How To Make Your Eyes Pop With These 7 Tricks

How To Make Your Eyes Pop With These 7 Tricks I Mirra Skincare

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When you look at models on Instagram or in magazines, one thing you may always notice is their eyes. This is no coincidence. Makeup artists purposely work their magic so that the person’s eyes you see are big, bold, and beautiful. You too can learn how to make your eyes pop with these 7 steps.


1. What does it mean to "make your eyes pop"?

2. What are some ways to make your eyes pop?

3. Final Thoughts

Key Points

  • If your eyes "pop", they have an allure that draws attention straight to your gaze. 
  • There are seven very simple ways with and without makeup to make your eyes pop on their own and with some more color.
  • Make sure to really understand your eye color and shape so that you can utilize these tricks to your best advantage. 

What does it mean to "make your eyes pop"?

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When someone tells you that your eyes are popping, it usually means that they think your eyes stand out and look bright and bold. Basically, it can mean that it was one of the first things that person noticed about you. Luckily, you don’t have to be born with any special feature to have this effect on people because there are many tricks to mastering the art of making your eyes pop.

What are some ways to make your eyes pop?

Whether it’s the color of the shirt you are wearing or the thickness of your eyeliner, there are lots of ways to draw attention to your eyes. First things first, it is important to understand your eye shape and color so that you can properly use these tricks to your advantage.

Here are 7 tricks on how to make your eyes pop:

1. Experiment with colored eyeliner

This is a super easy trick for making your eyes pop. The secret with eyeliner color is to use a complementary shade based on the color of your eye. 

Brown eyes: Dark blue or black 

Blue eyes: Slate-gray or brown

Green eyes: Burgundy or reddish tones

Hazel eyes: Emerald and olive

The best eyeliner products to use will be long-lasting and pigmented (you can get most of these pencils in any color).

2. Know the right placement of eyeliner for your eye shape 

Since everyone has different eye shapes, it is important to know where to place your eyeliner to achieve the results you want.

If you have deep set or hooded eyes, keep the line thin and very close to the base of your eyelashes. Making the line thicker will create a heavier look, which you can draw on dark and clean or smudge out. Both options will draw attention to your eyes, so choose the liner look based on what style you're going for: soft or sharp.

If you have a larger eye shape with more space to work with, then try applying a thicker line from the inner corner out. This will really bring out the shape of your eye and maximize its appearance. 

For people with smaller eyes, make sure you apply the liner away from the inner corner of your eye. Starting more towards the middle will give the illusion of bigger eyes because you have more space to work with around your eyes. Use that space to try graphic liner looks with color, shapes, and/or glitter.  

TIP: Make sure that if you attempt a winged-eyeliner look with any of these eye shapes, flick the end of the liner up towards your brow. The upwards flick characterizes the classic "wing" part of the liner. 

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3. Curl your lashes

Probably one of the simplest tricks you can do to make your eyes pop, curling your lashes before using a few coats of mascara helps your lashes frame your eyes. If the bare lash look isn't your thing, experiment with lash extensions or falsies: full sets, half, or individual lashes.

Best eyelash curlers for a long-lasting curl:

4. Wear complementary colored clothes

Similar to the eyeliner trick, the color of your clothes can help accentuate your eyes and their color. Here’s a list of colors that go great with each color eye:

Blue eyes: Classic neutrals, pinks, deep blues, and lighter greens

Brown eyes: Rich blue, soft pinks, gold, and khaki green

Green eyes: Purple, deep green, coral, and pale yellow

Hazel: Dark neutrals, orange, lavender, burgundy 

5. Putting highlighter in the inner corner of your eyelid

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I’m sure most of you know what makeup highlighter is, but did you know that you can also apply it to the inner corner of your eye to really make your eyes pop?

All you need to do is spray some setting spray on a clean eyeshadow brush and dab it into your highlight palette. Once you have your brush ready, lightly press it into the corner of your closed eye so that there is some product on both the top and bottom of your eyelid.

Applying this illuminator to the corner of your eye can help create a more doe-eyed look. And what's nice is you can experiment with different shades of highlight, and even ramp up the amount of sparkle depending on your mood and makeup feel.

6. Fill in your brows

Defined eyebrows really draw attention to the area around your eyes and make them look more astonishing. Makeup artists and users everywhere agree: eyebrows frame your face.

When it comes to eyebrows, less is more! So just work on filling in any gaps you may have and using gel to brush your brows upwards for a more defined look.

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7. Line your tear duct with a white eyeliner pencil

Applying white eyeliner to your tear duct (right below your water line) can brighten your eyes and balance out the shades of dark rings you may have underneath your eyes. Just make sure your white eyeliner pencil is sharp and gently apply it right above your lower lashes.  

Final Thoughts

All eyes are naturally beautiful. But if you’re looking for a way to spice up your look, now that you have the tricks and the products up your sleeve, you’re ready to make those eyes pop. Remember to always clean your brushes and sharpen your eyeliners to maintain proper eye makeup hygiene and care. 

Written by Emma Carlson

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