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How to wear a bold lip this season | Mirra Skincare

Wearing a bold lip this season may seem as simple as sporting a red lipstick bought at your nearest drug store. However, with a world of red shades on the stands, it might seem impossible to know where to start (unless you’re Taylor Swift, of course)!

Makeup during the holidays can be a time to get your most glam and show off your style through glitter, colors, and shine! If the simple red lip is not for you, there is so much more to make your mark this season!

With the digital age of social media in mind, your holiday season look could last a lifetime. (yikes! that's a lot of pressure) Being bold and beautiful can come from many makeup trends, so it is important to find one that makes you feel most confident. Tis’ the season for holiday cookies, festive lights, and of course, a statement bold lip!

Bold Beauty

Being bold this holiday season can come in different looks. No matter your skin mood or specific style, there is a look that will make you feel… well you! 

Lipsticks are the go-to product for a bold lip. Whether you are going for a matte or satin lip look, lipstick typically has it all. Matte lipsticks are usually the longest-lasting of the lipsticks, but be cautious of how much you apply. Matte lipsticks can be very dry on the lip and leave your lip feeling rough.

Satin and liquid lipsticks leave a buttery finish and are very smooth. Any of the choices in mind, it is important to pair your lipstick with a lip liner. The perfect lip liner pairing is a shade darker than the lipstick itself but if you wanted to go for the one-tone lip, it’ll be just as popping with a matching shade. 

Lip glosses are another option for a bold lip look. Simple glosses can be added on top of a lipstick color for extra shine or be found in bright colors and used on their own. The beauty of lip gloss is that it can be easily reapplied throughout the night and no one's the wiser. A quick brush on the top and bottom lip is all you need to get you through a few hours of fun! 

There is also no shame in being a beauty beginner! A more natural lip is always attainable if lipsticks and lip glosses are too much for you. Lip tints are the perfect accent to a simple look that can still create a bold finish. Coming in many colors, lip tints accent your natural lip shade and create that perfect pop of color for the holiday season.  

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Tips, Tricks, and Lips

The thought of smudging and smearing can often be a struggle after you’ve found your perfect shade. With holiday dinners, drinks, and treats it is perfectly normal for your lip look to not make it through the night. So how do you make makeup last?

After applying your lip product of choice, a pro tip is to blot a tissue between your lips just once to avoid smearing on your teeth. It is also recommended to use a petrolatum-free base before applying lip products. Petrolatum is an ingredient found in some lip balms that can actually make your lips drier. Using a petrolatum-free balm can act as a primer to your lip product and leave it lasting longer. If all else fails, whip out your metal straw and sip safely!

Creating the perfect lip line may seem daunting, especially without the steady hand of an MUA. Luckily, there are two key cheat codes in lip lining! First, stretch and line your lips before you add the main lip product. This will allow you to trace your natural lip line taught and make it easy to color in.

If you are looking for an overlined, plump look, freehand your liner to the best of your abilities and then steadily clean the lines with a pointed q-tip and micellar water. These two tricks should make for the perfect, Kylie Jenner-esque lip!

The Wish List

Here are some top clean beauty brands to help you find your perfect bold lip!

Glossier is a cruelty-free, clean beauty brand that specializes in skincare and beauty products. Known most famously for their high shine lip gloss, this is the product that will give you a long-lasting shine. Their lip gloss comes in clear, glitter, and a strong bright red. If you want to shop Glossier but aren’t sure if gloss is the right choice for you, you can also shop their lipsticks and lip smears. Pro tip: layering their lipstick with their lip gloss can leave for the perfect tinted shine!

Bite Beauty is a top clean makeup brand and Eco Beauty Award winner. Bite Beauty is packed with lip products from different types to different applicators. Their matte lip crayons, however, are most popular and come in 20 colors. Aside from their many lip products that you simply cannot go wrong with, they also have tools such as the “Line & Define Lip Primer” to help make your lip application process seamless.  

Milk Makeup is another clean makeup and skincare brand that has a world of popular products. Their most famous lip product however is the “Lip and Cheek” that comes in 5 great colors. This product acts as a lip tint that can be used on both your lip and cheek to create a natural yet bold finish. This product, as mentioned in the title, can be used on both the lip and cheek which makes it a practical and popular choice, especially for beauty beginners!

Seasons Greetings!

Much like 2020, this holiday season may feel like a whirlwind. Finding yourself can extend past internal habits and reflect through your own beauty routine. Adding a bold lip to your holiday wardrobe will be the perfect accessory to showcase who you are!

Written by Daniela Rodriguez


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