How to Increase Energy Levels Throughout the Day

How to Increase Energy Levels Throughout the Day | Mirra Skincare

Whether you are in an important Zoom meeting for work or on a several-hour Netflix binge, finding ways to stay energized throughout the day can seem like an impossible task. Luckily, there are both quick fixes and major lifestyle changes that can help you increase your energy levels no matter what’s on your plate. Here are 10 easy ways.

1. Get Enough Sleep

It is no secret that sleep is a major determinant of your energy throughout the day. Sleep is the most crucial step in anyone's day and is an essential factor in self-care. Getting sleep, however, doesn’t mean getting a 4-hour rest and a long nap in the middle of the day. It is about getting a full, healthy, sleep schedule integrated into your nights that range from 7-9 hours of the night. This duration of sleep is the perfect amount of sleep to sustain you throughout the day, increasing your energy levels. With this amount of sleep in mind, you should also avoid any long naps throughout the day which could worsen your overall energy levels and sleep cycle. 

2. Exercise

Thinking about exercising as a way to increase energy levels throughout the day may seem like it would have the opposite effect. In fact, most people would probably associate exercising with being exhausting or draining. However, exercising can actually be a great way to boost your energy on a daily basis. Exercising releases endorphins that can boost your mood and make you feel happy and by association, can increase your energy levels. However, you can integrate exercise into your routine can make a significant difference in how you feel.

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3. Clean Eating

Eating healthy can also be a great way to increase your energy levels throughout the day. A major thing to consider with this is avoiding foods with added sugar. Although sugar may seem like the best way for a quick rush, the nearly immediate sugar crash can have a completely opposite effect from increasing energy. Instead of high sugar foods, look toward high fiber and protein options that are meant to feed our body’s strength and satisfaction. Foods such as chicken, salmon, oats, broccoli, and many more high fiber and protein foods can be great meal swaps to keep you energized.  

4. Supplements

Sometimes a quick fix is all it takes to increase your energy levels throughout the day. Taking supplements, specifically, those with vitamin B, can help you feel a physical improvement in your energy. A vitamin B12 deficiency is common and can affect your energy, hormones, and overall health. It is best to consult with your doctor before starting new supplements to find the one that is best for you. Taking B vitamins can come in many forms and it is important to find what works best for you.  

5. Cold Shower

Nothing says “wake me up” quite like a cold shower. Cold showers can be a refreshing way to increase your energy when you may be feeling sluggish. Cold showers can be a little uncomfortable to the body but that is the point. The shock of the cold water can help boost your body’s energy to keep you eager to move. Aside from its shock value, cold showers are also great for skin and hair health. Hot water can often break or damage skin and lead to dryness and unwanted redness. Taking a cold shower keeps skin firm, youthful, and healthy for longer. 

6. Stretching

If you are not confident in integrating full exercises into your routine to increase energy levels throughout the day, you can also look to basic stretching for a quick fix. Stretching your body can be the perfect reset, especially when you have been working all day. Stretching is meant to increase blood flow throughout the body and the movement can reset your energy level to keep you moving for longer. 

7. Hydrating

Staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water can often be the solution to many of your physical stressors. Hydrating your body on the inside and out is the most basic way to rejuvenate and feel energized. Although water can get boring sometimes, creating your own detox water can help spice up your hydration. Strawberry, cucumber, and pineapple water are all great alternatives that can specifically target energy boosting. 

8. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can be a great way to mentally reset your energy levels but it can also be a method for resetting your physical state throughout the day. Taking slow, full breaths throughout the day can cleanse your mind and your overall energy. The gentle rush of oxygen allows your energy to recharge and your body to relax which can keep you motivated in the day. 

9. Electrolytes

Yes, electrolytes are that random mineral advertised on so many drinks but what do they actually do for you? It is no coincidence this mineral is found in specifically energy drinks and waters. You guessed it, electrolytes are a major mineral that work to produce energy for your body. Although they work with your body’s overall energy, electrolytes should be consumed in moderation and not solely depended on for your energy increase. 

10. Moderate Caffeine

Although caffeine may seem like the most obvious option to increase energy levels throughout the day, it is a tricky ingredient for the body and is best used in moderation. Developing a caffeine addiction can often result in worsening anxiety, trouble sleeping, restlessness, and headaches. These are all things that can counteract your energy levels so it is best to drink caffeine in moderation. Many teas have a lower dose of caffeine than coffee or espresso and can be a much safer alternative when trying to increase energy levels. 

Ultimately, increasing energy levels throughout the day may take trying different (or all) methods. Finding what works best for your body and your schedule is the ideal situation and that may take time. Focusing on fueling your body rather than running on fumes will make all the difference and change your energy for the better.

Written by Daniela Rodriguez


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