How to Wake Up Earlier and Start Your Days More Refreshed

How to Wake Up Earlier and Start Your Days More Refreshed

Speaking as the number one night owl, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to wake up early. Natural-born early risers will never know how lucky they are to just casually wake up early and start their day. However, the only thing worse than being a late sleeper, is the recurring feeling that you have wasted your whole day, well, sleeping. It is possible to break the cycle without totally hating your life? How to wake up earlier and start your day more refreshed you ask? Well here are the top tips, tricks, and trends to being the early bird you have always wanted to be. 


1. Developing A Night Routine

2. What's Your Reason?

3. Do It For You

Key Points

  • It is possible to adjust your sleeping habits
  • Developing a routine is key
  • Wake up earlier if you want to but do it for you

Developing A Night Routine

Yes this post is about waking up earlier, but how you choose to spend your night has a major effect on how you feel in the morning. Your nightly habits can be adjusted anywhere from choosing to spend the night in from simply choosing to not continue watching on Netflix. However, developing a calming, self-care night routine can be the perfect way to ease yourself into a well-rested 7-9 hours of sleep

1. Doing an overnight face mask

Doing an overnight face mask after your skincare routine is a perfect way to keep you relaxed into the night while also ensuring a reason to wake up earlier. Overnight masks are peak relaxation for your skin at night and can help with calming and tension. But like all good things, it must come to an end and be washed off thoroughly in the morning. Using an overnight mask one or twice a week can be a great intro in how to wake up earlier because it gives you a sure reason to get out of bed and start your day. As an added bonus of course, your skin will look amazing!

2. Massage your body

A full day of doing anything can take a toll on your body and leave you feeling very tense before bed. Massaging your body, muscles and all, can be a calming way to help you unwind and ensure an easy wake up.

Starting with the face, using a gua sha can be a great way to literally drain the tension out of you. Further, massaging your stomach in circular motions can help combat bloating and digestion. Massaging your legs can also help drain toxins and help your body rest throughout the night.  

3. Drink tea

Any form of caffeine is a no-go after hours, but there is a whole world of calming tea to drink at night to help you fall asleep and sleep well. Chamomile tea and valerian root have both been used to treat insomnia and can be a great way to help you go to bed earlier so you can wake up earlier. These tea options have also been used to treat anxiety, nervousness, and headaches which could all prevent yourself from having a successful sleep. 

4. Get off your phone and meditate 

You can do it! You can put your phone 30 minutes to an hour before bed to help your mind ease into relaxation. Taking a break from technology is not only essential to our sleep pattern but it is also crucial for our mental health. Try using that time to relax your mind and develop a meditation routine. Meditation can help clear your mind or work through your mind’s day-to-day stressors so you have no pending frustrations before bed.  

What’s Your Reason?

Finding your reason for getting up in the morning can seem like an easy answer. Getting stuff done. But try to put work, life and all other responsibilities aside for a moment and think about what excites you day-to-day. These key things can be important motivators to help you get up earlier with ease and eagerness. Once you have established these things for yourself, find consistency in your routine. Waking up earlier may seem jarring at first but like anything, practice makes perfect.  

1. Let the light in

The go-to way in how to wake up earlier is to force yourself to. By doing this, make sure your room gets plenty of natural light and make sure the shades are pulled open before you go to bed. Letting in the morning light is like establishing a natural alarm clock for yourself without any painfully annoying noises. Waking up with the world can be the most consistent method because you can always count on the sun rising, and you with it. 

2. Exercise

If you hate breaking up your day to find time to work out, struggle no more. Exercising in the morning is a great reason to start your day earlier and it will keep you refreshed throughout your day. Exercising at a high-intensity or a brisk walk can boost your energy levels and sustain your workflow for a full day of tasks. Eventually, your body will also get very tired at an appropriate time for you to go to bed well rested for the next day. 

3. Make yourself coffee

There really is nothing like a morning cup of joe to help you wake up earlier and start your days more refreshed. If just getting out of bed early is hard enough and high-intensity working out isn’t your ideal start of your day, making a cup of coffee and breakfast for yourself with your favorite TV show in the background can help you gradually wake up at your own pace. The caffeine will begin to refresh you and you won't even notice because you’ll be so relaxed. And if coffee isn’t your cup of tea then, don’t hesitate to have a cup of tea as an alternative!

4. Find your form of self-care

If either exercise or caffeine aren’t your preference or if you just need an extra boost of reasoning to help wake up earlier, try to find your own form of self-care. Self-care in the morning can look like a morning skincare routine, a meditation session, going out for a good breakfast, and hey even spending some time scrolling through TikTok will do the trick (you’ve earned it)! Finding a way to take care of your mind and body is all it takes sometimes to prepare for a full day ahead of you. 

Do It For You

There are many reasons why people choose to wake up earlier than their body is used to. More often than not, it is work/lifestyle related. Although these reasons may be out of your control, don’t approach waking up earlier as a chore. You will find that at the core, you will wake up more refreshed when you are doing things for yourself to better yourself. Whether that is keeping busy or just enjoying breakfast and a moment of peace before your day really gets started, make sure your developed habits are built around yourself and your personal goals. All the stress of life and responsibility can come later! 

How to Wake Up Earlier and Start Your Days More Refreshed | Mirra Skincare

Written by Daniela Jolie


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