What We Learned From Paris Fashion Week 2022

What We Learned From Paris Fashion Week 2022 I Mirra Skincare

Paris Fashion Week, the ultimate place for fashion-lovers and fashion designers. Every year the hottest trends, models, designers, and celebrities come together to celebrate fashion’s biggest week, and this year was no different. Let’s break down all the things we learned from Paris Fashion Week 2022.


1. Thigh-Highs

2. Baggy Clothes

3. Monochrome

4. Tweed

5. Mini Everything

6. Suits

7. Fur in Summer?

Key Points

  • Thigh-highs are back, and they’re here to stay, along with baggy clothes such as jeans and sweaters
  • Monochrome has been the moment and still is, and I don’t foresee a time that it won’t be. Tweed is the classy, chic staple piece you need in your closet for every season
  • Mini everything - crop tops, mini jackets, and mini skirts. Blazers are also in, and bonus points if you pair with matching trousers for the full suit look


The first trend that we saw continuously throughout multiple shows and multiple designers: thigh-high boots. Thigh-highs are the moment right now. Everything about them screams chic and fun. Boots in general are staple pieces in any timeless wardrobe, and thigh-highs add that flirty side to your date night outfit. Whether your outfit is neutral or vibrant, thigh-highs can add the perfect pop and make it look like you put hours into your fit when really it was just a pair of shoes you threw on. 

Baggy Clothes

The next thing we saw was an emphasis on baggy clothes. Although putting a cute outfit on makes you feel confident, being comfortable is the most important thing, and there’s nothing more comfortable than baggy clothing. It’s an ode to the ’90s trends of baggy jeans and oversized jackets. A complete 180 from the early 2000s tight and tiny outfits. Paris Fashion Week showcased a number of baggy pieces such as baggy jeans, oversized blazers and coats, and even baggy band t-shirts are making a comeback from their 2014 rise to fame. Designers from ACNE studios and Balmain showcased not only baggy elements but also designs like patchwork and frayed hems.

paris fashion week 2022 baggy clothes

Via lifestyleasia.com


It seems like monochrome is always having a moment these days. This is one of those trends that has never really died down and probably never will. The most popular monochromatic trends are those of neutral fits such as nudes, taupes, creams, and variations of brown. Layering and monochrome go hand-in-hand. We saw lots of layering leggings, t-shirts, coats, jackets, baseball hats, and boots. Wearing all clothing pieces that are of the same core color but variations or shades of the same color is in right now, and I have a feeling it’ll be in for a while.


Tweed is making a comeback and I am so here for it. Tweed is one of those prints that is timeless, and you could definitely include in your capsule wardrobe. Whether it’s a jacket, shoes, or a bag, tweed comes in many forms, but a classic black and white tweed jacket is a staple piece and every single girl should own one. Designers like Chanel are incorporating tweed into several of their fits and even incorporated tweed into their small details such as the earrings and the tights. Tweed is kind of a notorious material for Chanel because it has that almost old Chanel, preppy vibe to it. While tweed can be made into almost any item of clothing or accessory, I think investing in a quality black and white tweed jacket is a staple and a necessity for any capsule wardrobe and will truly never go out of style.

paris fashion week 2022 tweed

Via lifestyleasia.com

Mini Everything

Miu Miu has gained so much popularity in the past year, and I really love the pieces they put out. Their emphasis this Fashion Week was “mini”-mini bags, mini skirts, and very mini crop tops. Although crop tops are kind of becoming a thing of the past, with summer coming up, more and more crop tops will be coming out. Miu Miu likes everything mini, and they paired several mini pieces together. My favorite Fashion Week look they had was a mini cropped jacket and a mini skirt set with thigh-high boots - all of the 2022 trends in one outfit and it wasn’t overdone. 

paris fashion week 2022 mini everything

Via fashionista.com


Suits, but make it sexy. Suits are making a comeback (even though they never really left). But suits for women especially are gaining popularity. The entire Paris Fashion Week, we saw a suit look in almost every designer’s show. Most of the looks had a sultry side to them by doing an oversized blazer with no shirt underneath, or maybe a tiny crop top. This is one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite, trends of all of Paris Fashion Week. Saint Laurent had my favorite suit look of the whole week, it was extremely chic and classy but a bit edgy as well, the perfect mix for 2022.

paris fashion week 2022 suits

Via fashionista.com

Fur in Summer?

Another big trend we saw throughout several designers was fuzz, which seems odd because spring and summer are coming up, and it’s not typical to wear fur or fuzz. But, designers already included this in preparation for fall. Fur and fuzzy sweaters are in, but they were really only shown in the monochromatic looks. If you do like the more fuzzy sweater look, a chic way to incorporate it into your summer wardrobe is to invest in an oversized sweater that can be worn as a dress, and pair it with some thigh-high boots and a shoulder bag. You can even incorporate the monochromatic trend into the outfit by using all of the same tones from the dress, to the boots, and the purse. 

paris fashion week 2022 fur

Via fashionista.com

Paris Fashion Week had an epic run in 2022. We saw some new trends, but mainly trends that have resurfaced. But that’s what fashion is at the end of the day. Trends always come back, and fashion gets recycled constantly. So, when shopping for your spring or summer 2022 wardrobe, or any season that is, aim for pieces that are timeless and will never go out of style. That classic pair of black booties or thigh-highs will be a great addition and also an investment that will go with every outfit and can be dressed up or down. Although colors are fun and cyber Y2K fashion came back for a minute in the past year, neutrals will always be in style and buying statement pieces that incorporate pops of color are a much better investment for your capsule wardrobe. But remember, style is personal and all about individuality, so set your own trends!   

Written by Jordan Hammaren


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