From Bootylicious To Browlicious – Beauty Trends Of Yore (Part 3)

STARTED IN THE 20’S NOW WE HERE! I’ve spent hours trolling Instas, taking an in-depth look at runway coverage, and compiling my research to form the following conclusions about the hottest, most current looks in beauty. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the third and final installment of my Bootylicious to Browlicious series: Beauty Moments of Twenty-Slayventeen.  


We all know that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so they best be poppin’. This year, we’ve seen a shiny lid trend inspired by the runway’s use of metallics, glitters, and glosses to create dimension. You may lean toward a natural metal hue, like copper or silver, or even test drive a metalic color, like teal or purple. If you’re really feeling your makeup skillz, layer multiple shades to create a sunset effect (see below).

(Peter White/Wireimage)

Avril fans, you’re in luck – black liner is back. It’s mainly being used in waterlines, which I, personally, have mixed feelings about (#FBF to Bat Mitzvah season 2007, when I attempted this look several times and always ended up with black tears running down my face after poking myself in the eye. When black tears come into style, I’ll be leading the movement). If you’re adventurous, you can also try a light blue or purple in your waterline – but don’t blame us when your face is covered in technicolor tears.   


“Floating creases” have been ruling social media as of late. This look is ultra-modern, and works best when paired with minimal face makeup and a strong brow. Expert tip: To create a perfect line, make sure your pencil is extra-sharp.


Lastly, pink tones are the new neutrals in eye makeup. For a subtle and fresh look, swipe some pink eyeshadow in your crease. Delicate application is key to this ultra-wearable look – there is a fine line between rosy lids and pink-eye realness. 


2017 has seen a departure from the ultra-matte, picture-perfect contouring bestowed upon society by the Kardashians. In the place of strobing and heavy contouring, we’ve seen fresh, dewy faces that glow naturally. The first step to achieving the “no makeup-makeup” look is (surprise, surprise): healthy skin. But don’t lose hope; healthy skin is easier to achieve than ever before. Makeup and skincare have blended into one, as consumers want more from their makeup. We want our makeup to actually heal our skin, not just cover up blemishes. We also want our skincare to act fast and provide cosmetic benefits, improving our skin quickly (because immaculate lighting only lasts like twenty minutes and we are not about to wait another day to post that selfie). If you’re anything like me, you don’t have time to wait twenty years for your anti-aging cream to make an impact – you want better skin NOW. Today. This second. Masks, particularly sheet masks (which look creepy af but dominate our Insta feeds) and charcoal masks, can serve as a quick facial with immediate (and noticeable) results. If your skin is oily and clogged, skip the powder foundation for a few days (or weeks, if you can). Losing the powder can refresh your skin and let it breathe, so you can achieve that no makeup-makeup look naturally.


When it comes to lips, we’ve seen beauty junkies divided into three rival camps. First, there’s Matte Mania: the over-lined matte lip that dominates social media (propelled to popularity by Kylie Jenner’s lip kit, which LITERALLY stays on through anything… and I mean ANYTHING. Props, girl). 

Photo via the odyssey

Secondly, we’re loving the “snogged lip” look: a mysteriously sexy, bold, smudgy look that’s all over the runway. When I discovered this trend, I laughed – this is how my lips look ALL THE TIME, even when I’m trying to go for a cleaner look. Finally, my drunken dance floor lipstick application has inspired a trend! Ditch your lip-liner, yet?

Photo via allure.com

Last, but not least, a glossy, natural look has been on the rise. I’m all for this, since lip gloss can be applied on the move, and application doesn’t usually require a mirror (Ie. It can be applied easily on the subway, when you only have one free arm and your intuition as a mirror. Mami like.) 

Photo via allure.com


The two biggest hair trends of the moment occupy opposite ends of the spectrum. The first is super-sleek, straight hair. So plug in the hot-pink CHI you got for your 11th birthday, because bone-straight strands are back! 

Photo via elleuk.com

On the other hand, messy, natural curls are also trending. Say goodbye to the hours you spend alone with your curling iron, making sure each curl is even and flowing the same way, because uneven, wild locks are currently all the rage. Finally, my unkempt mane will be acceptable in public for once. #blessed.

Photo via elleuk.com

At Mirra, we are always one step ahead. While it’s been fun writing about beauty trends of the past, we’re most excited about trends for the future. Hyper-personalization, virtual reality, ingestible beauty, 3D printing – these are all topics we’ll be covering very soon. #MirraMirraOnTheWall...

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