Kickboxing Benefits Including Boosted Confidence and Better Posture

Kickboxing Benefits Including Boosted Confidence and Better Posture I Mirra Skincare

If you're practiced in martial arts, looking to build muscle, interested in some self defense practice, or just want to punch the sh*t out of a sandbag, you'll be pleased to know that the kickboxing benefits are endless.


1. Getting Started

2. Kickboxing Benefits

3. Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • Kickboxing is a martial art but can be practiced as a non-combat activity
  • Kickboxing classes vary and should be researched prior in order to be prepared
  • Kickboxing is a full body workout with physical and mental benefits

Kickboxing is a martial art practiced for both competition and recreation. It incorporates moves from full-contact karate, Muay Thai, and boxing, among other martial arts. Despite the fact that the name implies that kicking is the primary method of contact, this martial art involves both hands and feet. In kickboxing, both kicks and punches are both important. Unlike Muay Thai, no elbows or knees are used, and only the hands and feet make contact.

Kickboxing, like MMA or boxing, is a popular professional sport. Kickboxing classes are available in many cities at martial arts studios such as UFC GYM. Cardio kickboxing, on the other hand, is also quite popular among the general population due to its high-energy, high intensity, fun alternative to running. Non-contact kickboxing sessions are common as an aerobic activity in many gyms, often paired with music for added fun. No matter what type you choose, the kickboxing benefits are pretty amazing.

Getting Started 

If you want to start reaping those kickboxing benefits, there are a few things you should consider. Take the time to investigate various styles and classes to determine what you're looking for. The two main categories for kickboxing classes are combat and non-combat. If you're serious about becoming combat-ready, you should plan a one-on-one session with a trainer who can assist you with your technique.

Both technique and stamina are important factors of kickboxing. A typical kickboxing class will last about one hour but can include any number of activities. As a general rule of thumb you should engage in a class that is challenging but not injury inducing; know your skill level and act accordingly. 

Kickboxing Benefits

When done correctly, kickboxing workouts are not only fun and engaging, but they also offer huge health benefits.

1. Improving cardiovascular health

According to a 2014 study, doing one hour of kickboxing three times a week enhanced maximum oxygen intake (VO2max). The maximum amount of oxygen you can consume during physical exertion is measured by VO2max. It's a measure of your cardiovascular stamina. The greater it is, the better your body is at obtaining and utilizing oxygen.

2. Improving balance and coordination

Because of the jabs and kicks, kickboxing requires a lot of hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. Throwing punches, for example, requires continuous direction changes. A small study of the effects of kickboxing on people with multiple sclerosis (MS) found that three days of kickboxing per week improved coordination and balance. These findings imply that kickboxing can aid with reactive and anticipatory balance. As a result, you may be less likely to fall as you get older.

3. Improving muscular endurance

Kickboxing can improve aerobic and muscular endurance, according to a study published in the journal Biology of Sport. Workouts that are high in cardio can help you increase endurance. Kickboxing is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to increase endurance and stamina. Your endurance develops as you practice it more often. Learning when to breathe during your training to avoid becoming winded is one of the most critical aspects of kickboxing and increasing muscular endurance. 

4. Improving mood

Kickboxing and other types of exercise, including martial arts, have been related to enhanced mental health and positive emotions. Kickboxing incorporates both aerobic and anaerobic training, both of which have shown to be beneficial to one's mood. It accomplishes this by boosting endorphins, aiding in stress, anxiety, and depression.

5. Learning self defense

This is a benefit that not many training programs can boast about. Kickboxing is not only good for your mind and body, but it also has a lot of practical applications in terms of learning self-defense. The added feeling of safety that can result might also add into its mental health benefit. 

6. Boosts confidence

Exercise and martial arts have been related to higher self-esteem and confidence. In kickboxing, self-confidence is crucial, and many gyms emphasize confidence-building as part of their training. Martial arts training has been found to boost young people's self-esteem. Exercise has also been related to a boost in self-esteem. These findings all lead to the idea that kickboxing benefits your mind just as much as your body.

7. Toning your whole body

It's no secret that intense physical exercise will build muscles and burn calories. Yet, kickboxing is an exceptional option to accomplish this usually painful task. There's no part of your body that kickboxing won't tighten and tone, whether it's your arms, legs, or core. Kickboxers have a very high muscle mass to body fat ratio, according to research. Kickboxing benefits the body similarly to swimming where the full body is used and strengthened.  

8. Improving posture

One of the most beneficial aspects of kickboxing is that it aids in the improvement of posture. Because you're basically working your waist and abs in this activity, the core muscles around your abdominal area are targeted when you do kickboxing. As a result, your posture will improve.

Final Thoughts

Kickboxing can help you gain strength, stamina, and general fitness. Research classes to find one that matches your skill level. If you have any concerns, consult your doctor before attempting kickboxing. To receive the many health benefits that this exercise provides, aim for one-hour sessions three times a week.

Kickboxing Benefits Including Boosted Confidence and Better Posture I Mirra Skincare

Written by Kiana St. Onge


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