12 Ways to Embrace Your Beauty for a Radiant Mental and Physical State

15 Ways to Embrace Your Beauty for a Radiant Mental and Physical State | Mirra Skincare

Hey, you! The gorgeous one in the front. It’s time to take the compliment and know your worth. It’s more than difficult living in a society that places some looks over others and creates “beauty standards” that are complete BS (4). So instead of critiquing, you’re gonna embrace your beauty, so when Lizzo asks you...

you can honestly say, “Good as hell.”

Table of Contents

1. Have a photoshoot

2. Self care and skin care

3. Make a Pinterest board

4. Get naked

5. Watch a movie with characters you love

6. Make something

7. Dance

8. Smile at yourself

9. Try new looks

10. Compliment yourself

11. Go all out

12. Surround yourself with what makes you feel beautiful

Key Points

  • Beauty standards are BS and we should love ourselves more
  • Find more ways to engage in self-care to embrace your own beauty

1. Have a photoshoot

Put on your favorite outfit and take some pictures. Do what makes you feel most beautiful, whether that’s polaroid candids, filters, shimmery eye shadow, graphic liner, bare faced or bold. Take the opportunity to try wild new aesthetics or costumes you’ve always wanted to. Bring friends and hype each other up. 

2. Self care and skin care

A lot of times doing things that are good for your physical health improves your mental health. Skincare helps us be mindful but also gentle with ourselves. Often just the comfort of routine is calming.

If you want to clear your mind and your pores, do a facial steam. Facial steams are one of those chill self care practices that aren’t arduous. Sometimes the thought of a full spa day actually stresses me out, but a facial steam is the equivalent effort of making a pot of tea. You can choose your favorite scents and base, because sometimes what you really need is a little control and quiet. 

Steam cleanses your pores, reduces inflammation, clears your sinuses, and the added essential oils give all the benefits of aromatherapy. Feeling truly clean can help you embrace your beauty, it’s a kind of mental and physical cleanse. If you’re feeling like a good facial steam, this is one of my favorite recipes:

  • Green tea steeped in 3 cups of filtered water
  • 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil
  • 2-3 drops of tea tree oil

We actually have a whole blog on the process and its benefits that includes more recipes you can check out here.

3. Make a Pinterest board

Comparing yourself to others is harmful and useless, but getting inspired by things you find beautiful is a wonderful way to recognize beauty everywhere, including in yourself. From movie stills and aesthetics to vibes and picnics, compile pictures and outfits and landscapes that spark joy.

4. Get naked

First of all, you look amazing so why not. Second of all, studies have shown that spending more time naked tends to improve your self esteem and comfort in your own body. While we’re on the topic, a little more time without underwear improves vaginal health, because some fabrics don’t allow enough air flow. Going commando for a little prevents UTIs and other infections from underwear and shaving (2). At night and after the shower is a good time to let your areas breathe. And, you know, whatever you do to feel confident, beautiful, and sexy while you're unclothed is no business of mine.

5. Watch a movie with characters you love

What does this have to do with embracing your beauty? Well I always find myself a little more joyful and ready to grab life by the horns after I’ve watched someone else do it. Plus confidence can be infectious. When I’m not feeling my best I try to embody the things I admire in my favorite characters. A fake it til you make it of sorts.

6. Make something

Bake cookies. Make a warm drink. Weave a flower crown. It doesn’t have to be amazing. Write terrible poetry. Draw disproportionate portraits. Crochet a super open weave blanket. When you embrace your beauty you have to recognize that beauty is cumulative. It’s in the stuff you do and how you act and how you feel about yourself. Creating something is a little reminder of that. Plus now you have cookies and a blanket.  

7. Dance

Put on your favorite songs and let the good time flow. Not only are you getting exercise which is great for the multitude of reasons you’ve no doubt already heard, but exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands - I mean.. happy people just don’t participate in self hate.


8. Smile at yourself

I’m issuing a challenge. Every time you catch yourself in a reflection or you wash your hand in the bathroom I want you to smile at yourself. Even if you’re not happy. Especially if you’re not happy. Smiling boosts your mood and reduces stress, which tells your brain it’s time to be joyous (3). Connect that joy with seeing your own beautiful face. Smiling at other people will not only make you look more confident, but you will also be more attractive to others. Literally, a smile attracts joy. Because we associate a smile in public with warmth and acknowledgement, your smile reflects the best parts about your personality: happy, welcoming, and kind. 

9. Try new looks

Maybe the reason the whole “embrace your beauty” thing isn’t working is because your look isn’t you. No one wants to embrace a look they don’t feel represents them. Wear a bold lip, change your hair, reinvent your style. It’s an expression of self, and it really should be fun and comfortable.

10. Compliment yourself

When you feel beautiful, say it. Take a picture to commemorate your perfect eyeliner or the golden hour sunlight on your skin. How are you supposed to embrace your beauty if you ignore the moments you feel beautiful? Indulge your ego for a bit. If this is vanity, go ahead, be f*cking vain. 

11. Go all out

A full face of makeup is an art form. I bow down to those who can contour, and don’t even get me started on eyeshadow. Go all out because you enjoy the process and the end result. It’s totally fine to love the way you look with a full face of makeup. That took effort and skill, I should hope you enjoy your face at the end

12. Surround yourself with what makes you feel beautiful

People. Clothing. Cosmetics. Art. Food. Create the space in which you feel your best and carry that feeling around wherever you go.

12 Ways to Embrace Your Beauty for a Radiant Mental and Physical State | Mirra Skincare

Written by Christiana Sinacola


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