Euphoria Inspired Makeup Looks That Anyone Can Rock

Euphoria Inspired Makeup Looks That Anyone Can Rock I Mirra Skincare

With Euphoria’s season two episodes dropping every week – the hottest show you know and love is back. The audience reception for Euphoria has been otherworldly, which makes it pretty much impossible to scroll down your social media feed and not catch any spoilers. Due to Euphoria’s popularity, viewers have been taking it upon themselves to copy makeup and outfit looks from the show and sometimes come up with their own Euphoria inspired makeup. If there’s something Euphoria does well besides cinematography, it’s the iconic makeup and hair looks that have completely inspired beauty lovers everywhere. If you’re looking for some Euphoria-inspired makeup looks to rock, you’ve come to the right place!


1. Glitter Eyes

2. Red Graphic Liner

3. Angel Wing-ed Eyes

4. White Daisies

5. Stripes

6. Clouds

7. Double Eyeliner

8. Play with Lines and Shapes

9. Gems All Over

10. Bold Brows

Key Points

  • Wearing a red outfit or accessorizing with the color red will channel Kat's style and sass.
  • The head makeup artist on Euphoria, Donni Davy, recently launched face stickers, so you can get Jules' cloud look without eyeliner.
  • Jules has been named as one of the show’s most expressive characters in terms of on-screen makeup.

Glitter Tears 

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 Nothing quite says Euphoria like glitter does. Pay homage to Rue in the Euphoria season one poster and sport some glittery tears as your next Euphoria-inspired makeup look. To create the fallen tear look, it can be easily achieved with any glittery eyeshadow, especially if it's tubed and comes with a wand for easy application. If you also want to get the I-just-cried-glitter look without the lines of glitter on your face, you can also sport a look similar to Nate Jacobs in season one where silver glitter was smeared under the eyes and up the cheekbones as a highlighter.

Red Graphic Liner

Thinking of Kat’s character, the color red comes to mind. In a lot of Kat’s scenes, she’s wearing either an entirely red outfit or accessorizing with the color red to symbolize her feisty attitude (1). Give your look a little bit of edge with a bold red graphic eyeliner to evoke Kat’s character. Graphic liner has been super popular amongst beauty influencers today, so this is a foolproof way to make your eyes pop with a bold shade while still staying on-trend.


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Angel Wing-ed Eyes 

If you’re familiar with Euphoria, then you probably remember Jules’ iconic Romeo and Juliet angel costume from the Halloween episode. To capture Jules’ angelic look in this episode – turn your eyes into angel wings. Angelwing eyeliner is an ethereal look that anyone can rock. It’s the perfect balance between elegant and dainty while still being a bold look.

White Daisies 

With Jules in mind, who can forget her adorable outfits with white daisies? The best part of this Euphoria-inspired makeup look is that you can pay homage to two characters, as Maddy is also seen in white daisies in season one. Using white and yellow eyeliner, you can make tiny daisies on your eyes and immediately get a Maddy and Jules’ inspired look. 



Speaking of costume design, another character known for a specific type of look is Fezco. Angus Cloud’s character is pretty much always in stripes on the show. To get a Fezco-approved Euphoria-inspired makeup look, you can use eyeliner to create stripes on the eyelid. If you want to make it even more Fezco inspired, use the specific colors of eyeliner that resemble the colored stripes he wears on a certain episode.



Speaking of the actor Angus Cloud who plays Fezco, clouds are actually another amazing way to tribute two Euphoria characters at the same time. Not only will you be shouting out Fezco, but you’ll also look a lot like Jules, who wore a lot of clouds in season one. Whether they were on her shirt or on her eyes, Jules wore white clouds to symbolize her head-in-the-clouds mentality (2). The head makeup artist on Euphoria, Donni Davy, recently launched face stickers so you can get Jules cloud look without eyeliner.

Double Eyeliner

One of Maddy’s most iconic looks that is often recreated by artists who do Euphoria-inspired makeup is her double red eyeliner look where she wears eyeliner on both her upper lash line and lower lash line. Of course, you don’t need to use the color red, but blue and red are the colors Maddy sports with this particular look. The look is completely versatile though, and you can still evoke Maddy’s confidence with any color you choose with this bold eyeliner.

Play with Lines and Shapes

Jules has been named as one of the show’s most expressive characters in terms of on-screen makeup (3). In a lot of Jules’ looks, the makeup artists play with a lot of lines and shapes to create an abstract feel to her character. A lot of the shapes are done with a single line, which draws back to Jules’ cloud look mentioned above. By playing with different shapes, lines, and colors, you can get the same gorgeous looks that Jules has without as much effort as other Euphoria-inspired makeup looks.

Gems All Over


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For Cassie, the makeup look that almost everyone associates with her character is the one where she has gems all over her eyelids and face. Some gems even extend into her hair to create an even more seamless look. For this look, you’ll need gems of different sizes, and… that’s pretty much it. If you want to match your eyeshadow to the gems as Cassie does (she leaves the middle of her eyelids gem-free to show the shadow), that’s a great option but you can also fill up your lids with gems if you want to go for an even bolder look.

Bold Brows 

In Euphoria, both Jules and Maddy wear bold eyebrows with their bold eye looks. It’s up to you to decide which look you feel more as one look can be seen as bolder than the other. In the Halloween episode mentioned earlier, Jules has a gold foil covering her brows to make them glittery, glam, and super angelic to match her costume, On the other hand, Maddy dresses up her brows with gems directly above and beneath her brows.

Written by Selena Ponton


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