Homemade Exfoliators for Colder Weather: Fall Skin Kit

Homemade Exfoliators for Colder Weather: Fall Skin Kit

Nothing is more exciting than seeing the leaves change and feeling the weather get colder because that means fall is here! From trick-or-treating to Thanksgiving dinners, and every winter holiday that follows, it’s time to dust off your puffy coats and go order yourself a pumpkin spice latte.

Once you’ve fully embraced the autumn atmosphere mentally, ask yourself, how are you doing physically. Does your skin feel dry and cold? Are your lips chapping? Where’s that summer glow you wish was there year-round? Luckily, despite the weather being the demise of your skin, there are natural remedies that can keep you feeling nourished and refreshed.

A homemade exfoliator for colder weather can be the perfect reset on your skin to not only get you ready for the holiday weather but keep it hydrated and soothed for the months to follow! Now with all the holiday shopping in mind, I’m sure most of your budget will be dedicated to Black Friday sales. However, these DIY solutions can be an affordable and fun solution to salvaging your skin. 

Don’t Fall For It!


Many brands will overcharge for exfoliators and/or use ingredients that could actually worsen your skin. It is important to not only read what is going on your skin but also how it affects your skin mood. Exfoliators can easily damage your skin if used harshly so don’t be abrasive and avoid acidic ingredients. Making a homemade exfoliator can be a simple solution to knowing exactly what is going on your body and how it will improve it. It will also probably save you a buck or two!

The Good Stuff:

  • Sugar: A gentle exfoliator
  • Nuts: Finely ground nuts (walnuts, almonds) are softer options 
  • Honey: Antibacterial, hydrating, and a good base
  • Yogurt: Hydrating and a probiotic

Easy Does It

Here are some simple homemade exfoliator solutions to get you through the colder weather:

  • Body

An ideal body scrub for colder weather is one that will smooth and rejuvenate your skin. Key ingredients such as coffee, sugar, and coconut oil provide rich antioxidants that gently wear away dry skin and correct any damage. While the sugar exfoliates, the caffeine is firming the skin and the coconut oil is moisturizing it. The coconut oil specifically, will leave your skin with a soothed and glowing. As a bonus, this scrub is long-lasting and it smells great!


  • 1 cup ground organic coffee
  • 1 cup organic sugar
  • 1/2 cup organic coconut oil
  • 1/2 tablespoon cinnamon (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract (optional)

Instructions: Melt the coconut oil and allow it to cool but not solidify. Then mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container or mason jar. Use this scrub in the bath 1-2 times a week or every day if you like. (1) 

  • Face and Lips

Your face and lips are likely going to be the most exposed to colder weather during the fall and therefore will need the most attention and care. Face and lip skin itself is already a very sensitive area so it is important that a clean, gentle homemade exfoliator is used. A combination of brown sugar and honey as DIY skincare is the perfect duo for any skin mood. While the brown sugar exfoliates any dry skin, the honey is used as an antibacterial that hydrates the skin and scrubs away at all those unwanted dry patches. Aside from its many beneficial properties, it is also a sweet treat and if you licked it, no one will tell!



  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey

Instructions: Splash your face with water, gently massage in the scrub using circular motions, then rinse. (2)

  • Hands and Feet

Hands and feet are typically prone to dryness year-round. So when the autumn breeze comes rushing in, dry skin can be sent into overdrive. Yogurt, being a hydrating probiotic, is the perfect exfoliator that will remove dead skin while also moisturizing with its fatty properties. Adding honey as a bonus to this exfoliator will create a base for the skin that locks in hydration. Although coating your hands and feet in full-fat yogurt may not seem like the ideal weekend plans, I promise, your skin will thank you later! 


  • Coat hands or feet in full-fat yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey

Instructions: Slather yogurt-honey combo onto hands and feet and let sit for approximately 10 minutes before rinsing off. (3)

  • Scalp

As many a homemade exfoliator includes sugar, the scalp scrub is no exception. Mixing sugar and oatmeal to your everyday conditioner is the boost your scalp needs to calm irritation and get rid of dead skin. While the sugar gently exfoliates, the oatmeal is working to retain moisture and fight off environmental irritants. While the oatmeal cleanses the scalp, the fatty acids are preventing flaking and dryness. Who knows, conditioner aside, this could also make for a great breakfast! (4)


  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons oatmeal, finely ground
  • 2 tablespoons hair conditioner of choice

Instructions: After shampoo, apply mixture to your wet hair. Use gentle, circular motions from root to tip. Rinse thoroughly when done. (5)

Homemade Exfoliators for Colder Weather - fall skin kit | Mirra Skincare

Chill Out!

As the weather gets colder, and your skin gets drier and more irritated, don’t freak out. Like the seasons, your skin will change. Just remember to keep calm and send your body into repair mode. Applying these homemade exfoliators can make the difference between scaly and smooth. It also never hurt to get a jump start on autumn exfoliation to take preventive care. Overall, this is a natural reaction to the weather so don’t let it get in the way of a relaxing holiday season.

Written by Daniela Rodriguez


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