and overall happiness. It is never selfish to put your health first and find new ways to live your best, most fulfilled life!


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