Why JLo Skincare Will Make You Question Everything

Why JLo Skincare Will Make You Question Everything

If you want to achieve JLo’s glowing skin, it turns out you don’t need to find the Fountain of Youth. Instead, all you need is a killer three-step ritual using JLO’s skincare products. After 20 years of getting questions about her skincare, Jennifer Lopez recently headed over to Instagram to show her followers what her ritual specifically entails live on video. This gave her the opportunity to feature three products from her new passion project: JLO Beauty.

Now, we’ll break down everything you need to know about JLo’s skincare dos and don’ts and JLo Beauty’s new product line including a face wash, serum, and moisturizing night cream.

JLo’s History with Skincare

Over the years, JLo has had a great reputation when it comes to caring for her skin. She’s always been able to maintain a gorgeous youthful glow and combat the signs of aging, which shows that she’s been taking great care of her skin from a young age. With this in mind, thousands of skin-thusiasts across the globe have been wondering what exactly JLo does to achieve such vibrant skin. Now, we don’t have to wonder any longer, as JLo just launched her new skincare line JLo Beauty. Her motto? Beauty has no expiration date. 

JLO Beauty

Years in the making, JLo finally decided to launch JLO Beauty after she felt she had finally created the perfect skincare products following hundreds of rounds of testing products and formulations (1). On her Instagram, JLo specifically stated that her products are meant to help you get that vibrant glow, and named her JLo skincare community the “GlowGetters”.

While the line launched with three products, JLo let her fans know that she was just getting started and had plenty more plans for the beauty line coming up. Since she posted the Instagram video, JLo has added more products to the line for her fans to enjoy and achieve glowing skin. The products currently featured in the line are:

  • That Hit Single Gel Cleanser
  • That Star Filter Instant Complexion Booster
  • That Fresh Take Fierce Eye Cream
  • That J.Lo Glow Serum
  • That Big Screen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Moisturizer
  • That Limitless Glow Mask
  • That Blockbuster Night Cream

JLo launched JLo Beauty with the mission to make all of her fans feel beautiful in their own skin, making sure all of her products leave a little bit of a glow when you’re done. In a world where we all feel we need fillers and filters, JLo says that she wanted everyone to feel beautiful as who they are after using her beauty products.

The 3-Step Skincare Ritual

Let’s face it – everyone’s individual skincare ritual is different. For example, you may have a 10-step Korean skincare ritual while your best friend only uses four products in her ritual. It all depends on your skin mood and what your skin needs at that moment.

1. Cleansing:

As a performer, JLo wears stage makeup for long hours, and that’s why she always starts her skincare ritual by removing her makeup using a cleanser. In her Instagram video, JLO used a quarter-sized amount of her That Hit Single cleanser, which is a pink pearlescent gel formula, to cleanse her face and neck while giving herself an afterglow. As her Instagram viewers watched on, they noticed how fast she was able to take off an entire face of makeup in only a few seconds.

2. Serum

After drying her face, JLo generously applies her hydrating, lifting, and tightening serum to her face, neck, and hands. JLo worked especially hard on this formula (she says she went back to the drawing board about 23 times) as she really emphasized the need for a tightening and glowing power in all of her products.

When she was done, she pointed out how her skin was glowing more than it was when she had makeup on. “It is a game-changer to be able to feel like you’re glowing without having to put on a ton of makeup – that’s when you’re the most powerful and that’s the spirit of JLo Beauty,” said JLo. Glowing without highlighter? Sign us up!

 3. Night Cream

Together, JLo’s serum and moisturizing cream are known as the Star Power Duo on her website. While the last step of the JLo skincare nighttime ritual focuses on the night cream, she also made sure to highlight another moisturizer on Instagram: That Big Screen. This moisturizer has SPF 30, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin, making it a great option for daily use.

On her live, JLo emphasized the need to use SPF every day, saying it’s one of her secrets to looking youthful. “Sun damage and environmental damage are two of the things that hurt your skin and ages you the most besides inflammation and dehydration,” said JLo on Instagram. She’s used SPF 30 as her moisturizer since she was in her early 20’s and has never missed a day of use. Yeah – we’re taking notes.

Why JLo Skincare Will Make You Question Everything

That JLo Glow Serum

As the product at the highest price point on her website, we felt that the glow serum needed its own paragraph. That JLo Glow Serum with Olive Oil Complex is a modernized serum that uses olive-derived squalane, brightening rice sake ferment, fermented oil, olive leaf extract, and extra-virgin olive oil in its formula (2).

In terms of reviews, product testers claimed that the serum quickly absorbed into their skin without leaving behind a greasy residue. Plus, it made their skin look more radiant. Some of the star ultra-moisturizing ingredients in the serum can also be found in her That Blockbuster Wonder Cream and the That Fresh Take Eye Cream. Not only are both super hydrating, but the eye cream also uses caffeine to help diminish dark circles.

Final Thoughts

JLo believes that a glow is something that starts on the inside and shows out on our outside. While JLo has never missed a day of using SPF 30 since her early 20s, don’t let that fool you into thinking you can’t achieve her youthful glow. Starting now is better than never starting to take care of your skin at all! As JLo said on Instagram, it’s time to wash off 2020 with JLo Beauty.

Written by Selena Ponton


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