A Guide to Face Yoga

A Guide to Face Yoga | Mirra Skincare

Face Yoga. Now it has nothing to do with namaste and it is not nearly as exciting as goat yoga, but it has many game-changing techniques that will improve your skincare routine. Although some people may take part in face yoga to give off a botox illusion, there are several health benefits that provide long term results. A  few of these quick tips and tricks and your skin will thank me later.

What Is It?

Face yoga ranges from facial exercises to personal massages that help both tone your face and drain any fluid that is built up. Face yoga is currently seen as a top trend in skincare and most will go as far as to call it a natural alternative to botox. After only a few days of exercising or massaging the facial area in proper motions, faces appear thinner and more sculpted than before. 

Like any muscle, it needs to be consistently trained for a noticeable difference to be seen. Now, this is no Chloe Ting workout or HIIT cardio session, but it is a low-intensity exercise that increases blood flow and prevents aging (a win-win, I know)! Face yoga can be done through different methods to achieve a finish that is right for you.

Why Is It Trending?

The use of face yoga in everyday skincare routines has quickly caught the attention of social media, specifically on Instagram and TikTok. Although beauty gurus, such as Skincare by Hyram, are dominating platforms with skincare advice, many influencers take part in face yoga. A simple morning/night skincare routine from influencers of any niche has allowed for skincare habits to be revolutionized at rapid speed. Aside from products like jade rollers being super aesthetically pleasing, they’re trending because they yield quick, real results. 



How To Do It Correctly:

Because there are different yoga styles for different functions, it is important to find the technique that works best for what you want to target. 

  • DIY

Who says you need any fancy equipment to workout? Consider this the at-home YouTube video workout for your face. A few basic facial movements, when done properly, can allow your face to create muscle definition and promote blood flow. There are several areas of the face you can target in your exercise, depending on your skin mood. Find the area(s) you want to target, play your favorite workout anthem, and get to moving!

Here are some focus areas to get you started:

  1. Crows Feet: Lift and release your lower eyelid gently without moving any other facial muscles. Then, add a little bit of fingertip pressure in the outer crease of the crow's feet to create some work against the muscle. 
  2. Chin/Neck Sagging: Press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth.  Follow with a smile and swallow while pointing your chin at the ceiling.
  3. Cheek Definition: Take a big breath through your mouth, then puff the breath from cheek to cheek and release.
  4. Smooth Forehead: Widen your eyes as much as you can naturally (without touching) as if you are being surprised. Hold that pose without scrunching your forehead until your eyes start to water.

A Guide to Face Yoga from Mirra Skincare - how to do face yoga for each region of the face

  • Rollers

Face rollers are another great way to sculpt your face in a more relaxed way. DIY typically goes the route of exercise, but think of face rollers more as a massage. This calmer technique can be the perfect relaxation cool down for your skin.

Rollers are used primarily to drain fluid retention in your face that promotes puffiness and swelling. Rolling out these areas can not only de-bloat but also accentuate key facial features. Top roller products include jade rollers, gua shas, ice rollers, and facial massagers. Rolling upward will also prevent visible aging on your skin and tighten areas for a firm finish.

  1. Roll face in an upward motion
  2. Gently knead skin to drain fluid
  3. Sculpt out highlighted features with your roller of choice 



What To Be Aware Of:

Like any kind of yoga, form is key! It is important that you are not only doing exercises that are best for your skin mood but that these techniques are not causing any potential harm. Being gentle with your skin can make all the difference. Your skin may seem like it is willing to move however it pleases but this elasticity, when not being careful, can lead to rough stretching that causes irritation and wrinkles.

Avoid pulling or tugging on any areas because it is best to keep the skin firm and relaxed. Without these tips in mind, there becomes a risk of pro-aging tendencies. This ultimately defeats the purpose of face yoga and like body yoga, not using proper form can cause damage. 


To get a further look into finding the best face yoga practice for your skin mood, here are some resources to get you started:

1. Your Favorite Daily Moisturizer

Look into your skin mood to find a moisturizer that is right for you. Once you have it, use manual skin exercising techniques to not only work the product into your skin but also leave your skin feeling firm and finished. 

2. Atahana Jade Roller

The perfect toolkit for beginner face rollers. Comes with a jade roller, gua sha, video tutorial, and e-book. 

3. MDNA Beauty Roller

Although this product strays on the pricier side, it is packed with benefits such as its massaging micro ridges and ultra-infrared energy. Leave it to Madonna to make such a sleek, anti-aging, and full-body use product. 

Let’s Get Physical!

At the end of the day, adding face yoga into your morning and night skincare routine is only one extra step that can make all the difference. Save those puffy face days for when you need to cry it out to your favorite Adele song and keep a consistent exercise or massage going every day.

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