Emerging Skincare: Is Potenza Microneedling the Next Best Thing?

Emerging Skincare: Is Potenza Microneedling the Next Best Thing? I Mirra Skincare

Aesthetic and medical treatment producer Cynosure unveiled their FDA-approved Potenza Microneedling device in 2020. After being on the market for about a year, Kim Kardashian shone a spotlight of the treatment on her story, drawing attention and stirring up questions.


1. What is Potenza Microneedling?

2. What Does Potenza Microneedling Treat?

3. Who Is Eligible?

4. Treatment Experience

5. Pre and Post Care

6. Cost

7. Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • The treatment is FDA approved
  • Potenza microneedling penetrates the top layer of skin and stimulates the natural regeneration of collagen and elastin
  • Consulting with a practicing professional will give you more guidance regarding eligibility, pre, and post treatment care

I was just as curious as you, so I decided to take a deep dive to see what this new technology and treatment is all about. Check out everything you need to know about Potenza microneedling below. 

What is Potenza Microneedling? 

Potenza’s combination of microneedling and radiofrequency works to penetrate the top layer of skin and stimulate the natural regeneration of collagen and elastin. According to Cynosure, the treatment is versatile for all skin types, areas of the body, and time of year.  

Cynosure’s new technology is cutting edge in the industry because it has been shown the effects of radiofrequency skin rejuvenation is improved when combined with microneedling. 

Despite being new to the market, multiple studies have shown it is safe with minimal risk, even for those with dark skin types. Cynosure discloses potential side effects such as temporary redness, temporary tingling post treatment and burning sensation while receiving treatment. 

What Does Potenza Microneedling Treat?

Patients seek Potenza Microneedling to treat aging and wrinkles, acne scars, and to boost skin rejuvenation. 


A 2018 study demonstrated that four microneedling treatments spaced four weeks apart significantly improved lines, wrinkles, texture, and laxity (the skin’s firmness) of the facial skin. 

Another study evaluating the efficacy of radiofrequency produced “noticeable clinical results.” A significant increase in collagen production occurred at the end of treatment and three months post-treatment. An increase in collagen production, in turn, improves skin elasticity, blood flow, and wrinkles. 

Acne scars

A study conducted in 2014 found that radiofrequency microneedling is “efficacious for the treatment of moderate and severe acne scars.” The study observed that 80.64% of patients with severe acne scarring improved two grades and 19.35% improved by one grade. 

Not to mention, a separate study conducted in 2018 concluded microneedle radiofrequency treatment is highly effective for acne scars, skin texture improvement, and pore size reduction. 

Who Is Eligible?

Potenza’s radiofrequency microneedling is not ideal for everyone. Consultations with practicing professionals will enable you to see if you are a qualified candidate. 

Generally though, people who use or have recently used accutane, have skin infections, are pregnant, have an active cold sore break out, and more are not eligible for treatment. 

Treatment Experience

On the day of your appointment, here is a general outline of what you can expect during your treatment. 

  1. Your practicing professional will cleanse your skin. 
  2. A topical anesthetic is applied to the skin for numbing purposes. A general, local anesthetic may be injected as well or in replacement of a topical anesthetic. 
  3. The microneedling device makes tiny wounds in the skin and the tip of the needle simultaneously releases radiofrequency. 
    1. The Cynosure device comes with 10 different tips allowing for varying needle densities. It even has a single needle attachment for targeted precision. 
  4. Treatment lasts anywhere from 10 minutes onward. Duration depends on the amount of surface area you are treating. 
  5. Your practicing professional will apply any solutions that support treatment results and any solutions that help minimize discomfort. 

Cynosure’s website has a great video that showcases the device in action during treatment. 

Pre and Post Care

Prior to treatment, you will have a consultation with your professional practitioner to give specific pre and post care for your treatment plan. However, here are some general guidelines you may see or hear during the consultation. 

Pre Treatment

  • Avoid unprotected sun exposure and sunburn 
  • Discontinue use topical agents that can increase skin sensitivity such as exfoliants, retinoids, or topical antibiotics
  • Do not shave the day of treatment
  • If possible, avoid blood thinning agents the week prior to treatment
  • If you have a history of cold sores, you may be required to take an oral antiviral medication

Post Treatment 

  • Wear SPF days following treatment because the skin will be extra sensitive to the sun
  • Apply ice packs to reduce swelling and discomfort 
  • Use a gentle cleanser
  • For the first 24 hours, avoid wearing makeup


Potenza Microneedling has a ginormous sliding scale of cost.  The cost of treatment varies due to where you live, what practitioner you see, your skin mood, and what add-ons you may include in your treatment. 

The sliding scale of cost ranges anywhere from $100 per session to $2,000 per session. However, the average cost ranges from $200-$800 per session. 

Since the typical treatment includes at least four visits, on average, you are looking at anywhere from $800 to $3,200 as a base cost. 

Final Thoughts

Cynosure’s new Potenza Radiofrequency Microneedling device is full of cutting edge technology that combines and maximizes the results from both treatment types. Not everyone is an ideal candidate, but if you are, it can provide major improvements in acne scarring, fine lines, skin texture, and wrinkles. 

Whilst the treatment is new, it is already making its mark on the industry and we are excited to see how it evolves in the upcoming years. 

Emerging Skincare: Is Potenza Microneedling the Next Best Thing? I Mirra Skincare

Written by Lauren Conklin


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