Signs Your New Products May Be Causing More Harm Than Help

Signs Your New Products May Be Causing More Harm Than Help I Mirra Skincare

We have all listened to our favorite influencers rave about their new go-to products. We have all waited for companies to drop their new products that claim to revolutionize the industry in some shape or form. We have all sorted through websites looking for new products to add to our shopping carts and collections. But what if all these new products aren’t right for us?


1. Understanding The Timeline of Your New Products

2. Signs Your New Products May Be Causing More Harm Than Help

3. What To Do If You Have An Adverse Reaction

4. How to Avoid Purchasing New Products That Aren’t For You

Key Points

  • New products can have instant results or take up to 12 weeks to show results
  • Dry skin, allergic reactions, and breakouts are three tell-tale signs of adverse product reactions
  • Reading product ingredient lists is a way to avoid purchasing products that can cause adverse reactions 

Now that’s a scary thought. Seriously though, what if all these new products aren’t right for us. There is a chance they could be causing more harm than help. If that’s the case, how can we know if the new products we add to our collection aren’t the perfect fit? 

3 tell-tale signs indicate whether or not a new product is causing more harm than help. Of course it takes time for new products to work, but signs such as allergic reactions signal that it is time to immediately remove that product from our rituals. 

Understanding The Timeline of Your New Products

Whenever you add a new product to your collection, especially your skincare collection, it takes time to see the results. According to Paula’s Choice, the skincare timeline can vary from instant results to up to 12 weeks. Here is a skincare timeline broken down by product. 

  • Cleansers - instant results
  • Toner - results shown in 1-2 weeks 
  • Exfoliant - overnight results and enhanced results after 5-14 days
  • Moisturizer - enhanced results shown in 2-8 weeks
  • Anti-aging - results in 2-4 weeks 
  • Acne treatments - overnight results and overall improvement after 4-12 weeks

After looking at this timeline, I have to remind myself that patience is a virtue.

Signs Your New Products May Be Causing More Harm Than Help

1. Dry Skin

Flaking, scaly rough patches, and skin tightness are all signs of dry skin. If you are experiencing any symptoms of dry skin, it is likely your new product(s) stripped your skin of essential waters and oils. 

2. Allergic Reactions

A UK survey found that 23% of women and 13.8% of men experience an adverse effect from their personal care products. Rashes, hives, burning, and itching are indicators of allergic contact dermatitis, aka an allergic reaction. 

Allergic reactions from cosmetic products occur when the immune system’s T cells detect a foreign substance and attempt to neutralize it. 

Fragrances and preservatives are main triggers for allergic reactions from personal care products. A study published in 2020 researched compounds that trigger T cells. The study found that the compound farnesol, a common chemical found in cosmetic fragrances, triggered allergic reactions amongst participants. 

3. Purging vs. Breakouts

At the start of using a new product, you may experience breakouts known as purging. Skin purging is the increase in skin turnover rate to achieve clearer skin, thus pushing everything to the surface. 

Purging occurs where you frequently or normally break out and it clears faster than normal. It is annoying and undesirable, but it is a sign your new products are working. 

On the other hand, non-purging breakouts are a sign your products are causing more harm than help. A breakout or reaction from a new product can be distinguished from purging because the breakout occurs in an area where you usually do not breakout. Additionally, these breakouts last a total of 8-10 days while appearing and disappearing. 

What To Do If You Have An Adverse Reaction

If you experience an allergic reaction, dry skin, or breakouts, it is best to discontinue using the product immediately. Switch to a gentle cleanser and moisturizer until your symptoms have improved. 

If you started using more than one new product, remove the products and add them back in one by one to discover which product is causing the adverse reaction. Or if you do not want to experience any adverse reaction again, toss them all and return to your previous products. 

How to Avoid Purchasing New Products That Aren’t For You

It can feel like a waste when you purchase products that do not disagree with your skin mood. We created a handy dandy guide to help avoid purchasing new products that aren’t for you. 

  • Read the ingredient list carefully

While looking at the ingredient list carefully, look for ingredients that are already present in products you use and look for ingredients you already know do not work well with your skin. It is best to steer clear from fragrances when possible. 

Moreover, look for ingredients that are trusted. Paula’s Choice Ingredient Dictionary ranks ingredients on a scale which makes it easy to see what ingredients are harmful and helpful in a product. A good rule of thumb is to look for products with “good” or “great” rating ingredients. 

  • Buy Sample Sizes and Patch Test

Buying sample sizes and patch testing enables you to try out a product without making a huge investment. Check out how to properly patch test skincare products here.

  •  Buy According to Your Skin Mood

It can be hard to resist the temptation to buy your best friends or your favorite influencers favorite products. But the reality is, what may work for their skin mood, may not work for yours. 

I am not saying don’t ever try out that new product your best friend raves about, but if they have super oily skin and you have super dry skin, there is a chance it may not work out. All skin moods are unique and it is best to listen to yours, do your research, and buy accordingly. 

The excitement of buying and trying new products recommended to you by your best friend or favorite influencer is unmatched. While trying out new products, be sure to have patience and monitor your skin's reaction over time. If you experience any adverse reactions, it's best to stop using the new product(s) immediately and switch to a gentle cleanser. 

Signs Your New Products May Be Causing More Harm Than Help I Mirra Skincare

Written by Lauren Conklin


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