Is No B.S. Skincare Really What it Claims to be?

Is No B.S. Skincare Really What is Claims to be?

Our motto here at Mirra is to deliver you no B.S. skincare. Well...it seems someone else is making that claim – and putting it on their packaging! No B.S. Skincare was founded in 2017 by Diana Briseno in Miami Florida. She has worked in various parts of the beauty industry for 10 years and decided that the B.S. in Skincare needed to stop.

Behind the Brand

Briseno created a brand that doubles as a lifestyle, placing a focus on wellness. In a 2018 interview with the Global Cosmetic Industry Diana spoke about what qualities make B.S. Skincare the beauty company that it is. Her number one response was transparency. No B.S. stands for no bullsh*t and also no “bad stuff”.

No B.S. Skincare really emphasizes the growing awareness of personal well being. Briseno believes that part of the reason wellness is trending is because of the rapidly growing e-commerce market. Now consumers have access to a myriad of products, where before they were limited to the inventory of their local department store.

Consumers also have access to the growing library of knowledge surrounding product ingredients. Paired with the influence of social media and influencers promoting healthy lifestyles, a huge surge has occurred in the fields of production and consumption of clean products.


Looking Deeper Into No B.S. Skincare Products

For Briseno, the transparency doesn’t stop at ingredients, it extends to corporate practices as well. She is willing to admit when errors have been made because her brand, like humans, is not perfect. However, No B.S. Skincare focuses a lot of its energy on doing research and striving to produce top quality products.

Beauty is at the forefront of their vision. Crafting products that give results without harmful ingredients is her goal. They have a list of ingredients they call “power players” including:

  • Cucumber extract: High in vitamin C and hydration benefits
  • Rosehip oil: A natural skin brightening ingredient that reduces dark spots and hydrates the skin
  • Aloe vera: Heals minor cuts and burns, hydrates, reduces scarring
  • Squalane: A natural emollient ingredient that conditions the skin
  • Green tea: Reduces inflammation and oiliness
  • Jojoba oil: A hydrating, softening ingredient that also has a light feel on the skin  
  • Vitamin C: Boosts collagen production and reduces inflammation

Their website not only includes all their approved ingredients but also ones they swear to never use in their products. The level of transparency they have around their products and skincare in general really mirrors our mentality here at Mirra. I think that No B.S. as a concept and company is truly the best route as we continue to progress.

Is No B.S. Skincare Really What is Claims to be?

More than a Brand

The idea that there should be nothing harmful in anything we use, has been around for decades. But only now is this idea becoming more mainstream and accessible. More and more companies are switching to these transparent business models and personas that are projected to social media. The ability to successfully navigate Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any social media platform seems to stem from creating a brand that people trust. No b.s.

In addition to creating a pretty package, it helps to have the products to back it up. As mentioned previously, No B.S. beauty is at the forefront. This means that they want their products to work, but do they? Well, according to this Insider review, and hundreds of Amazon customer reivews, the answer is yes.

On Amazon, the average rating of their products is around 4.5 out of 5 stars, with tons of raving anecdotes about how people love their new product. While some of these could be planted, it is highly unlikely they all are. No B.S. Skincare must be doing something right, they have been able to expand on their arsenal of products and are even sold at Macy's. It seems more and more people are hopping on the No B.S. train.

The main reasons for their success seem obvious:

  1. They think like us, lol, but all jokes aside this is true. Our mentality of educating you guys about skincare is not something novel. We just provide you with information that exists in a concise format with cool pictures and gifs. Many companies and people out there are trying to spread information each using a unique strategy to do so.
  2. They have products that work. They have done the research and worked hard to develop products that will be effective for the user. They break down skincare needs by skin type and age so that they can give you the product that is most likely to work for you. 
  3. Their brand is catchy and bold. Like Diana said in her interview, when she was creating her company she really wanted something that would stick in people's heads. She wanted something memorable. No B.S. is an incredibly concise name that also describes what they're all about.

Final Thoughts

I might have a No B.S. moisturizer in my amazon cart after writing this article...haha but really, I think that this brand seems legit. Quality formulas made with ingredients specialized for all types of skin. They also promote sustainability by using recyclable materials which, for me, is a huge plus.

Written by Kiana St Onge


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