Why We Choose Paula's Choice

Why We Choose Paula's Choice

If you’ve been part of the 120,000+ Mirra newsletter readers for a while, you may notice that we talk about a certain brand frequently. And you may be wondering why we mention this brand and its information time after time. Yes, we’re talking about Paula’s Choice. Is Mirra being sponsored by Paula’s Choice? In the age of mass advertising, you never know how transparent someone is being when recommending something.

To answer your question: No, Mirra is not being funded or paid in any capacity by Paula’s Choice to talk about their brand. They might not even know we exist! We just love the brand a whole lot. Here’s why:

1. Paula’s Choice’s mission is frickin’ awesome

Given the amount of Gen Z and millennials talking about Paula’s Choice, you may be surprised to know that the brand launched all the way back in 1995. Founder Paula Begoun started the company with one main principle: telling the truth. Paula’s Choice isn’t about recent skincare trends or telling you that this newly popular ingredient will change your life. The brand relies on consistent science and research. Some key values the brand holds dear are efficacy, safety, avoiding irritation, and being cruelty-free and environmentally conscious

2. Amazing products

First off, let’s give a big shoutout to Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant. That sh*t is popping and has consistent rave reviews online. Next, I just want to commend the amount of thought Paula’s Choice puts into its products. Product formulations have the science to back them up. There are tons of consumer testing trials involved to ensure safety.

Making their products fragrance-free avoids isolating an audience that is sensitive and irritated by fragrance. This thoughtfulness extends into the packaging. Transparent packaging looks cool and all, but did you know that it may reduce the effectiveness of some ingredients? Furthermore, Paula’s Choice has teamed up with TerraCycle to reduce the environmental impact of their product packaging. God knows the beauty industry needs help in the sustainability area.

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3. Information for everyone

The transparency that Paula’s Choice has championed since the beginning has not only caught the interest of people in the 90’s, it has absolutely captivated Gen Z and millennials (3). My demographic, which is notoriously difficult to market to, loves the no BS information being put out by Paula’s Choice. If you have any skincare questions, Paula’s Choice has a team of estheticians and skincare experts ready to talk with you. All over the website, you will find articles directed at different skin concerns for every skin mood. 

Furthermore, it would be an injustice if I fail to mention Paula’s Choice’s ingredient index tool. Even popular skincare influencer Hyram, you know he gets some of his information from the ingredient directory (4). You know the saying ‘don’t give a man a fish, teach him how to fish’? Paula’s Choice isn’t just providing products, you can find which ingredients are good, average, and troublesome with research cited on each page.

Speaking from experience, that directory is so darn extensive. Paula’s Choice makes it easy to vet your other skincare products and eliminate irritating ingredients from your ritual. If you want a more direct way of checking your products, look at their ratings on Beautypedia, a site also created by Paula Begoun.

How to use it:

  • Go to Paula Choice’s website
  • Hover over “Skin Care Resources”
  • Click “Ingredients Directory”
  • Research away!

Other information to keep in mind

Just to clarify, I want to acknowledge those who find Paula’s Choice products don’t work on them. Everyone has unique skin needs. There’s no one size fits all. Just because we elevate a brand based on its principles and ingredients doesn’t mean it works for everyone. 

Secondly, I’ve seen discussions over Paula’s Choice’s affordability. Right now, the brand is seen as relatively affordable or at a middle-tier price range. But everyone’s definition of affordability is different. Our job at Mirra is not to sell Paula Choice’s products, we are simply here to inform you of the options out there. 


Paula’s Choice has a long history of prioritizing skincare science. Their transparency and wealth of information have appealed greatly to younger generations. The influence of TikTok and the brand’s increasing popularity is astounding (3).  If you have one takeaway from here: skincare knowledge is skincare power. The ingredient index is a great tool to help you find your ritual.

Written by Jessica Lu


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