Yep, You Need Eyeliner Stickers In Your Beauty Collection. Here’s Why

Yep, You Need Eyeliner Stickers In Your Beauty Collection. Here’s Why I Mirra Skincare

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In the world of beauty and makeup, one of the most sought-after and simultaneously hard-to-achieve looks is eyeliner. Whether it’s a classic cat-eye or an intricate, graphic liner look, mastering the art of eyeliner is a lot harder than it looks. Perfecting the length of your liner, the thickness, the shape based on your eye shape, and the design is hard enough – but then you have to repeat it perfectly on the other side? Oof. It’s basically the whole reason why “they’re sisters, not twins” has become such a popular phrase in the beauty community. Luckily, beauty technology and innovation are catching up and aiming to eliminate the struggles beauty enthusiasts face every day. Introducing: eyeliner stickers. What are they and why do you need them?


1. What are eyeliner stickers?

2. Application

3. Best eyeliner stickers

Key Points

  • As a stick-on strip, with many brands often not requiring glue in the application, stickers can be way easier to apply than eyeliner.
  • The stickers can be plain black, holographic, glittery, neon, covered in gems, or even matte depending on the desired eye look.
  • Eyeliner stickers can be reusable and waterproof depending on the brand; they can maintain their shape, color, and tackiness for up to a few days.

What are eyeliner stickers?

Much of the internet has been crediting Hailey Bieber for bringing eyeliner stickers into the mainstream, as she recently posted an Instagram look using holographic, winged liner stickers that had everyone talking (1). The trend completely blew up and was seen on countless celebrities, like Blackpink’s Rosé and Jennie, and all over the internet, especially when it came to Coachella eye makeup looks (2).

Not only were eye gems and glitter taking over, but eyeliner stickers quickly became added to the mix as a quick and easy way to make a simple look instantly bolder. In fact, Spate Trends reports an uptick in eyeliner sticker searches, resulting in 270 percent year-over-year growth (3).

With the difficulty that so many have doing their own liner, stickers came onto the scene and became a massive game-changer. As a stick-on strip, often sans glue as well, eyeliner stickers can be way easier to apply in comparison to eyeliner or stencils. It’s a great way to experiment with eye looks without the commitment or added stress of possibly messing up the look and having to start all over.

In the age of statement eye looks (thank you, Euphoria), eyeliner stickers have been a saving grace in helping beauty enthusiasts achieve dramatic eyeliner looks. These stickers come in a bunch of shapes and sizes as more brands take the concept and experiment with their own takes on the trend. While winged liner is a popular shape, there are also squiggly lines that can lie underneath the eyebrow and curved eyeliner that resembles mod eyeliner trends of the 1960s. Some makeup artists even cut up their stickers to achieve the dotted eyeliner trend.

You can find stickers in plain black, holographic, glittery, neon, covered in gems, or even matte depending on the look you’re going for. Since the stickers are so colorful and fun, you also get the added bonus of extra eye-catching pigment on the eyes, which is especially nice when the vibrancy of normal eyeliner fades throughout the day.

Plus, it’s instant eyeliner symmetry without all the hassle. 

I know what you must be thinking – eyeliner stickers sound amazing. Almost too good to be true. What’s not to love, really? Well, there’s one thing to keep in mind about stickers – if your eyes are prone to irritation, the glue can leave you with redness or watery eyes.

It’s important to always test new products on a neutral area of your skin and see if you experience any irritation before committing to full application. Additionally, if you know you have issues with glue-based products, like eyelash glue, it’s probably best to steer clear of eyeliner stickers or at least apply them on a controlled basis to test the application before you go out on the town. 


Whether you want to sport the eyeliner stickers by themselves or add them to a completed look for a pop of color, these work on any eye look base. One of the best parts of stickers is that they are super easy to apply. Here’s how: 

  1. If not using the stickers on top of an eyeshadow look, you can prep your bare eyelids with an eyeshadow primer or a concealer to give the product a better base to grip onto and stay on for longer (3).
  2. Apply the eyeliner sticker to your lid by starting at the center of the stick-on and patting towards the edges. Ensure that the front of the eyeliner is laying at a comfortable spot by the inner corner, and the winged area of the eyeliner sticker is “winging” out from the edge of the eye. You can apply the sticker with either a tweezer or your fingers, depending on what is easiest to control or most comfortable for you.
  3. Once happy with the placement, some eyeliner stickers will require you to gently lift the outer corner of the eyeliner sticker and apply a small amount of glue (included in the package) to the underside of the sticker.
  4. Hold the stickers in place against the eye for about 15-30 seconds to ensure they’re sticking properly. Especially if they require glue, this step is crucial to ensure the eyeliner stays on all day or night. If using glue, hold the eyeliner sticker in place until the glue dries. Continue Steps 2 and 3 until the entire eyeliner sticker is glued down and dried (4).

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As an added note, these can be reusable and waterproof depending on the brand you use – so it is best to read up on the product details. Eyeliner stickers are usually durable and maintain their shape, color, and tackiness (meaning how well they stick) for a few days.

Best eyeliner stickers 

Written by Selena Ponton

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